Hey guys! This is a mini-guide on the “Case of the Stolen Specs” sidequest (Tour? Camping event?) If you’re wondering how to avoid detection of that damn Black Chocobo and get the missing glasses – you’re not alone. It took me a minute or two to figure out what was going on and I made this mini guide to help prevent any hair pulling on your part.

This event is triggered by sleeping at the haven (camp) INSIDE The Myrlwood dungeon. (Pectriche Haven) – Although I can’t be sure, you may need to clear the dungeon and get the Tomb first before this tour becomes available.

“How do I get the glasses!? The Black Chocobo keeps detecting me!?”

I was confused as to how this goes about… here it goes. The “quest helper” is a little off here.

Track the Black Chocobo, well this is the easy part… nothing special here…

DON’T JUST PRESS SQUARE STRAIGHT UP: You can actually MOVE first. This should clear up most of the confusion regarding this sidequest.


“I press SQUARE but when I let go, I restart!” You actually have to keep EYES on the Black Chocobo. You get asked to press square when it looks at you. However, the only time it’s safe to let go and MOVE is when the chocobo goes back to eating the greens.

From here it’s pretty self explanatory – Escape from the bird. Yeah, I tried to kill it too – if you’re wondering!). Sadly, you can’t kill it and therefore no special loot, haha.

Completing this quest rewards 20 AP. A rather entertaining camp tour. Personally, I love these little things that add up to the FFXV experience.

Oh if this quest wasn’t annoying enough – the enemies respawned after.
Happy camping!

Well, that’s about it for this simple mini-guide! I’m compiling all the camp and inn events so look forward to that!

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