Hey guys this is a quick mini-guide on the FFXV Hunt: A Wall in Our Way (Daemonwall). You’re likely here for one of these two things:

“How do I beat Daemonwall quickly enough without getting warped!” 
“Daemonwall is buggy as hell and I won’t get kill credit!”

Daemonwall buggy – cannot kill!

From my experience, you have to kill all adds before killing him. I bugged out TWICE before actually killing him. ITS A LONG WALK so if you’re strong enough to have this problem, then heed my warning.

He spawns a total of 3 sets of adds (maybe four?) the last wave being the Reapers. I got him really low until he spawned these guys. Killed them, then took out Daemonwall.

I’m not sure if I needed to actually wait for ALL the waves of adds, but I wasn’t keen on walking all the way back a third time.Try killing him BETWEEN waves… up to you.

Daemonwall DPS race!

If you’re looking at this segment, then I got some bad news… you got some work to do. Daemonwall is the first to punish you if you’re too ambitious! If you’re havin’ a hard time with this guy… it’s time to look at your tactics, and increase your power level…

Equip all ATK+ items: Equip Bracelets of all kinds, Change attire to Prince Fatigues (No Jacket). Go pure glass cannon since this boss doesn’t hurt too much anyway.

Get a decent food buff: Check our cooking guide and go ahead and filter “ATK”. If you have any of the “Clairvoyant” foods (filter the list with “CLA”). Basically, don’t go in here with some chumpy food buff, or +EXP +Item if you’re havin’ a hard time…

Ignis skill – Enhancement: “The only skill in the game worth using” past a certain point. This increases your damage by a huge margin!

Temporary items like Power EX / Muscle Stimulant can give you a boost. But if you’re

—- Not enough? Hell bent on beating him? —-

Powerful spells – If breaking the damage limit is too impractical for you (Flare, Freeze and Electon by farming Zu), just get some decent Quadcast / Quintcast spells, with a high potency. But this is too much effort for a boss you shouldn’t be rushing. As his rewards aren’t relevant aside from the hunter stars.

—- Still not enough? Sadly, there’s no quick fix for you… —-

Level up – the crudest, yet most effective way. Honestly the “grind” isn’t so bad with some cheesy techniques. Make a world of difference once you’re 99.

Getting better gear and accessories will help you leaps and bounds too. If you haven’t gotten Zwill Crossblades – get to it. It’s one of the best weapons in the game.

Well hopefully you get it done, but STRUGGLING WITH THIS GUY means you have to take a long hard look at your setup. He’s nothing compared to the beasts that lurk below… GL Facewalling!

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  1. Somehow warped and bugged behind him… he was almost dead when I did. But my team smashed him… he actually respawned where he started after hitting the end. And we finished him


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