As the title implies, just a tiny rundown of all item properties and traits in Vermintide 2. You’ll find this useful when you’re rerolling your items or wonder what stat can roll where.

Item property / stat relation reminder

White items have no special properties.
Green items have 1 extra stat.
Blue items have 2 extra stats.
Orange items have 2 extra stats and one trait.
Red items have 2 extra stats (Which roll at MAXIMUM VALUE), and one trait.


Vermintide 2 Item Stats & Traits Table

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MeleeHeroic InterventionAiding an ally gives a damage absorption shield to both of you.
MeleeOff BalanceBlocking an attack makes the attacker suffer 50% more damage for 3s.
MeleeOpportunistIncrease push by 50% against an attacking enemy.
MeleeParryTimed blocks cost no stamina
MeleeResourceful CombatantMelee crits reduce career skill cooldown by 2%.
MeleeSwift SlayingGain 20% attack speed for 5s on crit.
RangedConservative ShooterHeadshots restore 1 ammo.
RangedHeat SinkCrits remove 4 overcharge.
RangedInspirational ShotHeadshots give nearby allies stamina.
RangedResourceful SharpshooterRanged crits decrease career skills cooldown by 2%.
RangedScroungerCrits restore 2 ammo.
RangedThermal Equalizer20% less overheat gained.
RangedBarrageConsecutive attacks against the same enemy increase power by 5% for 5s.
NecklaceBarkskinReduces damage taken by 50% for 10s after using a healing supplies.
NecklaceHand of ShallyaHealing an ally with a healing supply also heals you for 35%.
NecklaceHealer's Touch25% not to consume health restoration items on use.
NecklaceNatural BondRestore HP passively, but you can no longer heal yourself with items.
NecklaceShallya's BoonIncreases healing effectiveness on you by 30%.
CharmConcoctionPotions grant the effects of ALL potions, but halves duration.
CharmDecanterIncreases potion duration by 50%.
CharmHome Brewer25% chance not to consume a potion on use.
CharmProxyConsuming a potion also affects the nearest ally.
TrinketExplosive OrdnanceIncrease bomb radius by 50%.
TrinketGrenadier25% chance not to consume a bomb.
TrinketShrapnelEnemies hit by grenades take 20% extra damage.
Item SlotStatsMinMax
MeleeCrit Chance3%5%
MeleeCrit Power10%20%
MeleePower vs Armored5%10%
MeleePower vs Berserker5%10%
MeleePower vs Chaos5%10%
MeleePower vs Infantry5%10%
MeleePower vs Monsters5%10%
MeleePower vs Skaven5%10%
RangedPower vs Chaos5%10%
RangedPower vs Skaven5%10%
RangedCrit Chance3%5%
RangedCrit Power10%20%
RangedAttack Speed3%5%
RangedBlock Cost Reduction10%30%
NecklaceMax Health10%20%
NecklaceBlock Cost Reduction10%30%
NecklacePush / Block Angle10%30%
NecklaceDamage Reduction vs Area of Effect5%10%
NecklaceDamage Reduction vs Chaos5%10%
NecklaceDamage Reduction vs Skaven5%10%
CharmAttack Speed3%5%
CharmCrit Power10%20%
CharmPower vs Armored5%10%
CharmPower vs Berserker5%10%
CharmPower vs Chaos5%10%
CharmPower vs Infantry5%10%
CharmPower vs Monsters5%10%
CharmPower vs Skaven5%10%
TrinketCurse Resistance11%33%
TrinketCrit Chance3%5%
TrinketStamina Recovery10%30%
TrinketMovement Speed5%5%
TrinketRevive Speed10%30%

Well, that’s about it. If you’re reading this you’re likely trying to reroll so good luck to you! Check out our other Vermintide 2 guides!

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