Here’s a basic guide on how to Level up in Bless Online. The aim of this guide is to make leveling in Bless fast, to give options to different kinds of players, and high-value reminders while leveling up

Specific skill usages, passive ability routes, and upgrade paths will be part of separate guides for each class to act as supplementary resources to this Bless General Leveling Guide (They will be added soon).


I only have a Hieron character, but I can imagine the progression is almost the same on both. Chime in on the town names if you can.

Level 0: The absolute beginning

I guess I have to include this for those who might need it.
Feel free to skip this part.

Character Creation: The most important part of this process is your Race, Faction, and Class. How do these affect you?


Faction determines your “side” in the faction v faction “conflict” within Bless’ world. The in-game implications are too many to list but I assume you understand.

Practically speaking, it only affects what race you can choose. All classes are available to all factions.


Aside from Aesthetics, there are only two considerations when picking a race:

Class restriction: not every race can choose every class.

Party Buff: Races and/or class combinations determine whether you’ll be allowed to on certain party buffs. These are small and welcome, but hardly game-breaking. Don’t stress too much about it.

Race also affects starting area but that is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.


Self explanatory. Your class is limited to what race you are, but I’m going to assume you know what “choosing a class” entails for most MMO’s. (See: Bless Class System).

What’s unique is, again, Party Buffs: Classes and class combos can trigger new possible party buffs. Like always, it’s not something that’s within your control as “one guy”. That’s why it’s called PARTY buff. So don’t worry and just get goin’.

Level 0: Tutorial Zone

Familiarize yourself with controls here. If it’s your first time around, you’re forced to do this. Thankfully, you can skip it if you’re making an alt.

If you need guidance here, I have bad news for you.

Level 1: Starting Zone

Depending on your Race, you will begin your leveling journey in Bless Online at respective starting zone. The quests are pretty basic, but I’ll list what you need to keep in mind.

BLUE quest markers are your “main story quest”. Follow this as much as you can.
GREEN quest markers are “Help quests”, which teach you about Bless systems.
YELLOW quest markets are side-quests which, thankfully, are “along the way” often.

Press “J” for your quest journal!

Auto Run

Oh boy. I love this feature. Shortly into your journey you’ll get a green quest about Auto Run. Make sure to incorporate this into your play ASAP. Pressing the “boot” icon on the quest log (right side of your screen) makes you automatically walk to the next “known” quest objective. You can also manually set Auto Run points.

L3 Your first non-chain skill!

Remember to mount your new skill!

L4 Your second stance!

Stances (make sure to mount it…) are a huge part of the game, and stance switching, too. Make sure you try to read and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your stances.

The “conversion” effect of a stance is pretty important for most classes and something you should always try to abuse. Learn more about Stances in Bless Online.

Help! My “mana” is running out! Don’t worry. You don’t need to finish your combo. You can just go back to “1”. 1-R-1-R is the basic “I have no mana” rotation.

Leaving the Starting Zone: Speak to Wyvern Master

Once you’re prompted to speak to the Wyvern guy, it means you’re leaving this area so do whatever it is you have to do. You’ll be sent to your Capital City next.

Starting from here, I will be making “assumptions” about your expected level at each header of this guide. If you’re much lower, that’s a bad sign. Much higher – OK.

Level 4: Capital City

Hieron: Hieracon | Union: ???

Just keep doing all the quests you find, Blue and Green mostly, afaik.

Mount quest???

As you land you’re gonna be prompted with a quest regarding mounting. Simply right click on the horse icon in your inventory. Press L (default) and drag the horse “profile” to those tiny boxes to the right of your skills.

From there (Default CTRL+Q) mounts you up.

Since there’s a lot of walkin’ here, I decided to mention it.


You will be getting a quest to buy a very specific item from a vendor. While you’re there, you might want to get these specific gear pieces as well:


To be sure, here’s the gear you’re lookin’ at:

Blackknot X of the Trainee
Novice X of Faithfulness
Arbitrator X of the Apprentice
Valorous X of the Beginner
Valorous X of the Beginner

That’s a whole lot of value for dirt cheap.

