Here’s a rather short guide on the Crafting Perks Tree. Here you’ll find a list, tierlist, attribute requirement, shortened description about each perk, and a short blurb about why each perk is “good, bad, or something in between”. Here goes!

Overall, the Engineering perks deals mainly with Tech weapons. But, thankfully, there is a tech weapon for every weapon type! Which makes it a decent support tree if you love a particular tech weapon. The other subthemes like grenades and ricochets are meh, though.

Engineering is joined by Crafting in the Technical Ability attribute tied Perk trees.

  • A: Mandatory, or exceptionally powerful perks for your build. “It would be weird not to take this if you have the prerequisites”. Rarely irrelevant or, inversely a godly lynchpin of a more niche build.
  • B: Great perk that you’ll almost always take if relevant to your build, that’s either very strong in many scenarios or core in a few playstyles.
  • C: Simpler perks that give “fair” bonuses. Typically unexciting or too niche. You still aren’t sad to invest into these if your build wants it.
  • D: Too niche, too weak, or both. You’d be hard pressed to invest into these even if it synergizes with your build. I’d rather take other utility perks than these.
  • F: Trash tier perks. Either broken, exceptionally weak or exceptionally niche. Quite simply you’d almost always invest in something else.

Engineering Perks List & Tierlist

DMech LooterTechnical Ability1When looting non-organics, there is a chance to loot a mod or attachment.
CBlast ShieldingTechnical Ability1Reduces damage taken from explosions.
FGrenadierTechnical Ability5Explosion radius of grenades is visible.
BCan't touch thisTechnical Ability5Grants immunity to all effects from your own grenades.
DShrapnelTechnical Ability7All grenades deal a flat 20 damage (scales?) in addition to their other effects.
BLock and LoadTechnical Ability9Increase smart weapon reload speed.
AUp to 11Technical Ability9Allows you to charge Tech weapons above max capacity.
CBladerunnerTechnical Ability9Increase damage to non-organics.
CBigger BoomsTechnical Ability11Grenades deal more damage.
BLightning BoltTechnical Ability12Increases crit chance with Tech weapons.
ATeslaTechnical Ability12Increase charge multiplier for Tech weapons by 15%.
AGun WhispererTechnical Ability14Fully charged tech weapons do not shoot automatically.
AUberchargeTechnical Ability14Fully charged tech weapons deal more damage.
AFuck All WallsTechnical Ability16Reduces required charge for tech weapons to pierce through walls.
CPlay the AnglesTechnical Ability16Ricochets deal more damage.
BLickety SplitTechnical Ability18Tech weapon charge time is reduced.
CJackpotTechnical Ability20Grenades can now crit.
ASuperconductorTechnical Ability20*Tech weapons ignore armor.

Engineering Perk list rundown / viability / analysis

[A] Superconductor (Technical Ability 20*): Tech weapons ignore armor. Well, there’s not much to talk about here. It’s a unique DPS modifier that isn’t easily found by other weapon types.

[A] Gun Whisperer (Technical Ability 14): Fully charged tech weapons do not shoot automatically. A massive quality of life perk that just “feelsgoodman”. No need to “time” your shots to go off when you fully charge.

[A] Lickety Split (Technical Ability 18): Tech weapon charge time is reduced. This initially sounds basic, but it beats out many of the “fancy sounding” perks like Up to 11 or Wall piercing… It’s absolutely CORE to any tech weapon build.

[A] Ubercharge (Technical Ability 14): Fully charged tech weapons deal more damage. Sounds unexciting, but a full charge is usually what you want – and a significant bonus to that is good for us!

[A] Tesla (Technical Ability 12): Increase charge multiplier for Tech weapons by 15%. Why not, right? DPS is DPS. Synergizes very well with certain perks.

