The true endgame – All about how to, and Taming in Bless Online! I’ll refrain from making any Pokemon jokes.

Bless Online Taming: Basic FAQ

“HOW TO TAME IN BLESS ONLINE!?!?!” – Yeah, the question of the ages.

  • Target the animal.
  • Open inventory and right click the Taming Order, targeting the animal.
  • Taming mini-game begins! Press space on the green bars.
  • Watch the “straight to the point” video below.

How or when do I unlock taming? It says level 8, but Level 9 seems to be the practical point wherein everyone gets to tame. It’s very near the beginning of the main story quests. Once you’re L9 and in the first “settlement” away from your main city, you should DEFINITELY see the quest by then. Presumably you can do it anytime at L8+ if you have the taming order.

Default Key (L) opens the Compation menu, then go to the Pet tab.

Bless Online Taming | No BS “38 second” Video mini-guide

The above is to save your sanity from watching another video that takes 10 minutes and 1 second to explain the very basics of the taming process.

Sorry for the missed presses, they actually serve as a great “answer” to people wondering what happens if you “miss” the green bar. I was alt-tabbing, forgive me. You just get “stunned” but you get to proceed until you succeed or fail. Not bad!

Bless Taming: Further questions

“I WANT TO TAME X Y Z! WHERE?” I don’t think i’ll be keeping track of that just yet… but maybe I should start a basic spreadsheet of this. You’ll have to look elsewhere for now, but I’ll share my sheet here “SOON”.

What determines taming difficulty? We can presume that certain pets will be harder to tame than others, and will require more advanced Taming Orders. Who knows. I’ll update this in a few.

Summary and Closing

That’s it (for now) regarding Taming in Bless Online. I will be updating as I go. I know for sure BRGPrincess will be playing “Gotta Bless them All”, which is a separate game or so I hear…

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