Hey guys! If you’re wondering about Skills in Divinity: Original Sin 2, look no further. I compiled a bit of info here, but I guess I’ll put THE most frequently asked question up top.

How often do I get skill slots (memory)? Every 2 levels starting from 2, you get a free skill slot. You also get a skill slot for each point in Memory you invest, and also the Mnemonic Talent (+3 Memory).

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I’ll start this off with what most of you might be here for – a skills list!

Divinity: Original Sin Skills List

School | Required School Level | AP | SP | Cooldown | Description | Memory
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SchoolReqSkillAPSPCDShort descriptionMEM
Aerotheurge1Blinding Radiance2-4Deals air damage around you, and sets a blinding aura.1
Aerotheurge1Electric Discharge2-3Deals air damage and sets Shocked.1
Aerotheurge1Favourable Wind1-6Increase movespeed of allies near you for 3 turns.1
Aerotheurge1ShockingTouch2-3Deals air damage and sets Shocked. Melee range.1
Aerotheurge2Dazing Bolt3-4Deals air damage in a large targetted AoE and sets Shocked.1
Aerotheurge2Teleportation2-3Teleports a target (object or entity) to any location in range.1
Aerotheurge2Uncanny Evasion1-4Target gains 100% dodge and 20% movespeed for 1 turn.1
Aerotheurge2Nether Swap1-3Swaps the location of any two characters.1
Aerotheurge2Apportation1-3Puts all objects in range into your inventory.1
Aerotheurge2Pressure Spike1-3Removes clouds from an area and deals air damage. Removes fire.1
Aerotheurge3Superconductor3-3Shoots air damage bolts in all directions from you, and sets Shocked.1
Aerotheurge3Tornado3-10Moves randomly. Removes clouds, burning, slowed, and reveals.1
Aerotheurge3Chain Lightning315Deals air damage to a target that can fork up to 8 times and sets Shocked.2
Aerotheurge3Closed Circuit224Air damage to nearby enemies. Makes cursed Static Clouds on the AoE edge.2
Aerotheurge5Thunderstorm435Deals air damage to enemies in the area for 3 turns and set Shocked.3
Geomancer1Contamination1-3Deals Poison damage to all enemies nearby, and turns pools into poison.1
Geomancer1Fortify1-3Gives Physical Armour. Removes Poisoned, Burning, Bleeding, Decay. Fortified for 3 turns.1
Geomancer1Fossil Strike1-3Hurls a boulder which explodes into oil, deals Earth damage.1
Geomancer1Poison Dart1-4Fires a Poison damage dart which leaves a poison pool.1
Geomancer2Impalement2-4Cause an earth damage eruption which leaves oil. Cripples targets for 1 turn.1
Geomancer2Mend Metal1-3Regenerate Physical Armour for all alies around caster.1
Geomancer2Worm Tremor3-5Earth eruption at target area, then separately, command worms to bind and poison those targets.1
Geomancer2Earthquake3-5Deals Earth damage and Knocks Down nearby enemies for 1 turn. Also leaves oil pools.1
Geomancer2Reactive Armour1-5Deals damage to ALL targets in the area (including yourself) scaling on your Physical Armour.1
Geomancer2Poison Wave2-4Poison damage to nearby enemies. Makes poison clouds. Earth & Poison Immunity for 1 turn.1
Geomancer3Siphon Poison1-5Absorb all nearby poison and adds scaled poison damage to weapon for 2 turns.1
Geomancer3Living Wall2-5Summons vines which block enemies and emits poison clouds.1
Geomancer3Summon Artillery Plant316Spawns a poisonous plant to assist you in battle for 5 turns.2
Geomancer3Acid Spores325Shoots spores of corrosive acid, dealing poison damage. 2
Geomancer5Pyroclastic Eruption335Hurls boulders which erupt into oil at all enemies in the area, dealing Earth damage.3
Huntsman1Elemental Arrowheads1-4Gain a buff to your arrows depending on targetted surface.1
Huntsman1First Aid1-4Heals your target and removes Cripple, Knockdown, Blind, Silence, Bleed, Burning, Poison, Disease.1
Huntsman1Pin Down3-3Physical attack that Cripples.1
Huntsman1Ricochet2-4Physical attack that attempts to fork up to 2 times, each within 5m1
Huntsman2Barrage3-3Physical attack that fires at 3 targets of your choice.1
Huntsman2Sky Shot2-3Deal Physical Damage which always gains high ground bonus.1
