If you’re here, I’m gonna go ahead and assume you wanna learn a little more about the Gargoyles Maze in Divinity: Original Sin 2. First, a summary!

Dos2 Gargoyles Maze Guide: Summary | Interactive Map | Guide & Strategy

Gargoyle’s Maze Quick Summary:

  • Gargoyle Head is in the main gate, you can’t “mess it up”. Don’t worry.
  • You need to get 6 Crumbling Skulls.
  • Fulfilling that gives the “best” reward upon entering Tower of Braccus Rex.
  • Note: The pressure plate “reveals” the skulls.
Discplaimer: This definitely ain't the only way!

Keep in mind there are MANY MANY different paths and ways to “solve” Gargoyles Maze, but we’re going in from the main entrance and doing it “properly”. Technically, you never have to pick up a skull, or even unlock a door to reach the end (via teleports and displacement skills).

Our goal is to fulfill the maximum requirements (Skulls and Plates), while also unlocking all the doors in such a way that it isn’t ever a hassle coming in again.

Gargoyles Maze Map – Interactive

I numbered the rooms “chronologically” but, in summary we’re going:
Room 1 > 2 > 3A >3B > Freedom > 4 > 5


I advise having another copy of this guide open in a new tab so you can easily switch to this map when you need it as you read.

Gargoyles Maze Guide & Strategy

In short, 1 Skull unlocks 1 Gate. You can’t “horrifically” mess up, but here is, personally, the best possible outcome you can ask for.

Gargoyle Head at the Entrance

Speaking to the main gate Gargoyle Head is a one-time thing. The event triggers when you walk near it so be careful. The implications aren’t important but I may as well warn you.

>> Lie. Of course you are. (OK!) – Doesn’t matter if you have the ring on or not, this response isn’t good enough for the Gargoyle… Perhaps it was programmed to only to allow the ring bearer in? Either way, a natural entrance is what we’re after.

>> Admit you aren’t, but ask if you may enter here anyway. (OK!) – Basic response. Lo and behold he lets you in anyway.

>> Show the gargoyle the ring of the Source King. (meh) – This one lets you “skip” the maze and go all the way to the entrance of the Tower of Braccus Rex. This option isn’t so bad as we can do the maze in “reverse”. Or from the “beach method”. Not really what we are looking for here, it’s possibly the worst option overall as well.

This option allows you to “remove” the Cursed Ring for free, if you’re equipping it (but you’re still cursed even without the ring!) It’s pretty dumb since you still need to use Bless to remove the lingering curse – you might as well Bless while the ring is still equipped for the same “removable” effect! Since there’s a lot of Source in A1 – no need to be stingy on Bless.

>> Take your leave (OK!) – Nothing happens, but you can still open the gate. A-OK for our goals!

Oddly enough, the only dialogue option you have to “work” for is the “worst” since we actually want to traverse the maze properly for the rewards.

Room 1

Place a barrel on the pressure plate found just south of the entrance. There are two barrels on the east of this room (Poison and Oil). Triggering this reveals the skull on the SE side – pick it up. BE CAREFUL WITH THE BARRELS – it’s a bit of a hassle if some break.

Pressure Plates reveal Crumbling Skulls – so once you’re done with Room 1 Skulls – YOU CAN USE THE BARREL IN THE NEXT ROOM.

Use the skull to open room 2.

Crumbling Skulls obtained: 1 | used: 1 | in bag: 0

Room 1

You need 2 barrels in this room. Luckily, Room 1 provides that. There is a pressure plate that activates an illusory ladder, and a pressure plate that reveals the skull. The skull revealer is on the ledge to the south. The ladder revealer is in the NW part of the room. Refer to the map.


The portal takes you to the pressure plate ledge, so either you throw it up there or you manually bring it over. It doesn’t really matter. The important part is you reveal the skull and pick it up.

BACKTRACK to Room 1 and go unlock Room 3, to the east. Room 3A has a north half and a south half, simply enter the hatch on the bottom end of the room to get there.

Crumbling Skulls obtained: 2 | used: 2 | in bag: 0

Room 3A

It’s very possible you royally mess up the barrels/vases by accidentally stepping on fireball traps. Don’t worry! You can just muscle through using your party members as meat shields.

