Hello! In this guide we discuss (seasonally updated) what’s the best or fastest speed farming build and for Crusader! Currently it’s Armor of AkkhanThorns.

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Fastest Crusader Speedfarming Build

Check out our Armor of Akkhan Set Guide for more info on this set.

 Crusader Speedfarming “Fastest build” : Akkhans Thorns
Equipment Skill Rune
Head Akkhan Punish Celerity
Shoulder Invoker Bombardment Barrels of Spikes
Chest Akkhan Steed Charge Spiked Barding
Hands Akkhan Consecration Bed of Nails
Legs Akkhan Iron Skin Reflective Skin
Feet Akkhan Akarat’s Champion Prophet or Rally
Belt Belt of the Trove
Bracer Invoker Passives
Amulet Any Iron Maiden
Ring Any Lord Commander
Ring Ring of Royal Grandeur Finery
Weapon Flail of the Charge Heavenly Strength
Off-hand Shield of the Steed
Legendary Gems Kanai’s Cube
Boyarsky’s Chip Hack (Any)
Bane of the Trapped Goldwrap
Boon of the Hoarder Avarice Band


COOLDOWN REDUCTION and THORNS must be in ALL POSSIBLE SLOTS. This means CDR in Diamond Helm, Paragon, Gloves, Shoulder, Rings, Amulet, Weapon, Shield.

Is LoN Thorns better than this? I’d say no.

Akkhan’s Thorns LoN Thorns
100% Steed Charge (No Swiftmount) 90% (Perfect rolls + Swiftmount)
Weaker at 0 Stacks Better Damage (Overkill for TX)
Stronger at 2+ Stacks Doesn’t scale at all
Looks like robot Doesn’t look like robot
Traveler’s active? SMASHES LoN!!!! Cannot use any other set…


It’s also much easier to farm decent gear for Akkhan’s Thorns.

Invoker’s Bracer and Shoulder? The bracers are set in stone – I just recommended Shoulders since it has the highest Thorns value rolled SURELY. You can use any other Invoker piece (swap with another Akkhan’s piece)

Amulet and Ring (ANY)? Traveler’s Pledge comes to mind since you’ll likely own it for your GR set. But anything works, really. CoEHellfire… there’s no real “best”.

Cube Weapon: Hack or (ANY)? Well Mortal Drama comes to mind. , I just like Hack so you don’t feel so useless at times.

Greater Rift Farming: Build Changes?

Meaning “Remove Goldwrap, Hoarder and Avarice“. The above build can get you far in GR’s speedrunning lower level rifts, but once you get to a “wall” (either gem leveling or EXP grinding) you have to make some changes.

The build doesn’t actually lack damage, now that I think about it. What might brick you in GR’s is the lack of toughness so you might want to use good ‘ol Aquila Cuirass, Justice Lantern and Hold Your Ground.

You might wanna see Armor of Akkhan and Invoker set guides.

Bounties: Build Changes?

The default setup is pretty much bounty friendly already, the only added change you can make to add a little more speed:

There’s really not much else you can do to improve mobility past this point. Warzechian CAN fit but… why!? Wreath of Lightning comes at too high a cost, only use it if your killing power is enough for the torment you do bounties in.

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I need more power!

This segment is hard to write for with Crusader. The build above is pretty much maxed out on offense (barring the gold combo). So use the GR section for guidance. For absolute greedy nyerking power…

Practical DPS increases are hard to come by for this build, no matter how greedy.

Even the minimum Caldesann’s for your entire set is the most powerful “change” to your build – much more so than with the usual build given how STR is a major aspect of Thorns.

Of course, finding ancient items and even using the minimum Caldesann’s for your speed set is legit. It helps with clearing speed immensely (allowing greedier builds).

Speedfarm Rerolls?

Remember that for many general purpose farming builds toughness is an invalid stat. So keep an eye out for items that would otherwise be garbage – you can maybe “salvage” them into perfectly fine speedfarming sets. Example:

Got a Belt with Str, Armor, Regen, Thorns. While this would normally be a salvage you can go so far as to roll another secondary +EXP instead of trying to get VIT or All Res! This example is a bit extreme but you get the point.

Other Crusader Resources

We suggest you read these resources on speedfarming:
D3 General Speedfarming, Crusader Speedfarming Primer

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Enjoy speed farming with your Crusader by LITERAL drive by. Listen to Norvald, even he didn’t care about defense! For D3 updates, Like us on Facebook!



  1. Interesting guide. Two questions came shortly to my mind. If we can use “any” weapon in the cube, why not double bombardment impact (-> Trove Belt + Skillbar)? Second if the amulet slot is free, why not use Akkhan amulet and free a slot for the chest that converts vit into thorns for dmg boost?


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