Before you say “Lul, you don’t need it” – it’s true. But for the low price of 10s you can kill faster, play more relaxed, and allow quicker progression. If you somehow think 10s and a few right clicks is too expensive for an easier life… Good for you.

I’m not kidding. The above box about gear update is IMPORTANT.

There’s a smattering of other quests here, which I don’t think I need to walk you through. Once your blue quest requests you fly off – be sure to wrap it up here.

A last note, you can “permanently” save your Recall Point in the Capital City, or continuously update your recall point in your current questing hub. It’s up to you.

Level 7 Fresh out of the Capital City!

Hieron: Ostium (Carta University) | Union: ? (?)
Let me just write this quickly for now – I will improve formatting later

Do all the quests you can here. They’re pretty “intuitive” in terms of timing, and where you should be to complete them. Here are the key reminders:

**If you didn’t buy gear in the capital city, you can do so now.

Daily Missions

At this point, you unlock Daily Missions, which is something you should be aware of. Access them by going to the system menu > Missions. Missions are small tasks that give you a little EXP and item rewards upon completion – why not, right?


Gatherer’s Bag and Mining Pickaxe (normal ones are one time use), they may seem expensive right now but you won’t be sad if you pick up 10/15 each right now. You’re gonna be doing a lot of walking, might as well pick up a few “gatherable” items along the way.

If you’re wondering “Where is Wheat!?” It’s right around town, around the perimeter in Ostium.


Wanna collect all the random minions Bless has to offer? Now is the time to start! You will be given a quest on how to tame them at around lvl 8. You can see here how the Taming Quest goes.

Once you have bounded some pets, bring them out to help level them up – the same way you bind and summon Mounts (Default L).

Hunt Quests

Hunt Quests in Bless trigger each time you kill MOST enemies for the first time. These are basically quests that basically have the objective of “Kill that guy X times”. They’re usually repeatable thrice – with the required enemies to kill going up each time.

Imagine it like this (example amounts):
Hunt tier 1: Kill 12 creatures = rewards X EXP
Hunt tier 2: Kill 24 creatures = rewards X EXP
Hunt tier 3: Kill 36 creatures = rewards X EXP, finished.

Having party members is great here since you all share kills towards the hunt quest. This is basically a reward for grinding – but it’s a pretty terrible way to level up solo.

Failed to buy the L5 gear in Hieracon? buy it now. Also that box up there about Hunt Quests is pretty relevant in the near future so make sure to check it out.

Just keep doing all the quests and they should dry up at around…

Level 11 to 13: Can’t progress main quest due to level?

Don’t ask me why, but here we are. Even completing all sidequests, you will get stuck at L11. The best way to chunk past this deadzone is the aforementioned Hunt Quests. Suck it up and do it. As mentioned above, RANDOMLY ADD PEOPLE TO YOUR PARTY – EVERYONE SHARES KILLS.

Hieron: The bandit hideout and Pumas in the instanced area is great for this.
Union: Which area is it for you guys?

Like most people you will be doing this until Level 13. But, keep in mind at LEVEL 12 YOU SHOULD BUY GEAR, until you reach a gear score of 1655+. You can find this gear in any of the gear merchants – you need it to zone into the L13 dungeon.

Level 13 – First Dungeon!

Hieron: Underground Prison of Balmont | Union: Guiscardo’s Hideout

If you missed it above, buy gear from merchants to reach the minimum 1655.

YOU CAN SOLO THIS DUNGEON for massive EXP, and you SHOULD if you can.

Ok listen up. There’s a lot of buzz on “how much you should grind the first dungeon”. And I feel there are multiple correct answers to this… and there are definitely “wrong” ones too.

Do it once and proceed? This isn’t gonna work out so well. The level of enemies and the level requirement to proceed with your main story will rise sharply.

Grind until level 22? This is what some people say, and it’s really up to you. I wouldn’t mind doing this on some classes… It depends on how much you wanna avoid side quests.

