Here’s a really short and simple guide in Monster Hunter World to getting Gourmet Shroomcaps, obtained from Unique Mushroom Colony at the Ancient Forest.

If you’re looking at this you’re likely at the 1 star Optional Quest: Fungal Flexin’ in the Ancient Forest, or you’re simply trying to get new ingredients from these shrooms.

Anyway, the best way to get these are this cluster pictured below. Simply farm this cluster and do “anything” while they respawn, then repeat.

Farm these 5 and wait for respawn!

While there are other Unique Mushroom Colonies strewn around Ancient Forest, none are as tightly packed as these, and you’re likely to get lost finding them. They look like that, by the way.

Anyways, go get your 20x Gourmet Shroomcaps and continue along! It doesn’t take so long for Unique Mushroom Colonies to respawn (like any other node) so complete bounties, AFK, or bully a Great Jagras while you’re at it.

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