Welcome to the very first episode of Eternal Draft Brothers! Here, you can watch us as we go through every portion of an Eternal Draft: Picks > Construction > Games > Analysis. This episode is called:

Flying Diamond Class

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Eternal Draft: Picks Phase

All commentary on the draft picks phase is in the post-draft analysis.

Eternal Draft: Deck Construction Phase

All commentary on the draft deck construction phase is in the post-draft analysis.

Eternal Draft: Match Rundown

Opening the boxes will show you notable moments from each game. It is highly recommended you at least read the contents of each box, as there may be notable plays to learn from.

Game 1

Game 1 Video (cannot fit inside spoiler boxes…)

Opponent Misplay G1 – “Deathstrike!?” Why oh why would you Deathstrike the Xenan Destroyer? The only reason is to prevent the lifesteal proc. He had the spider! He coulda traded his 1/1 for it.

Here’s a reason why Xenan is so good for the Feln fliers, as you can see he didn’t wanna run his Furnace Mage into it, so it often buys you one turn or more.

Notable Play G1 – Did that Rally kill you? If you would have tried to gain value and blocked the small guys, that Rally would have killed you. Don’t try to squeeze every possible ounce of value from your cards IF your opponent has next to 0 outs! By blocking and preserving your HP you are REDUCING HIS OUTS (given the situation).

Game Result – WIN: 1-0

Game 2

Game 2 Video (cannot fit inside spoiler boxes…)

Never got primal influence, and this was basically a non-game. The on-curve Deranged Dinomancer was an absolute back breaker.

Would I have won if Shadow Mana showed up? Probably not.

You win some, you lose some.

Game Result – LOSS: 1-1

Game 3

Game 3 Video (cannot fit inside spoiler boxes…)

Opponent Misplay G3 – “Torch Vulture!?” – As you can see from me and my brothers reaction, that was a horrible play. This guy suffers, I think, from constructed-control-itis. He wanted to preserve his life, but… why? YOU DO NOT KNOW the shape of your opponents deck! It was turn 1! Unless he knew there were ZERO OUTS to vulture in his deck!? It’s madness! This is similar to the play mentioned above.

As you can see that choice just cascaded into an unwinnable scenario for him.

Notable Play G3 – Reduce his outs: Equipping Gorgon Swiftblade with Blackhand Sidearm makes it both Torch and Suffocate proof, which are common removal spells from his colors (Stonescar). Think of the absolute maximum brutality you can force upon your opponents, reduce their outs, increase your chances by every percent you can.

What if he had execute? Okay so the thought is if he had execute you’d have equipped the bird? Then he’d execute the bird and you’d still be doing 2 a turn via gorgon – and bird isn’t safe from torch in that case. Every percent counts.

Would you have equipped the Feln Bloodcaster? Hmm.. I think that would be wrong.

Game Result – WIN: 2-1

Game 4

Game 4 Video (cannot fit inside spoiler boxes…)

Nothing special here, the flyers did their job for an easy win.

Game Result – WIN: 3-1

Game 5

Game 5 Video (cannot fit inside spoiler boxes…)

Horrible and embarassing. I was aghast with my opponents wasting removal, but I myself was sucked into it. That amulet would have stopped him cold, DAMN!

My Misplays G5 – Just terrible play: I wasted feeding time to kill his Guerilla Fighter – ABSOLUTELY STUPID OF ME! I still had life in the 20’s and this was not a pertinent threat. I simply got taken in by the flow of the game and felt I needed to equalize board presence – equipping the Scaly Gruan and staying was correct… I have no idea why I didn’t do it. Dumb.

Damn. I dropped this game 100% due to my stupidity.

Game Result – LOSS: 3-2

Game 6

Game 6 Video (cannot fit inside spoiler boxes…)

My Misplay G6 – I had lethal but I didn’t go for it: Dumb. While it was very unlikely I would lose, I was too focused on keeping my “favorite spell” (rapid shot). I won, but he could have died with double Rapid Shot, or Lethrai Falchion + Rapid Shot.

When the hell would have been a better time to use it!? I don’t know what I was thinking. Again, even if I won, we must be ever vigilant about improvements.

Game Result – WIN: 4-2

Game 7

Game 7 Video (cannot fit inside spoiler boxes…)

Nothing that notable. The early interaction with equipping my bird, along with his Charchain Flail. Sure, I lost cards in a 2 for 1, but I tagged him for 7 (he takes damage by killing the bird with it) – that’s not the end of the world for us.

Game Result – WIN : 5-2

Game 8

Game 8 Video (cannot fit inside spoiler boxes…)

I’m surprised how much peace of mind backlash gave me. I’m starting to feel it’s necessary to have 1 or 2 in Feln Fliers (or Feln aggro in general)

Game Result – WIN: 6-2

Game 9

Game 9 Video (cannot fit inside spoiler boxes…)

Notable Play G9 – Endurance and Execute: You can execute endurance dudes if you get them to block. However, I don’t know if devour would have exhausted his guy – I’m guessing no?

