Hey guys! I made this because I got super frustrated when I was brewing and trying to fix up my mana base – well, I got annoyed enough to make this resource for any and all to use!

Any feedback is welcomed!

MTG Lands List

How to use!?

See the box on the upper right? type the colors you need – “Blue White”. Quite simple really! You can also search by type “Fetch“, or a mix “Red Checkland“. Or simply just use the scrolly thing on the lower right of the table.

Special Search Terms:

  • Chromatic – all-colored lands.
  • Tri (try the shard and wedge names, too).
  • Man – lands that become creatures.
  • Futuresight – a disjointed cycle of lands.
  • X is colorless. But there are a vast amount of UTILITY lands that do this, which are not yet part of this table / page.
Land Type properties?

Fetchlands ([mtg_card]Misty Rainforest[/mtg_card]) Need no introduction! One lift to search your library for one of any two basic land types – meaning you can fetch the Shocklands, Slowlands and True Duals.

Shocklands ([mtg_card]Sacred Foundry[/mtg_card]) count as double basic land types, and have an optional CIPT clause you can avoid with 2 life. It’s called [mtg_card]Shock[/mtg_card] for that reason.

Slowlands ([mtg_card]Smoldering Marsh[/mtg_card]) CIPT unless you have 2 basics in play. This DOES NOT INCLUDE Shocks or other Slows! They are known for decks that want to have lands come into play untapped LATER on (control). These have double basic land types.

Filterlands ([mtg_card]Fire-lit Thicket[/mtg_card]) always come into play untapped but will never produce colored mana on their own. They need one colored mana to start and you get 2 hybrid in return. Good for decks with extremely greedy turn 2/3 color needs.

Checklands ([mtg_card]Sunpetal Grove[/mtg_card]) CIPT unless you have an existing land in play of one of the subtypes. It works with Shocks and Slows!

Manland Dual ([mtg_card]Creeping Tar Pit[/mtg_card])strictly better than their single color counterparts, with the exception of [mtg_card]Treetop Village[/mtg_card]. Gives a huge incentive to CIPT. Notably [mtg_card]Celestial Colonnade[/mtg_card] which is saying you have 4 Serra Angels in your manabase. Damn.

Scrylands ([mtg_card]Temple of Epiphany[/mtg_card]) ALWAYS CIPT but you get to Scry 1. In non-standard formats these are iffy. They can be a budget replacement to Manlands (*ehem* Collonade). They do shine in turn 7+ wherein ripping one of these off the top vs another land could mean the all-important Scry to win the game. I’m actually not joking about that last part, there’s no other “mana producing land”… aside from (to a lesser extent) maybe the manlands…

Fastlands [mtg_card](Inspiring Vantage[/mtg_card])come into play untapped in the very early game only. Great for aggro since they don’t really care in their 4-5th land comes into play tapped.

Showlands ([mtg_card]Foreboding Ruins[/mtg_card]) Are quite poor? At least for my more commonly set in modern mindset. They’re good in your opener and probably Okay until about turn 4… Not too sold on these.

Painlands ([mtg_card]Underground River[/mtg_card])ping you for 1 damage when you tap for colored.

There are no official names for some of the futuresight lands like [mtg_card]Horizon Canopy[/mtg_card], [mtg_card]Nimbus Maze[/mtg_card], [mtg_card]River of Tears[/mtg_card] and [mtg_card]Grove of the Burnwillows[/mtg_card] (that I’m aware of).

Disclaimer & Info
  • This list will mostly cover the “playable” lands, so the usual uncommon CIBT dual will not be included. Although I may list the best budget one per color combo.
  • While the above list says “mana producing” we have also included the Dual Manlands as they’re the “best” CIBT duals.
  • Speaking of CIBT again, Scrylands are also part of this list… yep.
  • Please send me feedback on what should be added / improvements!

Adding a near future fix wherein you can search the color combo “UW”.

Should I bake in the guild name as searchable, too? IE Gruul?