Huntsman2Tactical Retreat1-4Teleport yourself to target location, then apply Haste.1
Huntsman2Ballistic Shot2-4Physical Damage which deals 5% more for each 1m distance from target.1
Huntsman2Marksman's Fang2-2Piercing Damage projectile which goes through all targets.1
Huntsman2Reactive Shot2-2Until your next turn, shoot all targets that move within the area.1
Huntsman3Assassinate3-5Heavy Physical Damage shot which is boosted by 50% from stealth.1
Huntsman3Glitter Dust1-3Target is marked, reducing its ability to dodge. Prevents target from going invisible.1
Huntsman3Arrow Spray315Fire 16 arrows in a 60 degree arc. Each arrow deals Physical Damage.2
Huntsman3Farsight113Increase the range of a targeted character's ranged attacks and skills by 3m2
Huntsman5Arrow Storm33216 arrows fall from the sky in the target area, dealing 100% Physical Damage.3
Hydrosophist1Armour of Frost1-4Restores Magic Armour. Cures Burning, Poisoned, Stunned, Frozen, Suffocating and Petrified.1
Hydrosophist1Hail Strike3-3Ice damage in an area and applies chilled. Leaves ice where they fall.1
Hydrosophist1Rain1-6Create a spreading water surface which douses fires. Set Wet status on characters in the area.1
Hydrosophist1Restoration1-4Restore Vitality of a target character. Cures Poisoned and Bleeding.1
Hydrosophist2Ice Fan3-4Target 3 areas (can overlap) to deal water damage, setting Chilled.1
Hydrosophist2Soothing Cold1-3Regenerate Magic Armour for all alies around caster for 3 turns.1
Hydrosophist2Winter Blast2-3Deals water damage in an area, chills targets, and freezes liquid surfaces.1
Hydrosophist2Cryogenic Stasis2-4Target ally becomes immune to all damage, and heals over time.1
Hydrosophist2Global Cooling1-3Chill all enemies around you and deal water damage. Freeze surfaces.1
Hydrosophist2Healing Ritual2-5Shoot a bolt of healing energy that will jump to nearby allies.1
Hydrosophist3Deep Freeze4-6Frozen targets under 10% die instantly - otherwise deal damage and Freeze them.1
Hydrosophist3Ice Breaker1-3Cause frozen areas to explode dealing water damage, leaving water pools. Sets Chilled.1
Hydrosophist3Arcane Stitch314Fully restore target character's Magic Armour2
Hydrosophist3Steam Lance223Heal all characters in the area of effect.2
Hydrosophist5Hail Storm434Deals massive water damage multiple times in a large area of effect.3
Necromancer1Blood Sucker1-3Consume all blood near the target to heal it. More blood gives more healing.1
Necromancer1Decaying Touch2-3Deal Physical Damage and set Decay on the target. Heals do piercing damage to decayed units.1
Necromancer1Mosquito Swarm2-4Deal Physical Damage to target and heal yourself.1
Necromancer1Raise Bloated Corpse1-3Target a corpse to raise a blob which deals Physical Damage, and can explode on command.1
Necromancer2Death Wish2-5Target get's a damage boost inverse to their lost vitality. (30% vitality gives 70% damage boost).1
Necromancer2Infect3-5Physical Damage which Infects a target. Infect spreads, and reduces Constitution and Damage.1
Necromancer2Shackles of Pain1-5Mark a target so that it will receive all of the damage you receive.1
Necromancer2Bone Cage1-5Gain Physical Armour, and more for each corpse nearby.1
Necromancer2Living on the Edge3-5For 2 turns, your target cannot die. If it's a summon its duration is also extended.1
Necromancer2Raise Bone Widow3-5Summons a minion which can consume corpses to heal, and get a stacking damage buff.1
Necromancer3Last Rites3--Deals piercing damage to you, and resurrects your target with maximum 1
Necromancer3Silencing Stare2-5Silence enemies in a cone in front of you.1
Necromancer3Black Shroud215Create a cloud of cursed smoke in an area, Suffocates and Blinds all characters within2
Necromancer3Grasp of the Starved225Deal Physical Damage and cripples targets standing on blood surfaces and clouds.2
Necromancer5Totems of the Necromancer335Spawns a bone totem on every corpse in range. They deal Physical Damage.3
Polymorph1Bull Horns--6Unlocks the Bull Rush skill for 2 turns - Charge at enemies for piercing damage.1
