Look no further if you’ve come to learn about The Division 2’s Perks system! First of all, let me dispel your main concerns by saying two things:

  1. Don’t sweat it – you’ll be able to learn all of the perks in time.
  2. I can help you out on which perks to get first or prioritize.

What you’ll find in this guide:
Perks List | Perks Basics & FAQ | What to get first!?

Division 2 Perks List

Just a quick reference for people here, a list of all available Perks in Division 2 with a quick description of each. Putting it on a minimizable clicky!

Division 2 - Perks List
Perk SHD Lvl Quick Note
Restock 1 Armor Kits 1 Armor kits restock in safe places.
Restock 2 Grenades 1 Grenades restock in safe places.
Field Proficiency Cache 5 30 Bonus item chance.
Armor Kit 1 1 Capacity +1
Armor Kit 2 2 Capacity +2
Armor Kit 3 3 Capacity +3
Grenades 1 1 Capacity +1
Grenades 2 2 Capacity +2
Grenades 3 3 Capacity +3
Inventory 1 1 Inventory +10
Inventory 2 2 Inventory +20
Inventory 3 3 30 Inventory +30
Stash 1 1 Stash + 20
Stash 2 2 Stash + 30
Stash 3 3 30 Stash + 50
Headshot Accolade 1 XP+ on headshot
Multi-kill Accolade 1 XP+ on multikill
Weapoints Accolade 1 XP+ on weakpoint kill
Tactical Kill Accolade 1 XP+ on environmental kill
Survivor 1 XP+ the longer you live
Detection 1 1 Item detection buff when donating
Detection 2 2 Hostile detection buff when donating
Crafting Materials 1 1 Crafting mat space +
Crafting Materials 2 2 Crafting mat space +
Crafting Materials 3 3 30 Crafting mat space +
Magazine 1 1 Magazine mod unlock
Magazine 2 1 Magazine mod unlock
Magazine 3 1 Magazine mod unlock
Magazine 4 1 Magazine mod unlock
Muzzle 1 1 Nozzle mod unlock
Muzzle 2 1 Nozzle mod unlock
Muzzle 3 1 Nozzle mod unlock
Muzzle 4 1 Nozzle mod unlock
Optics 1 1 Optic mod unlock
Optics 2 1 Optic mod unlock
Grip 1 1 Grip mod unlock
Grip 2 1 Grip mod unlock
Deconstruction 1 3 Bonus item chance on salvage
Deconstruction 2 5 Rare item chance on salvage
Resources 1 1 Resource space +
Resources 2 2 Resource space +
Resources 3 3 Resource space +
Hard Bounties 1 1 1 Hard bounty per day.
Challenge Bounties 1 1 30 1 Challenging bounty per day.
Loadouts 1 1 Loadouts +1
Loadouts 2 2 Loadouts +2
Loadouts 3 3 30 Loadouts +3
Signature Ammo 5 30 Signature ammo drop chance +

Division 2 Perks Basics & FAQ

TD2 Perks Basics

Perks are mostly passive abilities that boost your character in one way or another. There are also perks that unlock mods that you can use forever. They cost SHD points to activate.

“Can all Perks be unlocked? Do I have to choose?”

Don’t worry about “messing up”, you’ll get them all eventually. However, there are certain perks that are better earlier on, or just simply more bang for buck – so having a perk priority in mind is a good idea.

“What Perk to get first?”

Disclaimer - everyone is different.

Everyones goals and playstyle is different. I can’t possibly tell you what to get and everyone will agree with me 100%. What I can do, however, is give you a good general Perk Priority which can somehow guide you along the way, while making your own edits.

This one isn’t easy to answer but I will try. We all know that guy who will race towards “Deconstruction 2”, likewise we all know that guy that will “Prioritize getting all mods!”. Below is an example of a good general Perk Priority.

Division 2 Perk Priority

I will try adding one or two more build paths for different kinds of players, but this first one is a balance between quality of life and combat success rate. There are a few things to keep in mind

  • At level 30, stop what you’re learning and check the bottom clicky for a new priority.
  • DECONSTRUCTION 2, get it faster if you can.
  • Get HARD BOUNTIES and CHALLENGE BOUNTIES as soon as you unlock them.
  • Some priorities (Stash, Detection 1, or Grenade related) vary person to person.
General Purpose
# Perk Quick Note
0 Weapon Slot Forced to learn this.
1 Inventory 1 More bag space = happiness.
2 Restock 1: Armor Kits More heals, safer.
3 Armor Kit 1 More heals, safer.
4 EXP Accolade 1 Take it early to maximize gains.
5 EXP Accolade 2 Take it early to maximize gains.
6 EXP Accolade 3 Take it early to maximize gains.
7 EXP Accolade 4 Take it early to maximize gains.
8 EXP Accolade 5 Take it early to maximize gains.
9 Deconstruction 1 Get it over with, you’ll need mats anyway.
10 Deconstruction 2 Get it over with, you’ll need mats anyway.
11 Crafting Materials 1 Quality of life improvements.
12 Resources 1 Quality of life improvements.
13 Armor Kit 2 More heals, safer.
14 Inventory 2 More bag space = happiness.
15 Crafting Materials 2 Quality of life improvements.
16 Resources 2 Quality of life improvements.
17 Armor Kit 3 More heals, safer.
1 Grenades Not a huge fan, take it earlier if you wish
2 Restock 2 Since im biased against grenades slightly.
3 Mods Unlock one tree at a time.
4 Stash Again, take it when you need it.
5 Loadouts How many do you need while leveling!?
# Perk Quick Note
1 Field Proficiency Cache
Don’t open up the max level ones without this.
2 Challenge Bounties
Unlocks something new to do, with good loot.
3 Signature Ammo Gives an OK boost to combat.
4 Armor Kit 3 Important basic perks…
5 Inventory 3 Important basic perks…
6 Check previous table Resume previous table if not finished
7 All perks Get all other perks.
8 Skill variants Now spend SHD on skill variants.

While somewhat a work in progress, there really isn’t much to say in general about Perks in The Division 2. Trust me, I wont blame you if you “WANT ALL THE MODS ASAP!”, heh. don’t be afraid to ask anything in the comments!


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