WhiteBlueFetchland[mtg_card]Flooded Strand[/mtg_card]WU
WhiteBlackFetchland[mtg_card]Marsh Flats[/mtg_card]WB
WhiteRedFetchland[mtg_card]Arid Mesa[/mtg_card]WR
WhiteGreenFetchland[mtg_card]Windswept Heath[/mtg_card]WG
BlueBlackFetchland[mtg_card]Polluted Delta[/mtg_card]UB
BlueRedFetchland[mtg_card]Scalding Tarn[/mtg_card]UR
BlueGreenFetchland[mtg_card]Misty Rainforest[/mtg_card]UG
BlackRedFetchland[mtg_card]Bloodstained Mire[/mtg_card]BR
BlackGreenFetchland[mtg_card]Verdant Catacombs[/mtg_card]BG
RedGreenFetchland[mtg_card]Wooded Foothills[/mtg_card]RG
WhiteBlueShockland[mtg_card]Hallowed Fountain[/mtg_card]WU
WhiteBlackShockland[mtg_card]Godless Shrine[/mtg_card]WB
WhiteRedShockland[mtg_card]Sacred Foundry[/mtg_card]WR
WhiteGreenShockland[mtg_card]Temple Garden[/mtg_card]WG
BlueBlackShockland[mtg_card]Watery Grave[/mtg_card]UB
BlueRedShockland[mtg_card]Steam Vents[/mtg_card]UR
BlueGreenShockland[mtg_card]Breeding Pool[/mtg_card]UG
BlackRedShockland[mtg_card]Blood Crypt[/mtg_card]BR
BlackGreenShockland[mtg_card]Overgrown Tomb[/mtg_card]BG
RedGreenShockland[mtg_card]Stomping Ground[/mtg_card]RG
WhiteBlueFilterland[mtg_card]Mystic Gate[/mtg_card]WUX
WhiteBlackFilterland[mtg_card]Fetid Heath[/mtg_card]WBX
WhiteRedFilterland[mtg_card]Rugged Prairie[/mtg_card]WRX
WhiteGreenFilterland[mtg_card]Wooded Bastion[/mtg_card]WGX
BlueBlackFilterland[mtg_card]Sunken Ruins[/mtg_card]UBX
BlueRedFilterland[mtg_card]Cascade Bluffs[/mtg_card]URX
BlueGreenFilterland[mtg_card]Flooded Grove[/mtg_card]UGX
BlackRedFilterland[mtg_card]Graven Cairns[/mtg_card]BRX
BlackGreenFilterland[mtg_card]Twilight Mire[/mtg_card]BGX
RedGreenFilterland[mtg_card]Fire-lit Thicket[/mtg_card]RGX
WhiteBlueSlowland[mtg_card]Prairie Stream[/mtg_card]WU
WhiteBlackSlowlandNone... Yet!WB
WhiteRedSlowlandNone... Yet!WR
WhiteGreenSlowland[mtg_card]Canopy Vista[/mtg_card]WG
BlueBlackSlowland[mtg_card]Sunken Hollow[/mtg_card]UB
BlueRedSlowlandNone... Yet!UR
BlueGreenSlowlandNone... Yet!UG
BlackRedSlowland[mtg_card]Smoldering Marsh[/mtg_card]BR
BlackGreenSlowlandNone... Yet!BG
RedGreenSlowland[mtg_card]CInder Glade[/mtg_card]RG
WhiteBlueCheckland[mtg_card]Glacial Fortress[/mtg_card]WU
WhiteBlackCheckland[mtg_card]Isolated Chapel[/mtg_card]WB
WhiteRedCheckland[mtg_card]Clifftop Retreat[/mtg_card]WR
WhiteGreenCheckland[mtg_card]Sunpetal Grove[/mtg_card]WG
BlueBlackCheckland[mtg_card]Drowned Catacomb[/mtg_card]UB
BlueRedCheckland[mtg_card]Sulfur Falls[/mtg_card]UR
BlueGreenCheckland[mtg_card]Hinterland Harbor[/mtg_card]UG
BlackRedCheckland[mtg_card]Dragonskull Summit[/mtg_card]BR
BlackGreenCheckland[mtg_card]Woodland Cemetery[/mtg_card]BG
RedGreenCheckland[mtg_card]Rootbound Crag[/mtg_card]RG
WhiteBlueFastland[mtg_card]Seachrome Coast[/mtg_card]WU
