In this quick guide, we discuss the Active Skill System in Wolcen. It’s a little more complex than the average skill system out there and I imagine there’s quite a few questions out there… but don’t worry – you can’t “MESS UP”!

Not to be confused with the “Passive Skill tree”, which is discussed in another guide.

Wolcen Skill System: FAQ and Basics

Let’s start if off with a bit of a FAQ on skills which hopefully answers your questions.

How do I learn new Skills? From “Enneracts” or whatever they’re called, essentially either looted at random or bought from an archivist in town.

Can I learn all the skills? Should I? Yes, you can learn them all, and there is no downside to learning all of them.

What happens if I “learn” an skill when I already have it? You get Primordial Affinity, which can be used to level up skills via the archivist or to reset your passive tree.

How do skills level up? Active skills can level up through combat as long as they are in your skill bar (even if the skill cannot be used because of your equipped weapon).

Can you respec / reset / reallocate skill modifications? Yes, pretty much freely without hassle.

How many skill modification points maximum? 10, and you get them every 6 levels.

And for those a little confused, a rundown of the basics of skills in Wolcen

All active skills are primarily restricted by a weapon type. Usually “Any Melee Weapon”, “Daggers, Bows, and Pistols”, or “Staves and Catalysts”. This is the primary way the game restricts you from using any skill you want in any combination. Don’t worry, this doesn’t really limit build diversity as you can equip 2 weapon types (with many, many niche cases later on).

As long as the skill is on your bar – it levels up. The higher level it is the better it becomes via raw power, skill modification choices, and skill modification points (of which we discuss below)

Skills are obtained via random drops in the world or bought in towns.

Wolcen Skill Modifiers

Skill modifiers enhance active skills in one way or another. They usually add additional effects or straight up power. Basic examples would be “+30% damage”, “Increased AoE”, “Reduced Cost”. However there are unique modifiers too such as “Convert into elemental damage”, “Spawns a spirit which performs a follow up attack”. They are quite varied, and definitely add a layer of customization!

You can have multiple modifications on a skill – just have the points for ’em!

How can I get more skill modifier points? Each skill gains a modifier point every 6 levels, capping out at 10 points at skill level 59 (skills can go up to level 90, but the modifier points are capped at 10).

Should I level up my skills by the merchant? Active skills level up through combat as long as it is on your skill bar (Even if unusable due to weapon type). Alternatively, they can also be leveled up by trading Primordial Affinity with archivists – which isn’t recommended for the MOST PART.

Wolcen Skill Duplicates

In the endgame, building and Enneract laboratory project unlocks skill duplication. As it implies, it allows you to have a copy of a skill on your bar with you selecting different modifiers. So, for example, you can have Wings of Ishmir with two different modifier setups on your bar.

Upgrading the lab allows you to duplicate twice, which definitely opens up build diversity.

That’s the quick and dirty regarding the Wolcen Skill System – hopefully our guide helped you clarify any concerns you had. Of course, as we progress we will be adding to this guide!

Have fun theorycrafting out there!


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