Here we have a simple guide talking about the popular armor skill Non-Elemental Boost (mainly from the Elementless decoration) in Monster Hunter World.

Quick Summary & Talking Points

The Elementless Jewel which gives Non-Elemental Boost should ALWAYS BE TAKEN if your build (weapon) permits it. It gives a 10% damage boost to RAW WEAPON ATTACK POWER.

Talking Points
  • In-game description
  • FAQ / Actual Mechanics
  • What weapons do Elementless work with?
  • How much do you gain? What does it scale off?
  • What are the best Non-Elemental weapons?

Non-Elemental Boost: In-Game Description

Non-Elemental Boost
Powers up non-elemental weapons you have equipped.
Skill Level Effects
1 Raises base attack for non-elemental weapons.
Decoration? Elementless Jewel 2 medium

EVERYONE should try to go for the Elementless Jewel which gives Non-Elemental Boost. As you can imagine, a single medium decoration slot beats out trying to cobble up the entire FOUR PIECE DIABLOS SET BONUS for the Non-Elemental boost effect.

Non-Elemental Boost – FAQ & Mechanics

Here we talk about the ins and outs of the Elementless / Non-Elemental Boost armor skill IE how it works, and oft asked questions.

How do I get the Elementless Jewel?

Might as well start it off with this basic question.

It’s extremely common – I even got mine (in my PS4 run) before reaching Xeno’Jiiva. Trust me, it will be the least of your problems decorations wise. I know that RNG is RNG but they seemingly fall from the sky. I’m sure others will agree as its happened on both PS4 and Steam runs.

What weapons do Elementless work with?

It’s simply any weapon without an awakened ELEMENTAL OR STATUS AILMENT. Here’s a table to answer all questions.

Weapon Has Elementless
No Ele Works
No Sta Works
Hidden Ele Works
Hidden Sta Works
Awakened Ele Doesn’t Work
Awakened Sta Doesn’t Work
Elemental Doesn’t Work
Status Doesn’t Work

How much do you gain?

Elementless gives you roughly 10% more base attack damage from your weapon. For the sake of sanity “10%” is fine, but real life tests show it’s anywhere from 9% to 10.1%. But yeah FFS thinking of it as 10% is just fine. Here’s a table of small tests to show the discrepancy.

Base Elementless Growth Gain
391 430 1.100 39
460 506 1.100 46
345 380 1.101 35
357 389 1.090 32
322 354 1.099 32

Does it scale off other things?

I talked about this in my Attack Boost page a bit. In any case Elementless should primarily be thought of as “modifying the base attack damage of a weapon”.

The only other thing that seems to increase yield from Non-Elemental Boost is ATTACK POWER AUGMENTATIONS.

Skills like Attack Boost, Agitator, or Peak Performance DO NOT APPLY BEFORE ELEMENTLESS. They still of course give benefits to your final attack rating.

What are the best Non-Elemental weapons?

This kind of thing belongs in a separate guide, as the discussion is a little controversial with some weapons. There is a mathematical equation to determine what gives the highest yields – but that’s meaningless in terms of the “totality” of what you’re trying to achieve. It’s never that simple.

but for now here’s general advice.

  • Weapon must be eligible for Non-Elemental Boost (hurr durr)
  • Top class attack AND able to reach white Sharpness? GREAT!
  • Maximizes at blue sharpness? Ok for flex builds since we don’t need Handicraft 5.
  • Gets to white sharpness but not so hot attack power? Needs some serious consideration as high attack power is the primary scaling force.

I wish it was a simpler question to answer, but I will try my best with the upcoming list. Again, every person has different goals with different builds. While “highest attack power” is a great start, it would be a disservice to tell you that’s all there is to it.

Non-Elemental Boost – Summary and Discussion

The elementless jewel should find space in your build for each weapon that can reap its benefits. It’s THAT SIMPLE. It is the HIGHEST PRIORITY GEM as long as your weapon is eligible for it.

It improves your raw weapon attack power by 10% (sometimes has rounding error),  which is far greater than any other decoration or skill can offer – even the mighty Weakness Exploit.

You can only increase its scaling via weapon attack augmentations – armor skills which gives flat attack (IE Attack Boost, Agitator, Peak Performance, etc) DO NOT get lumped up into the calculation.

The 4pc Diablos set bonus should never be in consideration for a source of the Non-Elemental Boost. Need I even state this? Also, there’s no excuse as the gem is extremely common relative to its effect.

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