WhiteBlackFastland[mtg_card]Concealed Courtyard[/mtg_card]WB
WhiteRedFastland[mtg_card]Inspiring Vantage[/mtg_card]WR
WhiteGreenFastland[mtg_card]Razorverge Thicket[/mtg_card]WG
BlueBlackFastland[mtg_card]Darkslick Shores[/mtg_card]UB
BlueRedFastland[mtg_card]Spirebluff Canal[/mtg_card]UR
BlueGreenFastland[mtg_card]Botanical Sanctum[/mtg_card]UG
BlackRedFastland[mtg_card]Blackcleave Cliffs[/mtg_card]BR
BlackGreenFastland[mtg_card]Blooming Marsh[/mtg_card]BG
RedGreenFastland[mtg_card]Copperline Gorge[/mtg_card]RG
WhiteBluePainland[mtg_card]Adarkar Wastes[/mtg_card]WUX
WhiteBlackPainland[mtg_card]Caves of Koilos[/mtg_card]WBX
WhiteRedPainland[mtg_card]Battlefield Forge[/mtg_card]WRX
BlueBlackPainland[mtg_card]Underground River[/mtg_card]UBX
BlueRedPainland[mtg_card]Shivan Reef[/mtg_card]URX
BlueGreenPainland[mtg_card]Yavimaya Coast[/mtg_card]UGX
BlackRedPainland[mtg_card]Sulfurous Springs[/mtg_card]BRX
BlackGreenPainland[mtg_card]Llanowar Waste[/mtg_card]BGX
RedGreenPainland[mtg_card]Karplusan Forest[/mtg_card]RGX
WhiteBlueManland Dual[mtg_card]Celestial Collonade[/mtg_card]WU
WhiteBlackManland Dual[mtg_card]Shambling Vent[/mtg_card]WB
WhiteRedManland Dual[mtg_card]Needle Spires[/mtg_card]WR
WhiteGreenManland Dual[mtg_card]Stirring Wildwood[/mtg_card]WG
BlueBlackManland Dual[mtg_card]Creeping Tar Pit[/mtg_card]UB
BlueRedManland Dual[mtg_card]Wandering Fumarole[/mtg_card]UR
BlueGreenManland Dual[mtg_card]Lumbering Falls[/mtg_card]UG
BlackRedManland Dual[mtg_card]Lavaclaw Reaches[/mtg_card]BR
BlackGreenManland Dual[mtg_card]Hissing Quagmire[/mtg_card]BG
RedGreenManland Dual[mtg_card]Raging Ravine[/mtg_card]RG
WhiteBlueShowland[mtg_card]Port Town[/mtg_card]WU
WhiteBlackShowlandNone... Yet!WB
WhiteRedShowlandNone... Yet!WR
WhiteGreenShowland[mtg_card]Fortified Village[/mtg_card]WG
BlueBlackShowland[mtg_card]Choked Estuary[/mtg_card]UB
BlueRedShowlandNone... Yet!UR
BlueGreenShowlandNone... Yet!UG
BlackRedShowland[mtg_card]Foreboding Ruins[/mtg_card]BR
BlackGreenShowlandNone... Yet!BG
RedGreenShowland[mtg_card]Game Trail[/mtg_card]RG
WhiteBlueFuturesight[mtg_card]Nimbus Maze[/mtg_card]WUX
WhiteBlackFuturesightNot possible!?WB
WhiteRedFuturesightNot possible!?WR
WhiteGreenFuturesight[mtg_card]Horizon Canopy[/mtg_card]WG
BlueBlackFuturesight[mtg_card]RIver of Tears[/mtg_card]UB
BlueRedFuturesightNot possible!?UR
BlueGreenFuturesightNot possible!?UG
BlackRedFuturesight[mtg_card]Graven Cairns[/mtg_card]BRX
BlackGreenFuturesightNot possible!?BG
RedGreenFuturesight[mtg_card]Grove of the Burnwillows[/mtg_card]RG
WhiteBlueScryland[mtg_card]Temple of Enlightenment[/mtg_card]WU
WhiteBlackScryland[mtg_card]Temple of Silence[/mtg_card]WB
WhiteRedScryland[mtg_card]Temple of Triumph[/mtg_card]WR
WhiteGreenScryland[mtg_card]Temple of Plenty[/mtg_card]WG
