Greetings! and congrats on getting your Barbarian to Level 70! Bul-Kathos guides your hand! Now the fun part! Getting your Barbarians to reach higher GRs. This Barbarian Fresh Level 70 guide will help you achieve that!

Fresh 70 Barbarian: Free set available!No free set!
Build | PlaystyleSetting up | Gaining Power! | Bridging to the End-game

Fresh 70 Barbarian: No free set

Basic skill setup for bounties, rifts and low-level greater rifts to get you going!

Barbarian Fresh 70 Build 
Skill Rune
Frenzy Sidearm
Whirlwind Wind Shear
Rend Bloodbath
Furious Charge Merciless Assault
War Cry Charge!
Battle Rage Marauder’s Rage
Brawler Rampage
Weapons Master Ruthless


Help! I can't use those skills because they're from the same category! (Turn On Elective Mode)

If you’re not allowed to put two skills on your bar because they’re from the same category – FEAR NOT! This isn’t a bug or a permanent in-game restriction. You simply have to CHECK ON ELECTIVE MODE, via Esc > Options > Gameplay > Elective Mode!

Binding Force Move to Mousewheel up & down is a value change that every player should make IMO. It prevents misclicks and skill misfires, and forces you to move to where otherwise an enemy might be.

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Playing the Build & Adjustments

This Barbarian build is a pretty typical Rend/Whirlwind build which does tremendous AoE damage. This build is a little special with the addition of Frenzy.

Furious Charge-Merciless Assault, get used to it! It’s a huge part of the Barb playstyle in most builds, Fresh 70 included. DO NOT use it purely for traveling unless you’re pretty sure you’ll be walking for nearly 10s. It’s main purpose is DAMAGE, FURY and DODGING.

What’s the rotation look like? Charge in, hitting as many guys as you can, Rend, align yourself and charge as many guys again. Massive groups? Charge, Rend, repeat! Takes a little practice, but once you’re used to it, it’s downright OP.

Rend: don’t spam it too much (unless you’re trying to quickly heal with Life per Fury Spent!) as it doesn’t stack by default. Lure guys, Frenzy or Whirlwind during the “Rend downtime”.

Spam your Shouts to gain Fury. This is a pretty generic Barb reminder. Oh, and always keep your Battle Rage up!

Why Frenzy? A lot of FC/Rend/WW builds struggle with single target damage (champs, guardians). A lot of (impractical) purists say Frenzy is a crutch in these builds – and honestly they’re correct!  But this is a Fresh 70 Barbarian build. We don’t have Wastes 2, we don’t have Lamentation, we don’t have Stricken for RG. We don’t have WotB or CotA in our bars taking up space for skills… you get it? Frenzy – Maniac is damn good at this point in the game, and buffs your ENTIRE KIT. Don’t listen to the naysayers.

As you get more items, your build may become unbalanced or you feel an aspect of your build is lacking to push the next difficulty level – here’s some adjustments:

Offense & ResourceDefense & HealingSpeed & Mobility

More Damage or Fury needed?

Rend-Bloodbath: is more brainless and better if you get Lamentation. Rend is really strong so you can use any rune and it won’t really matter. Just try to have elemental% bonus on gear.

Berserker Rage – Well, the more used to the build you’ll be, you’ll be able to trigger this more often than not. Replaces Brawler.

Animosity – brainless Fury generator. If you pick up a good non mighty weapon, replace Weapons Master with this. Unforgiving is not bad either. Try both and see which one is better for you. Of course, make sure you have something to use all that Fury on…

More defense needed?

Defense is usually categorized in either Toughness or Self-healing capability.

War Cry-Veteran’s Warning – the easiest toughness increase for simple change of rune. More advanced players would probably want to switch to this right away.

Relentless – the chunkiest defensive passive.

Bloodthirst – more Life per Fury spent. Get this if you don’t have it in your weapon and belt.

Nerves of Steel – it’s your basic free death but don’t use it unless you’re dying a lot (get good!)