Polymorph1Chameleon Cloak1-6Turn Invisible for 2 turns.1
Polymorph1Chicken Claw2-6Turn the target into a chicken. Chickens cannot do actions and only run away.1
Polymorph1Tentacle Lash2-3Deals Physical Damage and sets Atrophy.1
Polymorph2Heart of Steel2-5Regenerate Physical Armour each turn.1
Polymorph2Medusa Head2-5Gives you a Petrifying Aura. Unlocks Petrifying Gaze, AoE Earth Damage which Petrifies.1
Polymorph2Spider Legs1-5Gain the ability to create web surfaces.1
Polymorph2Spread Your Wings1-6Sprout temporary wings to fly when you move, allowing you to ignore ground surfaces. Incompatible with Spider Legs.1
Polymorph2Summon Oily Blob2-6Fling an Oil Blob which deals Earth Damage on Impact, and Attack. Leaves an oil puddle on death.1
Polymorph2Terrain Transmutation1-2Target two circular areas. Swap surfaces and clouds.1
Polymorph3Equalise3-5Vitality and Armour percentages are equally redistributed to all targets.1
Polymorph3Flay Skin3-5Destroy some Magic Armour on a target and halves their resistances.1
Polymorph3Skin Graft21-Reset all cooldowns. Removes Burning, Necrofire, Poisoned and Bleeding.2
Polymorph3Forced Exchange121Exchange Vitality percentages with target character.2
Polymorph5Apotheosis23-The cost of all Source skills is reduced by -3 Source Points.3
Pyrokinetic1Haste1-3Gives an ally Haste, which grants +1 AP per turn, and increased movespeed for 2 turns.1
Pyrokinetic1Ignition1-2Deals Fire damage to all enemies around you. Sets burning on them and ignites surfaces.1
Pyrokinetic1Peace of Mind1-3Gives an ally Clear Mind, which grants +2 Strength, Finesse, Intelligence, and +4 Wits for 3 turns.1
Pyrokinetic1Searing Daggers2-3Deal Fire Damage to 3 targets, and creates Fire surfaces.1
Pyrokinetic2Fireball2-4Hurls a fireball which deals Fire Damage in an AoE, and leaves Fire surfaces.1
Pyrokinetic2Spontaneous Combustion2-3Deals Fire damage to targets, and removes burning. Bonus damage for each stack of Burning.1
Pyrokinetic2Supernova3-6Explode, creating fire surfaces and dealing Fire Damage in a large area in your line of sight.1
Pyrokinetic2Fire Whip3-3Long-range attack that deals Fire Damage to a single target, leaving them blind and burning.1
Pyrokinetic2Flaming Tongues1-5Flaming tongues protect you, immediately attacking approaching enemies.1
Pyrokinetic2Laser Ray3-3Line of intense heat that deals Fire Damage to characters and leaves fire clouds behind.1
Pyrokinetic3Flaming Crescendo2-5Curse the target to explode in 3 turns or on death.1
Pyrokinetic3Firebrand1-3Enchant your weapon to deal bonus Fire Damage.
Pyrokinetic3Summon Fire Slug116Summon a Fire Slug. Your Fire Slug can create fire surfaces and launch linear fire attacks2
Pyrokinetic3Epidemic of Fire326Deal Fire Damage that forks up to 5 times, and leaves fire surfaces.3
Pyrokinetic5Meteor Shower43425 Fireballs rain down into the area, dealing fire damage each within a 3m range of impact.3
Scoundrel1Adrenaline--4Gain 2 Action Points immediately, but lose 2 Action Points next turn. Cannot go over max AP.1
Scoundrel1Backlash1-3DAGGER. Teleport behind the target, and backstab for Physical Damage.1
Scoundrel1Chloroform1-3Destroys Magic Armour and then tries to set Sleeping.1
Scoundrel1Throwing Knife2-1Ranged attack dealing Physical Damage. Can backstab.1
Scoundrel2Cloak and Dagger1-4Teleport without breaking sneaking.1
Scoundrel2Rupture Tendons2-5DAGGER. Deal Physical Damage to target. They take Piercing Damage when they move.1
Scoundrel2Sawtooth Knife2-3DAGGER. Bypass Physical Armour and deals Piercing Damage. Causes Bleeding.1
Scoundrel2Corrupted Blade3-4DAGGER. Deals Physical Damage and sets Decay and Diseased.1
Scoundrel2Gag Order3-4Destroy Magic Armour on target character and Silence.1
Scoundrel2Sleeping Arms2-3Deal [X] Physical Damage and set Atrophy.1
Scoundrel3Terrifying Cruelty3-4DAGGER, Deals [X] Physical Damage and sets Bleeding and Fear.1
Scoundrel3Wind-up Toy2-6Summon a mechanical bomber.It can explode, dealing fire damage and leaves a fire surface.1
