This guide is all about (fairly or unfairly) power leveling & farming EXP in FFXV (If you accidentally sold your Rare Coins, don’t worry – there’s another way). The sooner you’re 99 the sooner you can forget about these shenanigans. I recommend two ways:

Have you beat the game?

Use our Walkthrough! Beating the game takes precedence
over leveling up WHILE IN THE MAIN STORY QUEST. Trust me.

You can use the Rare Coin method during the main story quest, but it syphons away the tiny amount of challenge this game offers. OK for a second playthrough, personally!

Rare Coin method, which is nearly exploit level of cheesiness. It gives massive amounts of EXP abusing Expericast Elemancy – this is by far the FASTEST way to gain EXP. The “fallback” is the Wyvern Farming Method which is pretty nifty. You get a lot of gil here too.

Whichever method you use we will augment it by using +EXP Food buffs, and Moogle Charms just to give the most “EXP per effort”. Let’s get to it!

FFXV Power Leveling: Rare Coin Method | Obtaining Rare Coins
Wyvern Farming Method | EXP Food Buffs | Moogle Charms

FFXV Powerleveling: Rare Coins

I hope you haven’t sold ’em!

Rare Coins and you: how does it work? In case you haven’t found out, you can items in Elemancy! It’s the lower circle in the Elemancy screen. Some items give spells unique effects. We’re after EXPERICAST, which gives us free EXP when we use spells!

Use 8 Rare Coins! EXACTLY 8! Any more or less will yield subpar results! Why?

Best usage of Rare Coins
Rare Coin # Expericast Level Total spell uses given Total EXP Potency
1 12 3 36
2 24 3 72
3 36 3 108
4 48 4 192
5 60 4 240
6 72 4 288
7 84 4 336
8 96 5 480
9 99++ (Wasted!) 5 500

Going over 8 coins “wastes” the potency (96 to 99 is no value at all). It doesn’t increase the amount of casts you get (remains at 5), and as you can see, only gains a total of 20 potency per coin – versus going from 7 to 8 you gain 144!!! Eight Rare Coins is the magic number.

THE ENEMY YOU HIT (don’t even need to kill) IS IRRELEVANT TOO

There are a couple items which grant Expericast, with varying potency!

Items which Grant Expericast via Elemancy
Effect Item Potency
Expericast Cockatrice Crest 2
Expericast Old Book 3
Expericast Debased Coin 4
Expericast Debased Banknote 6
Expericast Debased Silverpiece 8
Expericast Rare Coin 12

I’d advise to use the “rule of eight” here as well, for 5x cast.

You’ll be shocked at the results. In any case, before you go spending your Rare Coins, be sure to use them in tandem with EXP FOOD and MOOGLE CHARMS.

FFXV Power Leveling: Rare Coin Method | Obtaining Rare Coins
Wyvern Farming Method | EXP Food Buffs | Moogle Charms

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FFXV Obtaining Rare Coins

Isn’t easy, my friend. I’m sure many out there “accidentally” sold ’em. Rare Coins are found as shiny ground spots in the Cleigne area. Playing through the game gets you a lot of Rare Coins. But this isn’t why you’re here, I guess. There are other “ways”…


Save and Reload shiny spots in Cleigne. Yeahp, it’s a terrible fate. Only use it if you’re desperate. I myself never had to stoop this low, and I wouldn’t recommend it. Rare Coins can spawn with a 1/6 chance or so I hear. This is the best way to rush / stack Rare Coins but honestly I never felt the need to do this! Yes, many of these ‘treasures’ are random.

Gladiolus finds them occasionally in the wild after fights. Don’t count on this though, but hopefully you gained a few by now.

Pitioss Dungeon is a terrible terrible place… but it has a ton of Rare Coins… I’m sure at least 16 of ’em are in there. That’s a boatload of EXP already.

FFXV Grinding EXP via the Wyvern (or Zu) method

This method is simple. Grind the hunt in Verinas Mart – Ravatogh, “Verinas Mart Under Threat”. Simply stack all the +EXP% you can via food and Moogle Charms and just repeatedly smash these guys. Some use the Ring of the Lucii to make this quicker.

