Become an “avatar” of the elements! Mage is a playable class in Bless Online. Mages deal with the many flavors of spell-based ranged DPS (did you expect a tank class?) We will be updating this as we go, but here’s a useful summary in the meantime.

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Bless Online Mage Summary

Bless Online Mage Class Summary
Hieron Weapon Wand, Staff
Habichts Y Armor Robe
Sylvan Elf Y Core Skills
Lupus Firebender Crit, Debuff
Neutral Waterbender Control
Mascu Y Airbender Mobile
Amistad Y
Aqua Elf Y

What Races can choose Mage? Above you can see the Mage Race restrictions.

Mage Stance Summary

Here’s an overview of all the Mage Stances (more info on Stances). Chain-skills, upgrades, strategy and usage will be discussed in another future section.

Level Skill Type Lasting Conversion
1 Flame Tactic Stance Increases damage of Fire skills by 5% Increases Critical Hit by 20% for N sec. Consumes 1000 Fire Element to inflict [Fiery Curse] when Fire skill makes a Critical Hit
4 Mixed Tactic A Stance When hit, Element Acquisition increases by 5% Increases the damage of next stance starting skill by N% once, and CD is not applied. Recovers Mana by consuming 1000 of the corresponding Element of you next link starting skill. For skills with more than 2 attributes, the higher element is consumed
26 Cold Tactic Stance Increases the damage of Ice skills by 5% Increases skill damage by 20% for N sec. Consumes 1000 Ice Element to additionally inflict [Freeze] when an Ice skill is used. The [Freeze] duration decreases for skills with many targets
27 Atmospheric Tactic Stance Increases the damage of Air skills by 5% Increases skill damage by 20% for N sec. Consumes 1000 Air Element to cast a skill with a casting time of less than 5 sec
SL20 Mixed Tactic B Stance Skill ranges increases by N% (buggy tool tip) Increases damage of next link finish skill by N% one time only, and increases the attribute acquired by the skill. Adds an additional effect according to the skill used next within 10 sec, once only. For skills with more than 2 attributes, all attribute effects are applied. Fire Element: Consumes 1000 Fire Element to increase Ability Power of Party Members and Raid Party Members within a 10m radius by 20% for N seconds. Ice Element: Consumes 1000 Ice Element to reduce damage taken by 50% for N sec. Air Element: Consumes 1000 Air Element to increase Movement Speed of Party Members and Raid Party Members within a 10m radius by 50% for N sec.
SL20 Util Tactic Stance Reduces damage taken by 10%. When hit, acquires 1 element among Fire, Ice, and Air attributes. Increases Movement Speed by 30% for N sec and becomes immune to Position Control. Consumes 1000 Fire Element to add the Reflect effect, which reflects some of the damage taken. Consumes 1000 Ice Element to add the Crowd Control Immunity effect. Consumes 1000 Air Element to increase the duration of Lasting effects by N seconds


We won’t be adding the skills just yet as the Steam version is still “unstable”.

Mage Non-chain Skills Summary

Level Skill CD Effects
4 Elemental Discharge 45 Gain 200 of each element.
7 Elemental Armor 45 Reduce 15% damage taken. If damaged by 25% of HP, absorb 30% damage from the next hit in 5s. Stuns melee attackers.
10 Blink 20 Teleport forward - you are immune to CC while teleporting.
13 Disenchant 10 Removes one Burn, Curse, and Wound effect from each ally in range.
18 Counterspell 24 Interrupts any target, then silences them.
23 Sleep 30 Sleep for 30s, but they quickly recover HP during this time. Doesn't trigger CC DR. Only lasts 10s on players.
28 Mana Shield 10 Any damage taken removes mana instead of life. Press again to deactivate. Minimum mana needed 10%.
33 Distortion 30 Reduces Threat by 30% for 5s.

Upgrades and strategy will be placed in another future section.

Mage Passive Ability Summary

We will be adding this soon.

Mage Core Skills – What are they?

These aren’t in the Steam version “yet”. I don’t know if they are gonna come out or not. But I’ll leave it here for now. Core skills are essentially the “spec” of your class, which you build around.

Firebender (Crit)
Active: Greatly increase critical chance for the next fire spell. Then, for a short duration, critical fire spells apply Fire Curse.
Passive: Fire Skills deal more damage.

Waterbender (Control)
Active: The next single target ice spell Freezes the target. Then, for a short duration all ice spells are greatly empowered.

Airbender (Mobile)
Active: The next air spell with less than 5s cast time is casted instantly. Then for a short duration, you can move while casting any air spells and they deal bonus damage.
Passive: Air Skills deal more damage.

All core skills apply “Elemental Mage’s Blessing” that gives a stacking spellpower buff to allies. I “think” further effects depend on which core skill you choose. All core skills also change the effects of your class skill Elemental Armor. (More info soon)

**Being a triple DPS class, I will be adding more notes in the future to help you pinpoint their play styles**

Summary and Closing

That’s it for now but we will SURELY be adding to this ASAP in the days to come. We will be adding a descriptive list of skills and passive, and also builds in the future. Hopefully, you enjoy your Mage in Bless Online!

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