BlueBlackScryland[mtg_card]Temple of Deceit[/mtg_card]UB
BlueRedScryland[mtg_card]Temple of Epiphany[/mtg_card]UR
BlueGreenScryland[mtg_card]Temple of Mystery[/mtg_card]UG
BlackRedScryland[mtg_card]Temple of Malice[/mtg_card]BR
BlackGreenScryland[mtg_card]Temple of Malady[/mtg_card]BG
RedGreenScryland[mtg_card]Temple of Abandon[/mtg_card]RG
Tri-Tri Esper[mtg_card]Arcane Sanctum[/mtg_card]WUB
Tri-Tri Mardu[mtg_card]Nomad Outpost[/mtg_card]WBR
Tri-Tri Abzan[mtg_card]Sandsteppe Citadel[/mtg_card]WBG
Tri-Tri Jeskai[mtg_card]Mystic Monastery[/mtg_card]WUR
Tri-Tri Bant[mtg_card]Seaside Citadel[/mtg_card]WUG
Tri-Tri Naya[mtg_card]Jungle Shrine[/mtg_card]WRG
Tri-Tri Grixis[mtg_card]Crumbling Necropolis[/mtg_card]UBR
Tri-Tri Sultai[mtg_card]Opulent Palace[/mtg_card]UBG
Tri-Tri Temur[mtg_card]Frontier Bivouac[/mtg_card]URG
Tri-Tri Jund[mtg_card]Savage Lands[/mtg_card]BRG
--Chromatic[mtg_card]Mana Confluence[/mtg_card]WUBRG
--Chromatic[mtg_card]City of Brass[/mtg_card]WUBRG
--Chromatic[mtg_card]Aether Hub[/mtg_card]WUBRG
WhiteBlueDual (True)[mtg_card]Tundra[/mtg_card]WU
WhiteBlackDual (True)[mtg_card]Scrublands[/mtg_card]WB
WhiteRedDual (True)[mtg_card]Plateau[/mtg_card]WR
WhiteGreenDual (True)[mtg_card]Savannah[/mtg_card]WG
BlueBlackDual (True)[mtg_card]Underground Sea[/mtg_card]UB
BlueRedDual (True)[mtg_card]Volcanic Island[/mtg_card]UR
BlueGreenDual (True)[mtg_card]Tropical Island[/mtg_card]UG
BlackRedDual (True)[mtg_card]Badlands[/mtg_card]BR
BlackGreenDual (True)[mtg_card]Bayou[/mtg_card]BG
RedGreenDual (True)[mtg_card]Taiga[/mtg_card]RG

I will be making a separate table for UTILITY lands!

Why’d you make this!? I love brewing (for Modern, specifically) but I hate (myself) that I can’t always remember each land… I felt I wasn’t alone in this. The exact problem I encountered was “Salt Marsh!?” when trying to remember the BW fetch and pain. Salt Marsh is actually a UB Tapland. (Marsh Flats and Salt Flats were the ones I was lookin’ for…)

Any other reasons? I really really love the land names and art.

Favorite Land Names?

  • Fire-lit Thicket
  • Windswepth Heath
  • Strirring Wildwood

Favorite Land Art? Oh boy…

  • Most if not all the EXP lands are beautiful.
  • EXP Hallowed Fountain: Look at it… it’s high and mighty just like the average control player! But seriously haha, It’s imposing, mighty and unshakable. It embodies the UW control feel and sitting across a set of these untapped is awesome and scary.
  • RTR Godless Shrine
  • Sunpetal Grove
  • The list goes on, really!!! Haha.

If you have the time feel free to contribute your own Favorite: Land Name & Art! I hope I helped you out and don’t worry this will be kept updating for the foreseeable future, and even the unforeseeable!

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