Whirlwind-Blood Funnel and Rend-Blood Lust: are both self-healing runes and both physical damage. It could be worth if you have physical% in your gear. This setup is pretty tanky.

You have to balance between self-healing and toughness. Life per Fury Spent is amazing stat you should stack primarily in your Mighty Belt and Weapon, as such self-healing is pretty easy with Barbs.

More mobility needed?

Battle RageFerocity: it’s a straight 15% MS gain for 5% damage lost.

Pound of Flesh – Mobility and defense. This actually isn’t so bad.

Sprint-Marathon – a little speedfarm-oriented but it is the best mobility skill to have. I wouldn’t know what to drop for this right now, though.

You can’t stack too much mobility at this point. You’ll lose too much damage or toughness. Try the above options out and balance your build. Don’t get too greedy.

(See: Speedfarming General, Barb Speedfarming General, Best Barb Speedfarming)

Setting up!

Use Level 70 yellow gear for Barb! Make sure they have Strength and Vitality on them! If not, re-roll them. You only need a few crystals and dusts! Stick in the highest Red (Ruby) gems you can on ALL slotted gear you have!

Lightning%: having this on your amulet and bracer will greatly increase your damage output! Of course, change this to whatever element your main damaging skill does.

Rend% Damage: since this build will be pretty much dependent on Rend, this is the best skill+ we can get.

  • Rend% comes from Chest/Shoulders
  • Whirlwind% comes from Head/Feet
  • Frenzy% comes from Belt/Legs.

Re-rolls: re-roll helm, gloves, rings and amulet and hopefully you get Crit Chance. Try to get sockets, too, in preparation for L.Gems. For now, put in the highest Red gem you have in all non-head sockets. Helm sockets, Purple for toughness, White for CDR.

Re-rolling yellows is a value move that most people don’t do. Cheap and fast for a huge boost!

Templar In! Use him! Abuse him! Luckily, you’d pick up Strength gear that would increase his power a bit. But mainly, he’s there to increase your life regen and Fury generation. Bul-Kathos guide both your ways!

Gaining Power!

Do Bounties, Nephalem and Greater Rifts!

Unlocking Kanai’s Cube

Unlock your Kanai’s Cube as soon as you hit level 70 so you can start Kanai-ing gear to get those 3 extra legendary powers! An integral part to any characters power level.

Getting your legendary gems

For now, the following gems are what you need to upgrade for the early game. Level them up and stick them in your rings and amulet!

Bane of the Powerful – really good for early game. But don’t upgrade it way past 25.

Bane of the Trapped – most value gem! Good for both early and end game so level them up as much as you want!

Wreath of Lightning – one of those “25 for now” gems. Mostly used with speedy builds. Double value if you’re using Wind Shear, Lacerate and %Lightning in your gear.

The above three gems are the best for now in the early game. Other gems to look out for:

Taeguk – replaces Wreath after you get a bit of levels on it.

Bane of the Stricken – likely replaces Powerful in the late game.

Boon of the Hoarder – It’s always worth investing in this speed-farming classic.

Of course you might want to check the popular set builds and see what legendary gems they use, and upgrade those.

Items to look for

So now, you should be on the hunt for set items, or certain generically powerful legendaries to help give you some serious power ups.

Blood ShardsDeath's BreathClassics

Using Blood Shards:

The main use of blood shards is obtaining your set items. Any 2, 4 or 6 set is a noticeable spike in power. Along the way, you’ll be getting random legendaries… We suggest you start off the hunt with Shoulders.


Mantle of the Channeling: +Damage and -Damage Taken! Good to have this since we will be abusing Whirlwind!

Vile Ward: increases damage when you ram through enemies! Why not?


Lamentation is undoubtedly the best thing you can get here, and of course, the Immortal King set belt. Other value belts are here too.. The Undisputed Champion for early game, Chilanik’s Chain for speedy builds, and of course, good ‘ol Goldwrap.