Scoundrel3Fan of Knives312DAGGER. Deals Physical Damage to every enemy around you. Can backstab.2
Scoundrel3Daggers Drawn426Whirl into a barrage of 5 stabs, each dealing Physical Damage.2
Scoundrel5Mortal Blow23-DAGGER. Physical Damage. Doubled if sneaking or invisible. Instant kill if targat has <20% Vitality.3
Summoning1Conjure Incarnate2-5Conjure a personal elemental that matches the ground surface it's summoned onto. Your incarnate can be buffed with Infusions. Once you hit Summoning ability level of 10, a colossal Incarnate Champion will answer your summons!1
Summoning1Dimensional Bolt2-1Shoot a volatile bolt that deals [X] of a random type, and then creates a corresponding surface1
Summoning1Elemental Totem2-1Target a ground surface and conjure a totem of the corresponding element. Each turn, this totem will fire a projectile at enemies in sight.1
Summoning1Farsight Infusion1-3Unlock a ranged attack for your Incarnate. Provides [X] Magic Armour (amount depends on your level)1
Summoning2Power Infusion1-3Unlock Whirlwind and Rush for your Incarnate. Provides [X] Physical Armour (amount depends on your level).1
Summoning2Rallying Cry2-3Target character regenerates Vitality and Magic Armour according to the number of allied characters and totems in their vicinity.1
Summoning2Supercharger1-3Target summon deals 50% more base damage during its next turn, but then it dies.1
Summoning2Soul Mate1-3Target character receives half of the healing and Armour restoration that you receive. Clears Frozen, Stunned, Knocked Down and Petrified1
Summoning2Warp Infusion1-3Incarnate learns a teleport skill, and a skill to swap places with its master.1
Summoning2Shadow Infusion1-3Incarnate learns how to go invisible and strike foes with a corrosive slash1
Summoning3Cannibalise1-1Eat your summon to gain half its Vitality, Physical, and Magical Armour.1
Summoning3Dominate Mind3-5Charm target non-allied character, causing them to join your side in combat for the duration of the status1
Summoning3Planar Gateway216Conjure two linked gateways that allow any character to instantly travel between them2
Summoning3Door to Eternity323Give all summons around you a status that prevents them from dying to damage or disappearing when their life runs out2
Summoning5Ethereal Storm435Unpredictable projectiles from distant planes strike target area, dealing random elemental damage to enemies or healing allies.3
Summoning0Summon Cat Familiar25NOT FROM SKILLBOOK1
Summoning0Summon Condor26NOT FROM SKILLBOOK1
Summoning0Summon Dragonling26NOT FROM SKILLBOOK2
Summoning0Summon Inner Demon16NOT FROM SKILLBOOK2
Warfare1Battering Ram2-5Rush forward dealing physical damage and Knocks Down targets.1
Warfare1Battle Stomp2-4Deal Physical Damage in a cone and Knocks Down targets.1
Warfare1Bouncing Shield2-2Ranged Physical Damage which scales from your shields Physical Damage. Bounces once.1
Warfare1Cripping Blow2-3Deals Physical Damage to your target and enemies near it. Cripples.1
Warfare2Enrage2-5Target character is guaranteed to crit on all attacks for 1 turn, but is Muted. Clears various status.1
Warfare2Provoke1-4Taunt enemies around you, forcing them to attack you.1
Warfare2Whirlwind2-3Deals Physical Damage in an AoE around you.1
Warfare2Blitz Attack2-3Deal Physical Damage to 2 random targets within 10m of each other. Land on the last enemy hit.1
Warfare2Deflective Barrier2-5Reflect projectiles back at the attacker, and gives some Physical Armour. Doesn't prevent effects.1
Warfare2Phoenix Dive1-4Leap through the air to a target position, creating a fire surface upon landing1
Warfare3Guardian Angel2-6Allies in melee range redirect 50% of received damage to you1
Warfare3Challenge2-5Mark a target. If it dies, you gain Vitality and Armour. Otherwise it's healed, and you take damage.1
Warfare3Thick of the Fight214Gain a damage boost for every nearby character, allied and enemy.2
Warfare3Onslaught426Deal Physical Damage 5 times.2
Warfare5Overpower233Deal Physical Damage and if your Physical Armour is larger than your target, erase theirs.3

