Hey guys, we’re here today to talk a bit about I am Setsuna – a little gem that might have flown past your radars! We’re pretty sure it’s relevant to your interests!

What is “I am Setsuna”? it’s a JRPG that’s developed by Tokyo RPG Factory which is a developer that’s backed by the publisher none other than Square Enix!

“There was something about those masterpieces, that have yet to fade…That influences us up to this day.”

It’s a throwback to the supposed “golden age” of JRPG’s. Think of any FF below 10 and Chrono Trigger. Just look at the game!!! It makes quite an obvious comparison. If you do a few searches on YouTube, you will find the graphics, gameplay, sound effects and musical score to be reminiscent of those good ‘ol games.

Story – just like the good ‘ol days, I am Setsuna promises a powerful story that will hopefully stick with you for a while. FFXIV has its moments, but it’s not a game I play for story (personally). This can be a great game to just sit back and relax after a long days relic grind, lel.


Classic artstyle – the pseudo 3d in-game graphics might not be for everyone. It reminds you of the earlier PS games, right? The concept art and background art definitely has that familiar ‘feel’ of an SE classic. This is something us FFXIV players are very, very familiar with and love.

Great soundtrack – like most SE games, the soundtrack won’t disappoint you. From what I’ve heard, it’s quality stuff (I mean, look at FFXIV!). For anyone that’s played these SE JRPGS, I sure as heck have some of those songs burned into my memory.

I wanna play! It’s available on PS4 and PC (You can pick it up in steam!)

Well, hope I am Setsuna will have more than a few tracks that will be forever burned in your memory. I still get chills when I hear CT’s ‘To far away times’ or ‘600 AD’.

I’m writing this ‘cause I played SE’s JRPG’s since I was a kid, and while SE definitely isn’t perfect, they’re responsibly for a few thousand hours of my gaming happiness since way back up until today! I just wanted to spread the word a little! In no way am I paid to post this!

Like us on Facebook for more updates! I’d like to hear from you guys – What’s your favorite JRPG? If you’re a younger gamer – would you be willing to try I am Setsuna as your first JRPG?

I am Setsuna Official Page | I am Setsuna

Pre-purchase on Steam | Steam


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