So… First Dungeon? Here’s what I recommend…

L19~ with 3 or 4 pieces of gear drops from the dungeon. Optionally, you can also BUY the missing pieces you need from the marketplace.

Why? TO AVOID DOING HUNT QUESTS.  If you’re the type to clear all side quests, L16-18 should be okay, if you dislike side quests L20 should be fine – the main scenario quest gives a ton of EXP.

Dismantling your gear

At L13, you should be getting the help quest about gear dismantling. DO NOT VENDOR EXCESS GEAR DROPSDismantle them for materials. Selling the low level dungeon gear at the marketplace is not bad, either. Just don’t vendor it.

Unlocking Crafting


I’ll write a little more about this soon, but essentially you get to pick a “main” and “sub” crafting skill. I can’t really help you if you want a recommendation, but I’ll be updating this little blurb soon.

Next checkpoint L22 – Proceed with Blue Quests!

Getting to the next checkpoint, L22 isn’t difficult. It’s still pretty fast at this point. No matter how you decided to deal with the first dungeon, you have to keep on keepin’ on with the blue/yellow quests up until L22.

There are a few notable unlocks – I’ll quickly talk about them.

Companion Enhancement

Essentially, pets and mounts can eat other pets and mounts to “Enhance“. If you’re wondering how to complete the quest click on the blue horse and click Enhance. Then “feed” the green horse to it by dragging it to the box.

I’ll get more into detail about taming as I do more “experiments”…

Gear Enhancement

Ugh, all the way back in the Capital City. Pretty irrelevant for now, so no need to rush unlocking it. It has more of an end-game implication. Don’t stress out about it.

Like I said earlier, getting to L22 is pretty straightforward as long as you got a healthy buffer of EXP from the L13 dungeon, but 1 level before that is an important reminder…

Level 21: Gear Update

Since you’re one level away from the next dungeon, you might want to update your gear beforehand. The requirement is a gear score of 2284, so “fix up” your gear accordingly.

Buying Blues / Greens from the Markets / NPC’s are your best bet. Simply replace your worst gear pieces until you hit 2284. Don’t splurge too much because you’ll be getting A LOT of gear from the L22 dungeon.

Level 22 Dungeon

Hieron: Mausoleum of the Wise Ones | Union: Sleeping Scale Remains

Okay, no matter how much you hate grinding let me state this now: “Grinding in here beats grinding out there”. The L22 dungeon is the last “free exp” you’ll have so extract every last bit of value from it. You have two goals here:

DO NOT LEAVE THE L22 DUNGEON WITHOUT REACHING LEVEL 29-31, and WITH THE COMPLETE GEARSET. If you are “leaving” without looting all your pieces naturally – BUY THE REST FROM THE MARKET.

Upgrade your weapon (L23 Blue)! Spend a few orbs to get the +1 sure upgrade on your weapon from now on. It gives massive value for a pitiful cost.
Personally, even up to +3 is fine.

See ya in a bit – it doesn’t take so long, and you’ll thank me later.

The journey to Urutus Mine (L31 Dungeon)

Right now, I’m going to assume you are Level 29+, and inching your way towards L31 Urutus Mine. Your main story quest (blue ones) are relatively low level so it’s gonna be easy going. Try to do as many of the “value” side quests along the way – it’s really up to you, but you can even clean them out if you like.

Along the way, you’re gonna start getting into Contested Zones.

Contested Zones and YOU

As implied, here are places the enemy faction can trash you without repercussion. That’s your life now, and it will be for a long time coming.

There is an item, Peace Declaration, you can buy to avoid especially annoying enemy players. It costs a “manageable” amount and makes you un-attackable for 10 minutes. Carry them around just in case.

“Or just kill them”.

If you are primarily a solo player, or find it a hassle to find/group up – you will want to over-level while proceeding. Clear out all the sidequests, and try to do “Tier 1 Hunts” on as many monsters you’re already sent to kill.

If you have a group you constantly play with, and will tackle L31 Dungeon together, you can skip some of the sidequests and “Tier 1 Hunts”.