Check the final turn, “Would he have lived next turn?”, That’s something YOU NEVER WANT TO FIND OUT. If you’re nearing the critical mass of reducing your opponents outs to next to 0, do it. How could he have one? Oh, let me count the ways… What if he had another Lumen? Then followed by Desert Marshall? We won’t ever find out because we never let it happen.

Game Result – WIN: 7-2

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Post Draft Analysis

Draft picks – What could be improved?

Putting the draft picks video here again, so you can easily navigate here if you choose to.

(00:18) P1:1 – Feln Bloodcaster, Cobalt Monument, False Prince : This defined the draft. I love drafting Feln Fliers so why didn’t I take Cobalt Monument? I don’t know, both cards would have been good. Was Cobalt correct? Feln Bloodcaster is great in many Feln draft archetypes, which is why I picked it. Mulling over this after the draft, I came to really appreciate Feln Bloodcaster – so that kind of opened my eyes to abusing Combrei Healer…

(3:23) P1:4 – Twilight Raptor, Xenan Destroyer: Again, why not the flier? I didn’t really know I was going flyers at this point. Xenan Destroyer, however, is another safe pick for many styles of decks. It could be a mistake that I picked it. What was my reasoning? Xenan Destroyer does its job, it outclasses hyper aggressive draft decks and in the flyer archetype, it helps race. They have to leave their biggest guy home to block him!

(5:14) P2:1 – Execute, Torrent of Spiders, Cobalt Monument: I overthought this, but thankfully Marco pulled me back to reality. This line sums it up “Execute is correct, and you’ll be happy if either of those come back” (Including Xenan Destroyer or Jarall’s Frostkin.

(15:01) P4:3 – Xenan Cultist, East Wind Herald, Haunting Scream: Honestly, anything else would have been correct. Haunting Scream, East Wind Herald or Second Sight. Xenan Cultist was underwhelming and difficult to cast. If I had more synergistic effects, sure, but this was a bad choice.

(14:03) P4:8 – Blood Beetle, Back Alley Bouncer: I nearly snap picked Blood Beetle, but again Marco saved me. This isn’t the right choice given our current cards. We have so much game in the lower ranks, and this guy doesn’t help out at all – he’s literally ONLY GOOD IN TURN 1, in our deck. While it’s a seemingly innocent pick, you can’t stop questioning yourself!

I would have wanted bombs – but none showed up! Those Cobalt Monuments would have fit the bill! But we can’t have it all. The lack of synergistic pseudo-bombs really hurt the quality of this deck.

Draft Deck Construction – what can be improved?

Putting the draft picks video here again, so you can easily navigate.

I went 15 Power + 1 seek, essentially 16. This is fine since it’s a low curve deck. I essentially wasted one of the Seek Power picks! In P1:3 I picked up Seek power over Scaly Gruan. But alas, Seek Power was the correct pick at the time since I didn’t know the landscape of my would be deck. Hindsight is 20/20 and maybe I’m being too critical of myself.

It may seem dumb to proclaim this, but this is probably the best deck I could have made from that pool. If there would be an experimental change I would have made, its:

  • -1 Seek Power
  • +1 Spirit Drain

Thoughts on this? Would you have added the +1 Seek Power, but what’s the cut!?

15+1 Seek Power is more than enough for this deck and I flooded out often, but I guess I really DISLIKE NON-GAMES. I realize I went 7-2, but just because you took it home it doesn’t mean you have to stop attempting to evolve.

Meta Comments:

Here we discuss the technical and non-game aspects surrounding this “episode”.

Here we discuss the technical and non-game aspects surrounding this “episode”.

I think I droned on about some picks which weren’t worth fully discussing.
I’m sorry for hearing my breathing, I was a bit sniffly.
Is there anything else you want to hear more of? Less of? In future videos.
The Youtube Channel currently has other game content, should I make a subchannel?

All feedback would be appreciated! Don’t be shy!

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Eternal Draft Brothers 001: Summary & Random Thoughts

Watch our video summary, as well: 

“When Scaly Gruan grows up, he wants to be Feln Bloodcaster”

Fliers are good, but you need support. Fat ground guys matter – you can’t race ground guys with fliers as they’re usually smaller than their equally costed ground counterparts.

Backlash felt amazing for me, I always was happy to have it in my hand… I have mixed emotions as I wouldn’t usually have these end up in my deck! Maybe I should reconsider.

I honestly don’t know if I could have picked better. There were many 50/50’s. Would you have done anything different?

That’s it for our first Eternal Draft Brothers 001! Remember, “Always be critical at how you performed”.

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