Why? The hunt is really close to the tipster, and gives good EXP. It’s fast, and you even get a good amount of gil from the item they drop. Double value.

YOU CAN ALTERNATIVELY TRY the Zu Beak Farming method “while” leveling up if you’re strong enough. God knows you’re gonna need ’em in the endgame. It can be done reasonably fast, and the EXP is great too. Zu Beaks are damn useful, so might as well!

You can basically do this with any hunt, if you value the drops for one reason or another. If you have other hunts to suggest – chime in! (See: Hunts list)

FFXV Power Leveling: Rare Coin Method | Obtaining Rare Coins
Wyvern Farming Method | EXP Food Buffs | Moogle Charms

FFXV Experience+ Bonus Food Buffs

As stated, here’s a list of food buffs, and what you should use in terms of practicality. Check our FFXV Cooking Guide for more details.

While the Camp EXP food is easy to get, and you can camp anywhere, there’s a huge downside of having to camp – losing banked EXP! The % bonus isn’t great too.

Experience Bonus Food Buffs : Summary
Food Bonus Effect Source
Maagho Lasagna 100% EXP Maagho
Lasagna al Forno 100% EXP Ignis
Fat Chocobo Triple Decker 50% EXP Wiz Chocobo
Stacked Ham Sandwich 50% EXP Ignis
Royal Banquet Canape 50% EXP Ignis
Fine Caviar Canape 50% EXP Maagho
Papa Bird & Baby Bowl 40% EXP Ignis
Mother and Child Rice Bowl 30% EXP Ignis
Multi-Meat Sandwich 20% EXP Ignis
Galdin Gratin 10% EXP Galdin Quay

This leaves two real options –

Maagho Lasanga from Maagho Restaurant is a huge hassle given the multiple load screens you have to suffer. But again, the faster you get to 99, the sooner you have to get all of this out of your mind. This is by far the best choice for either method since you don’t camp.

Lasagna Al Forno can be used if you have no banked EXP, and just straight up camp.

Fat Chocobo Triple Decker from Wiz Chocobo Stop. It’s a great go-to EXP non-camp food, unlocks in the Wiz Chocobo quest chain. Only if you’re unbelievably lazy to go to Altissia.

Bottomline is make sure you eat one of these before you go out there.

FFXV Power Leveling: Rare Coin Method | Obtaining Rare Coins
Wyvern Farming Method | EXP Food Buffs | Moogle Charms

FFXV Moogle Charm Locations

Moogle Charms give +20% EXP gained. You only need three (2 if you don’t have the ascension for 3x accessories). You won’t be using them for long. Once Noct is 99 the others don’t really matter – and they’ll naturally catch up.

Moogle Charm Locations:

Justice Monsters 5 (ONLY in Altissia): The 10k Altissia Machine, located in the XXXYYZZZ boat spot yields a Moogle Charm at 40 chests. Stop before getting to 45. I list this first since it’s the “surest” way to get one.

Owlyss Haven Camping Event: It’s the camp inside The Rock of Ravatogh. It starts a sidequest called “A Flower for Iris” which eventually leads to a Moogle Charm. Easy.

Dungeons: there are a few more Moogle Charms lyin’ around in Costlemark Tower, Crestholm Channels and Daurell Springs. I’ll put up some maps/images if I can…

I’m sure there are more? Feel free to let me know. But alas, 2-3 are all you need.

FFXV Power Leveling: Rare Coin Method | Obtaining Rare Coins
Wyvern Farming Method | EXP Food Buffs | Moogle Charms

Well that’s it! Reaching 99 in FFXV is painful if you do it “naturally”, but I guess that’s why you’re here! I feel ya if you sold your Rare Coins 🙁

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  1. There are 2 different levels. Spells have a Potency and the additional effects have levels. If you use 1 fire energy and add multiple rare coins for example you will have only 40 potency or so but an additional effect of experience level 99


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