Level 31 Dungeon: Urutus Mine

BOTH FACTIONS | Min Gear Score:

Urutus Mine L31 Dungeon is OPTIONAL so you won’t bump into it while doing your main story quest. Some people may not even know it exists.

This dungeon is a bit of a hassle because you need a full group to clear it with practical speed. There’s a DPS check… an AoE damage check… healing is required… a tank would be nice. Basically, it’s the first “Real” dungeon.

If you’re playing with a group often, you’ll want to maximize this. Get to at least 35+, and gather as much loot as you can.

Since I was a bit behind my group (or if you’re a solo player), what I did was continue the story and sidequests while slowly building up a 5 group – then zoning in when you got a pile.

No matter what you do – update your weapon to a L30+ blue weapon, and
Upgrade it to +1 ~ +4

My advice: If you see groups recruiting, just join in and “continue to do what you’re doing”, until they’re ready to zone in. You can even attempt to solo this – I think it’s possible with some classes and a great gear score with minimal upgrades.

Level 31 to 37

EXP begins to slow down considerably at this point. The advice I gave beforehand should be taken to heart from here on out – continue your blue quests, while trying to tag as many sidequests as you “practically” can along the way. Also, do tier 1 hunt quests on enemies you happen to be around.

Level 37 Kobold Hideout

BOTH FACTIONS | Min Gear Score: 4195

Kobold Hideout L37 Dungeon is OPTIONAL to your main quest!

You NEED a healer in this dungeon. I’ve run this without a tank.

Maximize EXP here as much as you can. Either spam it with your friends, or find a group while sidequesting. Just KEEP GAINING EXP.  This dungeons EXP did NOT feel too good for me, even with a 4 DPS 1 Healer group.

The usual advice applies:
Before “leaving”, buy all missing blue armor from the market upgrade to +1.
Buy and upgrade your L3X blue weapon, and give it +4.


From here on out, the true mega grind begins. I highly suggest you to “practically” complete all sidequests, and try get tier 1 hunt quest on ALL creatures you’re “questing nearby”. The process to level up remains the same, but let me introduce to you a new way of leveling up that’s worth it from now on…

Elite/Boss Farming for EXP & Items

First off, find another guide or place that tracks the location of elite mobs. Try to check the locations each time you’re nearby. The most important part of this is it’s considerably worse when there is more than one person farming them. Simply find the elite -> kill it -> change channel -> repeat. If you don’t know by now, the change channel button is on the upper right part of your UI.

37+ to 45: The Last Stretch

You know the drill. Nothing really changed in the process.
Dungeon when you can > Main Story > Elite Farming > Sidequests > T1 Hunts.

Update your weapon when you can, upgrade them to at least +3.
Complete the 37 armor set and upgrade it to +2~

At this level, though, HUNT RAIDS become a bit popular. Try to keep an eye out on Faction and Help chats for these hunt raids recruiting. It’s basically a massive raid.

L43 Dungeon: Migra Turis Gear Score: 6190. During this final grind, the L43 dungeon is another option to diversify your grinding methods. For some reason, it’s not too popular for the leveling process. Doesn’t hurt to find a group when you can!

Will update and refine a bit more – it’s a bit messy!

Good luck leveling up in Bless Online – see you in the front lines!

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  1. Hunt level two gives dungeon points along with the exp. Level three can add some upgrade stones (you can check for that in the hunt journal). So, if it’s not that many or you’ll be in an area for a while, hunt level twos are worth doing.

    • Tier 1 is the best “time for EXP” IMO which is what you should be chasing for as you progress along. Stopping to complete T2/3 hunts is a waste of time for the return of rewards FOR MOST MOBS.

  2. All you need to do is click the blue horse, then choose the option that says enhance, to the right. After that you put the green horse in one of the 5 slots that says enhance material. Then click enhance.

  3. Very good friend, I’m lost in the mission of the blue horse, I teamed the green horse and I do not know what to do until then, I’ll check this out when I’m at home

  4. You are a lifesaver. I entered the game and was totally lost at what to do, and I almost asked for a refund.
    Looking forward to that paladin guide to help me along too. 🙂


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