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Hybrid Skills List

SchoolReqSchoolReqSkillAPSPCDMemShort description
Aerotheurge1Huntsman1Erratic Wisp1-51A buff which causes you to teleport randomly when hit. Increases Air Resistance by 40%
Aerotheurge2Huntsman2Evasive Aura2152Dodging is increased by 90% and your Movement Speed is increased by 1m.
Aerotheurge1Necromancer1Vacuum Touch1-51Deal Air Damage. Set Suffocation and Silence on target
Aerotheurge2Necromancer2Vacuum Aura2152Deal Air Damage to enemies in the area. Caster receives an aura that sets Silence and Suffocating on enemies
Aerotheurge1Polymorph1Vaporize1-41Remove Petrified and Frozen from target character. Vaporise ground surfaces into clouds. Does not work on Oil, Ice or Lava surfaces
Aerotheurge2Polymorph2Jellyfish Skin1152Bleed electrified water. You get immunity to electricity, but lowered resistance to poison and earth damage.
Aerotheurge1Scoundrel1Smoke Cover2-51Create a smoke cloud around you, hiding from sight
Aerotheurge2Scoundrel2Blessed Smoke Cloud1252Conjure a cloud of thick blessed smoke that makes characters invisible
Aerotheurge1Summoning1Electric Infusion1-31Change Incarnate's element to electricity, unlocking Electric Discharge.
Aerotheurge2Summoning2Cursed Electric Infusion1232Change Incarnate's element to cursed electricity, unlocking Electric Discharge and Closed Circuit.
Aerotheurge1Warfare1Breathing Bubble1151Creates a bubble of clean air around your head, allowing you to ignore effects of cloud surfaces. Immune to suffocation.
Aerotheurge2Warfare2Mass Breathing Bubble1152Set Breathing Bubbles on allies around you, allowing them to ignore effects of cloud surfaces and making them immune to suffocation.
Geomancer1Huntsman1Throw Dust2-51Throw dust at a character, blinding them and dealing [X] Earth Damage. Clears surfaces and clouds in the area
Geomancer2Huntsman2Dust Blast3132Throw dust at all enemies in range, blinding them and dealing [X] Earth Damage.
Geomancer1Necromancer1Corrosive Touch1-51Destroy [X] Physical Armour on target character, and set Acid status.
Geomancer2Necromancer2Corrosive Spray2152Destroy [X] Physical Armour on targets in a cone, and set Acid and Atrophy.
Geomancer1Scoundrel1Venom Coating1-51Coat your weapon with poison, adding [X] Poison Damage to your weapon skills and attacks.
Geomancer2Scoundrel2Venomous Aura2152Allies in range receive Venom Coating, which adds [X] Poison Damage to weapon skills and attacks.
Geomancer1Warfare1Oily Carapace1-51Consume oil surfaces around you and convert them to Physical Armour.
Geomancer2Warfare2Mass Oily Carapace2152Each ally consumes oil surfaces around them, converting the oil surfaces to Physical Armour.
Geomancer1Polymorph1Turn to Oil1-41Turn water and blood surfaces into oil. Remove Stun and Shocked from characters.
Geomancer2Polymorph2Poisonous Skin1152You get immunity to poison and earth, but lowered resistance to air. You bleed poison.
Geomancer1Summoning1Poison Infusion1-31Change Incarnate's element to poison, unlocking Poison Dart.
Geomancer2Summoning2Acid Infusion1232Change Incarnate's element to acid, unlocking Poison Dart and Corrosive Spray.
