So an interesting kickstarter campaign caught my eye. Well, it’s basically a dream come true for most us gamers – the Portable Gaming System (PGS). It plays PC games (Or as most us know them “Steam Games”) on something not much bigger than a mobile phone… Does it sounds too good to be true? Let’s see…

Is the PGS good enough to run actual GAMES?

Well, they claim that it can run Witcher 3 on 30 FPS, which is pretty good for a handheld. It’s no slouch, that’s for sure. Don’t take my word for it, here’s the specs –

PGS Specs (PGS Hardcore)

  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 600 MHz 16 cores (I don’t know much about how capable this is)
  • CPU: Intel Atom x7 Quad-Core 2.56GHZ (These chips aren’t bad)
  • Memory: 8GB LPDDR3 (8GB is a decent desktop spec!)
  • Storage: 128GB SSD (whoa…)
  • OS: Windows 10 (It actually runs a damn OS!!!)

That’s pretty powerful for what’s basically a “buffed up phone”. They say heat dissipation is a huge thing in their design which made all of this possible. The fact is runs a desktop OS is a sign that this thing is a damn “PC” in disguise. There is also a lower end product, check their official site for more info.

Oh, it’s works as a cellphone too. It has Android 6 pre-loaded on it.

Is the PGS worth it? Should I back it now? How much is the PGS?

The early bird pricetag is around 230USD for the lite and 280USD for the hardcore – honestly those prices are GOOD for such a promising product.

Non-kickstarter prices are 280 for the lite and 320 for the hardcore. Still decent!

So I guess you’re gonna be down 40 or 50 bucks if you didn’t buy into the hype and bought it past the release date.

Is PGS real!? It seems to good to be true.

Like all things KS, there’s really no way to know. Luckily getting burned on KS isn’t as common as most people think. For me, however, this product promises something somewhat revolutionary and with that comes the questions “Why the hell didn’t anyone else do this sooner?”. Such a product is bound to make money, right? So why didn’t any of the big boys push for this?

Who knows… maybe because Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo wouldn’t make much from a portable system that plays PC games. Or maybe these guys at PGSLAB are talking out of their butts. Time will tell!

Personally I hope it works well and delivers all of what it promises. This is a product that would extend the reach of the #pcmasterrace to realms previously uncharted!

Staff Reactions

BRGMahiko: (Not backing, might buy post-release) “I dont travel often (I work from home) so I don’t really need it. I really like what it promises though and if the users rave about its performance after it comes out, I’ll very likely pick one up.

BRGMaruko: (Backed the Kickstarter) “I wasn’t sure about what to expect when I first heard about the PGS, but after reading their kickstarter page and looking at the videos and specs I was pretty damn amazed at what PGS wanted to achieve. Being an avid gamer who is always on the go… I thought this system would help me get the best of both worlds (Portable Gaming + Mobile Functionality)… I just had to back this!

BRGPrincess: (Not backing, might buy later on) “I like the idea, I really do. But there’s more to consider for someone like me, such as weight and how bulky my bag is gonna end up being. It’s a good product if it comes out as what’s advertised, but I wont be backing it since I don’t need it asap. But definitely it will be on my radar!”.

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Well that’s about it! There’s no reason for people to HOPE the PGS sucks, I mean… c’mon man it’s something we all dreamed up as kids! Whether to back it now or buy it later – that’s all up to you. For more gaming news and guides like us on Facebook!


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