Ana is the first hero released in Overwatch since launch. She is a support healer but also seconds as a sniper. Her abilities give her great flexibility and utility being able to not only
heal and buff allies, but also damage and debuff enemies.



1. Biotic Rifile

Damage: 80
Healing: 75

Anas primary weapon is a sniper rifle that serves two purposes, she can both heal allies and damage enemies depending on who she hits. As a sniper rifle, it has the ability to zoom in when looking down its scope and it also changes her damage into a hit-scan. When un-scoped, her rifle shoots projectiles.

Ana does not have the ability to headshot either damage or healing. Instead, the damage and heals are spread out over a duration of about 1 second.

2. Sleep Dart

teambrg-overwatch-anaheroguide-sleepdartDamage: 5
Duration: 6 seconds
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Ana fires a projectile from her pistol, sleeping the first target it hits. The sleep duration is very long, 6 seconds, but any form of damage will wake up the afflicted target. It is an excellent way to stop an enemy ultimate.

3. Biotic Grenade

teambrg-overwatch-anaheroguide-bioticgrenadeDamage: 60
Healing: 100
Duration: 5 seconds
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Ana throws a grenade towards a target location. When the grenade explodes on impact, enemies take damage and cannot receive any healing for its duration. Alternatively, allies hit by the grenade are healed and receives a 100% increase in any heal received.

4. Nano Boost – Ultimate

Duration: 8 seconds
Damage Increase: 50%
Damage Reduction: 50%
Speed Boost: 30%

Ana targets an ally, shooting a dart from her left arm. The targeted ally will receive a significant increase in damage, speed and also will take less damage from enemies over its duration.



  • Ana is best suited for an in-between role of damage and support. Her heal and damage are all fairly average, so she doesn’t really fit the solo healer role.
  • Anas grenade can also heal herself, don’t forget to use it on yourself as well
  • Ana can also deal a form of burst damage, she can deal around 170 damage to a target. After you sleep an enemy, in quick succession: Throw a grenade, shoot and do a melee attack.
  • With her lack of mobility, it’s a good idea to stay behind your tanks during a skirmish supporting your team from afar.
  • Since her shots also heal, Ana is the first hero in Overwatch that CANNOT shoot through allies.


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