Huntsman1Hydrosophist1Cryotherapy1-31Consume Frozen surfaces around you and convert them to Magic Armour.
Huntsman2Hydrosophist2Mass Cryotherapy2152Each ally consumes Frozen surfaces around them, converting the frozen surfaces to Magic Armour.
Huntsman1Pyrokinetic1Throw Explosive Trap1-31Throw an explosive trap at target locations. Trap takes a turn to activate. Trap will explode when a character approaches it.
Huntsman2Pyrokinetic2Deploy Mass Traps1-31Throw 4 explosive traps at target locations. Each trap takes a turn to activate. Trap will explode when a character approaches it.
Hydrosophist1Necromancer1Raining Blood2-41Create blood surfaces. Set bleeding on enemies. Douse fire surfaces.
Hydrosophist2Necromancer2Blood Storm4353Setting Disease and Decaying Touch in a large AoE. Turns all water in the area into blood.
Hydrosophist1Scoundrel1Vampiric Hunger1-51Set Vampiric Hunger on target character, adding 50% Life Steal for 2 turns.
Hydrosophist2Scoundrel2Vampiric Hunger Aura1152Set Vampiric Hunger Aura on every ally around you, adding 50% Life Steal for 2 turns.
Hydrosophist1Polymorph1Healing Tears1-51Three healing tears circle around you. Everytime an ally walks into melee range near you, a healing tear bathes them.
Hydrosophist2Polymorph2Icy Skin2152You get immunity to water, but lowered resistance to fire. You bleed ice
Hydrosophist1Summoning1Water Infusion1-31Change Incarnate's element to water, unlocking Restoration.
Hydrosophist2Summoning2Ice Infusion1232Change Incarnate's element to blessed ice, unlocking Restoration and Healing Ritual.
Hydrosophist1Warfare1Cleanse Wounds2-51Heal target and create a water puddle beneath them. Remove Burning, Diseased, Decaying Touch, Poisoned and Bleeding.
Hydrosophist2Warfare2Mass Cleanse Wounds2152Heal and create water on every target. Remove Necrofire, Burning, Diseased, Decaying Touch, Poisoned, Bleeding, Suffocation and Acid.
Necromancer1Pyrokinetic1Corpse Explosion1-41Explode the target corpse, dealing Physical Damage in the area
Necromancer2Pyrokinetic2Mass Corpse Explosion1122Explode all corpses around you, dealing Physical Damage in the area
Polymorph1Pyrokinetic1Bleed Fire1-31Enemies will bleed fire when hit. Also creates a small fire area beneath each target and ignites surfaces in the area
Polymorph2Pyrokinetic2Flaming Skin1152You get immunity to fire, but lowered resistance to water. You bleed fire
Pyrokinetic1Scoundrel1Sabotage1-11If target character is carrying grenades or arrows, a random one explodes in their inventory
Pyrokinetic2Scoundrel2Mass Sabotage2152Explode two random grenades or arrows in the inventories of any enemy in a target circle.
Pyrokinetic1Summoning1Fire Infusion1-31Change Incarnate's element to blessed ice, unlocking Restoration and Healing Ritual.
Pyrokinetic2Summoning2Necrofire Infusion1232Change Incarnate's element to necrofire, unlocking Fireball and Epidemic of Fire.
Pyrokinetic1Warfare1Sparking Swings1-51Set Sparkstriker status. This causes your melee attacks to create a spark that bounces to hit the closest enemy.
Pyrokinetic2Warfare2Master of Sparks1152Target character and surrounding allies receive Sparkmaster status that adds a chance of fiery sparks to melee attacks.

