Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Fresh Level 70 Guide Season 12 | 2.6.1

Setting up your Fresh Level 70 Demon Hunter skills, build & progression to end-game! +Legendaries to look out for, spending Blood Shards & Deaths Breaths

Season 12 | 2.6.1 Shadow’s Mantle Set Dungeon (Mastery, Build)

Beating Shadows Mantle Set Dungeon: contains info on Build, Map and Tips to clear and MASTER the Shadows Mantle set dungeon!

Diablo 3 Speedfarming General Guide & Protips (ANY CLASS & BUILD)

D3 Speedfarming made easy - tips and tricks for any class to speedfarm like a pro! Doesn't need a fancy full-set of ancients!

Season 11 | 2.6 The Shadow’s Mantle Builds & Primer

All you need to know about the Demon Hunter Set: The Shadow's Mantle, the core skills and items, IMPALE!

ZDPS Support Demon Hunter Build & FAQ

All you need to know about Support Demon Hunters in Diablo 3. Builds, Rerolls, Stat Priority and more!

Season 11 | 2.6 Natalya’s Vengeance Builds & Guide

So you're one of the crazy ones that wanna use the Demon Hunter set: Natalya's Vengeance? Well, there's a lot to learn. Let's start off by posting the "STANDARD"...

D3 Demon Hunter Leveling Guide Season 12 | 2.6.1

How to level up your Demon Hunter FROM SCRATCH quick n easy!

Season 12 | 2.6.1 Demon Hunter Speed Farming Guide

Hey guys! Welcome to our Demon Hunter Speedfarming Guide - which basically details the various build changes to your Demon Hunter to better facilitate speedfarming. Why not discuss the best...

Season 11 | 2.6 Marauder’s Build Guide (Cold Sentry & Cluster Arrow)

Hello and welcome to our Demon Hunter set: Embodiment of the Marauder guide. Let's start off by posting the "STANDARD" build of the set. S9 ushered in the Age of GRENADES...

Season 12 | 2.6.1 Marauder Set Dungeon (Mastery, Build)

**Hey guys! This guide is all about how to beat and master Marauder Embodiment Set Dungeon! Here we will talk about what build to use, skills, items, notes, map...
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