In this simple guide, we present all the “final forms” of each Gunlances in its weapon tree in Monster Hunter World. Basically, a searchable, filterable, compressed way to compare all the fully upgraded Gunlances.

I will be adding my own insights on answering questions such as “What is the best X elemental Gunlance?” or “What is the best Y status Gunlance?” soon as well.

Sharpness? I’m working on the BEST way to present this data. Hang on!

MHW Gunlance Weapon Tree Table

Ore64140%BlastH(270)ss--Normal 3Elementless
Nergigante84830%Dragon150mHigh-Wide 2
Kadachi741420%Thunder270s--Long 3
Rathalos843720%Fire240s--Long 3
Rathian743715%Poison330s--Normal 4
Jyuratodus64370%Water360---Wide 3
Legiana73680%Ice360---Normal 3
Bone64370%ThunderH(270)b-10Long 2Elementless
Bazalgeuse7460-10%Blast210s--Wide 3
Great Jagras64370%SleepH(300)bm--Normal 3Elementless
Great Girros636810%Paralysis450---Normal 3
Vaal Hazak74600%Dragon270mAvg-Long 3
Barroth6460-10%ParalysisH(390)--15Wide 3Elementless
Anjanath6483-20%Fire450---Long 3
Dragonbone63680%Dragon420ssLow-Normal 3
Zorah8460-10%Blast420--20Long 4
Blacksteel841410%Ice240b--Long 3
Xeno-jiiva839115%Dragon180bbLow-Long 3
Deviljho7529-30%Dragon240-Hgh-Long 3
Lunastra "Blaze" 843720%Blast180s--Wide 3Guts
Lunastra "Ruin"84600%Blast150m--Wide 3Hasten Recovery
Lunastra "Styx"843710%Blast240bs--Wide 3Razor Sharp / Spare Shot

Again, I will be adding my own conclusions to these weapon tree guides soon.

That’s about it for the Gunlance Weapon Tree in Monster Hunter World!

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