How to make Hybrid Skillbooks / Learn Hybrid Skills? Simply combine the appropriately tiered skillbooks from each school. For example, to learn Sparking Strikes, combine a Tier 1 Warfare skillbook (IE Crippling Blow), and a Tier 1 Pyrokinetic skillbook   (IE Haste) to get the Sparking Strikes skillbook.

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Other Skills Information & FAQ

Skillbook vendor locations? I’ll compile what I know here…

Act 1.1 Fort Joy
School Vendor Location Notes Notes
Aerotheurge Gawin Fort Joy a little NW from shrine Don’t “save” him if you still want to buy books.
Geomancer Maol Fort Joy Wanders the W beach.
Huntsman Butter Fort Joy just S of shrine.
Hydrosophist Rezik Fort Joy W of shrine
Necromancer Mona Fort Joy SE of shrine
Polymorph Doctor Leste Fort Joy S beach, outside cavern.
Pyrokinesis Stingtail Fort Joy S beach. Oh boy, spare him with Seville, and save him from Griffs thug if you want the books!
Scoundrel Hilde Fort Joy wanders S of shrine.
Summoning Nebora Fort Joy NE of shrine
Warfare Kalias Fort Joy Right inside the cavern. Careful, he easily gets insulted by The Red Prince.


Act 1.2 Amadia's Sactuary
School Vendor Location Notes Notes
Aerotheurge Gratiana Amadias Sanctuary E of shrine.
Geomancer Gareth Amadias Sanctuary Wanders. Have to save him from the ruined castle first.
Huntsman Bahara Amadias Sanctuary N entrance.
Hydrosophist Simone Amadias Sanctuary N of center
Necromancer Kerban Amadias Sanctuary W of shrine.
Polymorph Exter Amadias Sanctuary E of shrine.
Pyrokinesis Samadel Amadias Sanctuary Near entrance.
Scoundrel Exter Amadias Sanctuary E of shrine.
Summoning Kerban Amadias Sanctuary W of shrine.
Warfare Gareth Amadias Sanctuary Wanders.

They eventually move to Seeker’s Camp, then ultimately to the Lady Vengeance.

You can continue to buy from them right up until you “unlock” the sails of Lady Vengeance and set sail towards the next area.

How do I get Skill slots? There are a few ways, and I’ll list them here:

  • Memory: gives skill slots for each point invested.
  • Every 2 Levels: starting from L2 you get a “free” skill slot.
  • Mnemonic Talent: gives +3 Memory.
  • Skills granted by items DO NOT REQUIRE A SKILL SLOT.

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That’s it for now, I’ll definitely update this as I go on!

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