Since this one pissed me off, I’m sure more than one guy needs to know about Vesper Gar, and how to catch it. It’s also likely that you’re in the sidequest “Navyth’s Challenge”. In case you’re lost, this is in relation to FFXV’s in-game fishing!

First of all lemme show you the in-game info on Vesper Gar:

Fish: Vesper Gar
Locale: The Vesperpools – East Bank
Time: Dawn
Lure: Stinker – Malbodoom
Prize: Vesper Gar Fillet
Minimap: Yellow – Circled
Appearance: Long, dull-colored & long snouted.

Where is Vesperpools – East Bank? It’s just a short walk north (and slightly west) of the campsite in Vesperpools (Capitis Haven).  It’s very close to the parking spot. Do I need to upload a picture? It’s the hole just east and north where you got the quest.

Where to buy Stinker – Malbodoom? You see the shop right beside Vesperpools East Bank? Yep. Talk about convenient.

Is Vesperpools – East Bank the only (or best?) place to catch Vesper Gar? While I haven’t really tried the other holes, this one is the most practical one. Read on.

Can Vesper Gar only be caught at Dawn only!? Yes. Luckily there’s a trick to make this easier for you. If you camp just south of this fishing hole, you will trigger the Liege of the Lake event. Being in this event keeps the in-game clock at dawn! Remember if you “quit fishing” you will go back to camp. So make sure to buy lures and lines right before you step up to the plank. I’ve visually confirmed Vesper Gar in the daytime, dusk and even night – but they bite so rarely it may as well be a “no”.

What does Vesper Gar look like? In the mini map – it’s yellow and circled. It looks like a long fish with a long snout. Careful not to catch Royal Arapaima / Liege of the Lake… that’s gonna eat up a ton of your time. You might wanna just let them go if you hook ’em.

What are the uses, and why catch a Vesper Gar? Well, there are a few…

  • Navyth’s sidequest – “Navyth’s Challenge”. rewards Invincible Iron Giant lure.
  • Cooking Completion – for the recipe “Legendary Herb-Grilled Whopper”
  • Fishing Completion – for the masochistic.

Is Vesper Gar hard to catch!? It has a ton of stamina and it’ll take a while to reel in. It doesn’t pressure you much, though. Luckily the shop also sells Dragon Beard, a 2000 durability line. As well as a great Rod and Reel!

Well that’s it! Good luck fishing Vesper Gar!

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  1. I caught three of them today! There’s a trick to it. The first one destroyed my line down to 44 durability. I figured out the thing that’s screwing the line is reeling AT ALL while it’s vibrating. This particular insidious line-preserving technique has NOTHING to do with the tension visual (although you need to respect that technique as well), and everything to do with the tactile feedback, so pay more attention to your hands. The effect is compounded when the fish flips direction at the same time. Sometimes the Vesper can flip then flip back twice while you’re reeling and reeling during this will annihilate your entire Dragon’s Beard in seconds.
    If you’re patient with this fish, and don’t try to maximise your reel time when there is slack, you can catch lots of these with one Baleen line each.

    • Took me a while to do this too! Good luck… Best tip I have is just to be patient and only reel in when the fish stops struggling (or when the controller stops vibrating)… Slow but effective


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