Keep in mind that if you’re specifically after the Barb belts – you can upgrade Mighty Belts to legendary via Death’s Breath. Do NOT attempt to find Lamentation via upgrading regular belts.

Boots: Lut Socks – save these footies for your Might of the Earth set!

Using Death’s Breath – Rare to Legendary:

2H Mighty Weapons – almost all of them are useful! Getting the good ones will severely increase your power level!

You really can’t go wrong upgrading 2H Mighty Weapons as many of them are part of various end-game viable builds and are just great overall.

1H Mighty Weapons – While there aren’t many amazing ones, the Barbarian weapon set, Bul-Kathos’s Oath is something all Barbs should own.

Mighty Belts – just want to remind you that another way to get legendary mighty belts would be crafting and upgrading rare ones. Still aim for the mighty belts mentioned earlier (Lamentation, The Undisputed Champion and Chilanik’s Chain).

The Classics: Good for characters in any level of progression…

Ring of Royal Grandeur: Drops from Act I bounties. You could go one less set and squeeze in another set or legendary. What’s not to like?

Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac: Almost any Barb build can abuse this. Near 100% CDR!

Reaper’s Wraps: Malthael drops the plans so it’s a non-RNG power gain. Not too relevant on Barbs, but still an easy to get option.

Accessory Sets: FocusRestraint or Endless Walk. Getting either of there is quite a large boost in power.

Convention of Elements: a must have! worn or in the cube! Learn to time the rotation of elements so you could execute corresponding skill/s simultaneously.

Unity: equip one on you and another on Templar. Share the damage!

Goldwrap + Avarice + Boon of The Hoarder: Do I still have to explain this? Avarice Drops from Act III bounties.

Bridging to the End-game

Ultimately, our main objective is to: Clear higher Torment GRs. To do so, we have to build up our Speedfarming set and tweak our current build!  Check out our Link on:

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Fresh 70 Barbarian: Free set available!No free set!
Build | PlaystyleSetting up | Gaining Power! | Bridging to the End-game

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  1. I am new to Diablo 3. I have been playing Wow since it started, some 16 or 17 years ago. I decided I had played it long enough. At 76 years old, I am kind of “Long in the Tooth” for that game. I opened up Diablo 3 and lo and behold, I already have one of each class of characters, although one, a Barbarian, was named Logan which one of my Grandsons names. Getting the “Savages” set is why I am leaving this message. Apparently, getting to 70 is not the only requirement for this as Haedrig doesn’t tell me anything about it. Is this a Seasonal thing. If so, apparently the current Season is supposed to end on March 28, 2021. So, I guess I will have to wait till next Season to get it. Is there some sort of overall guide for Diablo 3 that I could use? Thanks in Advance(TIA in my day).

    • It’s highly likely that your current barbarian isn’t a seasonal character! Every season, you get to “start anew” with a seasonal character, which gets turned into a non-seasonal / normal one once the season is over. I’m almost certain that your barbarian is a non-seasonal character if you cannot seem to access the seasonal journey (Shift+J in-game). Or it might have been claimed already for this season on that account?

    • It really depends, either of those setups can be legit – do what’s most practical for you in the early game. Later on, I’d imagine Ambo’s on cube is the more “flexible” choice. Although if you want to use weapons master you’d have to stick w ambos.

  2. the season 13 barbarian build is overpowered.I suggest pairing MOTE with a good rolled Fury of the Vanquished Peak + seismic slam % on items you can get it.Fun times and makes Seismic slam fun to play with plus all the earthquakes.

  3. I found a different 4-piece skill setup, personal preference of course:
    LMB – Cleave – Reaping Swing
    RMB – Whirlwind – Wind Shear
    A – Furious Charge – Stamina
    S – Rend – Bloodbath
    D – Battle Rage – Ferocity
    F – War Cry – Invigorate
    P1 – Weapons Master
    P2 – Unforgiving
    P3 – Inspiring Presence
    P4 – Rampage


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