Hi! This guide is all about the Royal Tombs and Armigers (or Royal Arms) in FFXV. Locations, where to find them, are they optional? Recommended level? Can you miss them?

FFXV Royal Tombs & Royal Arms Summary

This is just a rundown of the Armigers and Tombs. More details in the sections below.

Tomb (Source)AreaTomb Location, Acquiring, NotesArmiger#
Tomb of the WiseLeidePart of Main Storyline, can't miss it!Sword of the Wise1
Tomb of the ConquerorLeideOptional (hard to miss) Keyatrich RuinsAxe of the Conqueror2
Tomb of the CleverLeideOPTIONAL: Belouve Mines (L45+)Bow of the Clever3
Tomb of the WandererDuscaePart of Main Storyline, can't miss it!Swords of the Wanderer4
Tomb of the MysticDuscaePart of Main Storyline, can't miss it!Blade of the Mystic5
Tomb of the RogueCleigneOPTIONAL: The MyrlwoodStar of the Rogue6
Tomb of the TallDuscaeOPTIONAL: The weapon's in Castlemark (the tomb is raided)Sword of the Tall7
Tomb of the JustDuscaeOPTIONAL: Thommels Glade (Secullam Pass parking)Shield of the Just8
Tomb of the FierceCleigneOPTIONAL: Rock of Ravatogh.Mace of the Fierce9
Tomb of the PiousCleigneOptional (hard to miss) Malmalam Thicket.Scepter of the Pious10
NO TOMBNAPart of Main Storyline, can't miss it!Trident of the Oracle11
Tomb of the WarriorNAPart of Main Storyline, can't miss it!Katana of the Warrior12
NO TOMBNAPart of Main Storyline, can't miss it!Sword of the Father13

I would like to remind everyone that just EQUIPPING these weapons (even without actually using them in combat) gives passive bonus stats, depending on the weapon.


Tombs & Armigers – Notes on Locations and Hot to Get

I “could” add mini-guides on the dungeons, if needed. They’re quite basic…

Royal Arms 1: Sword of the Wise
Royal Arms 2: Axe of the Conqueror
Royal Arms 3: Bow of the Wise
Royal Arms 4: Swords of the Wanderer
Royal Arms 5: of the Blade of the Mystic
Royal Arms 6: Star of the Rogue
Royal Arms 7: Sword of the Tall
Royal Arms 8: Shield of the Just
Royal Arms 9: Mace of the Fierce
Royal Arms 10: Scepter of the Pious
Royal Arms 11: Trident of the Oracle
Royal Arms 12: Katana of the Warrior
Royal Arms 13: Sword of the Father

Thirteen is a whole lot of boxes…

Armiger System


Ascension: Armiger Nexus


Well, this is still a work in progress, but I imagine I’ve answered the more important questions you have about the tombs and royal arms in FFXV, given the guides current state.

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