Hail, Paladin! Paladin is a playable class in Bless Online. Paladins are known primarily for healing, but are capable off-tanks as well. When DPSing, Paladins take a more supportive approach. We will be updating this as we go, but here’s a useful summary in the meantime.

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Bless Online Paladin Class Summary

Bless Online Paladin Class Summary
Hieron Weapon 1h Mace & Shield
Habichts Y Armor Heavy, Medium
Sylvan Elf Y Core Skills
Lupus N Priest Healer
Neutral Paladin Offtank
Mascu Y Judge DPS
Amistad Y
Aqua Elf Y
Pantera N

What Races can choose Paladin? Above you can see the Paladin Race restrictions.

Paladin Stance Summary

Here’s an overview of all the Paladin Stances (more info on Stances). Chain-skills, upgrades, strategy and usage will be discussed in another future section.

Level Stance Lasting (Passive) Conversion (On Switch)
L1 Protection Tactic Increase Strength and Intelligence by 20% of Wisdom Heal every second for 10s.
L4 Interruption Tactic When receiving damage equal to 40% of HP, applies [Shield] for 4s which prevents all damage. Additionally grants a buff that increases Healing, Block rate, and Magic Resistance by 100% while the [Shield] is in effect. Can only be triggered every 90s. Increases Physical and Magic Defense by 30% for 10s.
L26 Healing Tactic Intelligence Increases by 40% of Wisdom, and Strength is reduced by 20%. Increase Movement Speed by 20% for 10s.
L27 Sacrifice Tactic Increases Healing by 15%, but decreases Strength by 20%. Gain Crowd Control immunity for 3s.
SL20 Haste Tactic Reduces the mana cost of all skills by 10%. Increases mana regeneration by 20% for 10s.
SL20 Hybrid Tactic ? ?

We won’t be adding the skills just yet as the Steam version is still “unstable”.

Paladin Non-chain Skills Summary

Level Skill CD Effect
3 Concentration 20 Reduce CD of Crusader's Will, Fanaticism, Prayer, Seeker's Devotion, and Benevolence by 30%.
7 Purify 20 Removes all Poison, Curse, and Wound effects periodically.
10 Endure 30 Become immobile, remove all debuffs, heal periodically, and grant invulnerability for a short time.
13 Resurrection 150 Resurrect a dead ally with 30% health and mana.
18 Transcend 90 Allows movement while casting, and grant CC immunity while increasing movespeed.
23 Holy Explosion 20 Knockback and damage nearby enemies.
28 Sacred Ground 90 Create a ground area which reduces damage received by 20%, and slows enemies by 20%.
33 Wrath of God 120 Increase Physical and Magical attack of all party members within 20m by 25% for 20s.

Upgrades and strategy will be placed in another future section.

Paladin Passive Ability Summary

We will be adding this soon.

Paladin Core Skills – What are they?

These aren’t in the Steam version “yet”. I don’t know if they are gonna come out or not. But I’ll leave it here for now. Core skills are essentially the “spec” of your class, which you build around.

Priest (Healer)
Buffs one ally to have increased healing from all sources. 
Massive intelligence increase. Being out of combat makes your next heal stronger.

Paladin (Off-tank)
: Debuff to one enemy, wherein allies attacking it causes you to gain life.
Passive: Massive strength increase, along with aggro generation and magic defense. Being out of combat brings your Magic Resist and Block to 100%, until the next block or resist.

Judge (“Support” DPS)
Applies a damage taken+ debuff to one enemy.
Increases strength and intelligence. Being out of combat makes your next attack stronger.

Closing and Summary

That’s it for now but we will SURELY be adding to this ASAP in the days to come. We will be adding a descriptive list of skills and passive, and also builds in the future. Hopefully, you enjoy your Paladin in Bless Online!

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  1. Here is a nice build for leveling that I found.

    Main stance: Interrupting tactic.
    First you hit the enemy with “Branded” then “Fanaticism” (Y) if you have it. Any other choice there is ok instead.

    Then you hit “1” “R” “R”.
    Then while that one is on cooldown you hit “2” “R” “R”.

    Second Stance: I used Protection Tactic to get access to that 1 heal called Retribution.
    A good keybind for Stance switch for me is “C”.

    So whenever you need to heal yourself, just hit “C”, then “2”. Then go back to Stance 1 with “C” again.

    I hope this helps someone.


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