A Revamp Technical Ability 20* Increases damage for tech weapons, and charge damage from all chargeable weapons and cyberware. [A] Revamp (Technical Ability 20*): Increases damage for tech weapons, and charge damage from all chargeable weapons and cyberware. Double whammy. Increases all tech weapon damage, and increases any damage that requires a “charge time”.

[B] Up to 11 (Technical Ability 9): Allows you to charge Tech weapons above max capacity. Gives a charge level to tech weapons “above maximum”. While sometimes overkill, this has many implications that make it an overall powerful perk – but it’s not always useful depending on which tech weapons you like (sometimes making your build WORSE). Makes your weapon charge longer, if you wish to reach “above max”.

[B] Fuck All Walls (Technical Ability 16): Reduces required charge for tech weapons to pierce through walls. If you can use this perk efficiently, then this is great. Honestly it may be A tier for some weapons? But it’s hard to determine the value of this one…

[B] Lock and Load (Technical Ability 9): Increase smart weapon reload speed. Smart weapons have some of the slowest reload speeds out there. So this is pretty good! You can also “double dip” on reload speed increases by taking, for example, increases Shotgun reload speed.

[B] Lightning Bolt (Technical Ability 12): Increases crit chance with Tech weapons. Crit is always good, so you’re never gonna be sad with this one.

[B] Can’t touch this (Technical Ability 5): Grants immunity to all effects from your own grenades. It’s a cute perk that borders of memey, but it has very unique gameplay applications that aren’t just related to linear power increases that make me think it deserves at least a B.

[C] Blast Shielding (Technical Ability 1): Reduces damage taken from explosions. OK let’s be real here. Explosions kill us more than anything else in this game. Can this perk stop that? Maybe sometimes. Is it worth the investment? Probably not.

[C] Bladerunner (Technical Ability 9): Increase damage to non-organics. Not worth it IMO. It’s quite easy to hack non-organics… and there aren’t too many of ’em anyway. If some DLC’s or areas have more bots around this gets better… but even then I would only get this if you’re seriously struggling to find perks to invest into.

[C] Play the Angles (Technical Ability 16): Ricochets deal more damage. If you’re into a ricochet build it can be OK, but honestly ricochets aren’t exactly consistent. Ultimately, yeah, it’s just for trying out memey ricochet builds.

[C] Jackpot (Technical Ability 20): Grenades can now crit. This goes higher if you’re the type to use grenades or have a meme-tier ‘nade build. Otherwise, It’s fair to assume this is “average AT BEST”.

[C] Bigger Booms (Technical Ability 11): Grenades deal more damage. If you’re into grenades, sure. But for the general population this is BARELY AVERAGE.

[D] Mech Looter (Technical Ability 1): When looting non-organics, there is a chance to loot a mod or attachment. I really don’t like this because there aren’t many bots to fight, and the potential reward of being a mod or attachment… hmm… it’s too random I guess?

[D] Shrapnel (Technical Ability 7): All grenades deal a flat 20 damage (scales?) in addition to their other effects. 

[F] Grenadier (Technical Ability 5): Explosion radius of grenades is visible. This perk does exactly what a certain Cyberware optics mod does… It’s a great effect but you can save the perk point…

Summary and Closing

Well, the Engineering perk tree isn’t bad if you’re into tech weapons – and honestly most people see it as a bonus for investing into Technical Ability for crafting. While Engineering can hold its own if you’re HYPER FOCUSED on a tech-weapon build, it’s oddly unpopular (maybe since newer players don’t know anything about tech weapons, and prefer to specialize into weapon TYPES instead IE Handguns). If you do, however, fall in love with a certain tech weapon – the Engineering perk tree is for you!

Well that’s about it for a list of Engineering perks – hopefully you enjoyed our tierlist of these perks to help you decide what to get for your build! Check out our tierlists on the other perk trees in Cyberpunk 2077!


  1. Here’s another one where the analysis and title are for one tree and the tierlist another. Tierlist is Crafting, while the rest of the page talks about Engineering.


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