The “hassle room”. Notice the “Red Trap” which triggers the fireball? PUT THE VASE ON THE TRAP – it’s too light to trigger the trap, and prevents you from stepping on it! Value. After that put the oil barrel on the “Blue Trap” which opens both Blue Gates.

Crumbling Skulls obtained: no change

Room 3B

THE INNER PARTS OF THIS RECTANGULAR ROOM ARE LITTERED WITH TRAPS. Travel along the sides, please! There is a pressure plate on the north end of this room (not passing the north blue gate) which reveals a skull on the south end of this room. Use the barrel on the plate, then take the skull while hopefully not messing up.

Northern blue gate? There’s just some irrelevant loot here and a Pet Pal interaction, nothing big. Check it out if you feel like it.

Chest in the next room? Simply teleport the chest from Room 3B to 3A, or Freedom.

With the skull now backtrack to Room 3A and unlock the gate to the SOUTH, going to Freedom zone.

Crumbling Skulls obtained: 3 | used: 3 | in bag: 0


First of all DO NOT WASTE A SKULL TO ENTER THE CHEST ROOM – simply teleport the chest from Room 3B to 3A, or Freedom.

Also, DO NOT GO UP THE STAIRS LEADING UP TO THE TOWER – you do not want to trigger the rewards prompt just yet.

There are two skulls in this initial Freedom zone. Go south and a little east, there’s a dead body here with one of the skulls. Now, continue along the North, East, then south path – on the SE corner there is a skeleton with another skull. (Easier if you refer to the map)

From here you can explore going down to the beach area. Notably there is a Crafting Bible IV on an Elven Skeleton going down towards the beach. Nothing else here as far as I know.

Now once your done meandering around, go and unlock Room 4.

Crumbling Skulls obtained: 5 | used: 4 | in bag: 1

Room 4

Nothing here, but unlock the North gate going to Room 4. BUT DO NOT ENTER YET! While this seems stupid, this useless room is key to travelling around here unimpeded.

Zoning into Room 5 triggers a medium to high difficulty fight. Make sure to save, and all your party members are in the vicinity.

Crumbling Skulls obtained: 5 | used: 5 | in bag: 0

Room 5

Right after you enter here, you’ll be welcomed by some pretty buff, albeit skeletal, fellows. I assume I need not add a fight strategy section here, but they’re an above average encounter.

The Historian? Hellfire? It’s kind of like Necrofire – but worse. READ THIS COMPLETELY, FIRST. You need to douse him in BLOOD first, then bless! However, once you get blood on him he will be “bleeding” and slowly die. You have to bless him before he dies.

Get blood on him using Flesh Sacrifice, Raining Blood, or simply attacking your guys while really near him. Try to cram in as close as you can to him to get that juicy blood on him. Once he’s cured it will reveal the portal on the SW side of the room.

Take the newly revealed portal, and there will be a key right on the first platform. Continue onwards and you will find a chest on the second platform. Backtrack to Room 4 as there’s nothing else to do here.

With the final skull – unlock the north gate leading to Room 1. And you’re done!

Crumbling Skulls obtained: 6 | used: 6 | in bag: 0

With this you have unlocked a STRAIGHT NO TRAP NO PORTAL PATH from the entrance all the way to the Tower of Braccus Rex. If you use the skulls in a weird order, you may be left with the “hassle paths”. It’s the little things that count!

Speaking to the Gargoyle Head above the entrance to the Tower of Braccus Rex rewards you in accordance to how many skulls you got. Luckily you read this, and you were rewarded handsomely.

And with that, that’s it! Hopefully our Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Gargoyles Maze Guide helped you out, because I hated going to and fro from this place in my first run due to having to pass by the “hassle room”.

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  1. The beach does have something else involved. It’s where you first encounter Captain Sech Zapor and one of the Four Relics of Rivellon quests (the Captain’s gear). So, definitely worth going down to the beach either during or after the maze run.

  2. Something’s not 100% optimal. I went through all maze rooms, collected everything, even the ornamented chest (by opening the door, not teleportation), collected my reward and still got one spare skull.

    • You don’t need to use up all the skulls. I forcibly used them up to open a hassle free path to and from the tower. refer to map to the “yellow locks” to see my final unlocks.


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