So, you’ve finished the Wolcen campaign and are now asking what’s next? Expeditions. Expeditions are next. A lot of ’em. This is heavily tied into the Projects (City building / management) system in the endgame so you might wanna check that out too.

Wolcen Expeditions FAQS

What are expeditions? Expeditions provide the core gameplay loop (like normal and greater rifts in Diablo 3) in Champion of Stormfall mode and these are where you will be spending most of your time in endgame. You can pick expeditions from the Mandates Board or the Expeditions Map.

What is the Mandates Board? The Mandates Board provides simple expeditions, such as clearing certain mobs from the map. The difficulty of a map is based on the host’s level.

How long is an expedition from the Mandates Board? It typically takes place in one area.

What is the Expeditions Map? The Expeditions Map provides scaling expeditions, which can also be modified.

How long is an expedition from the Expeditions Map? Three areas. Defeating the boss in an area gives you access to a portal to the next level. A trade shrine can also be found where the boss spawns, so you can sell stuff as you can’t use town portal. Each completed area counts as a turn for the purposes of productivity.

How do modifiers work? You can roll for modifiers by spending 2500 gold. Each roll allows you to pick one out of three random modifiers. Modifiers have a wide range from increasing enemy health to adding more abilities to bosses. Adding modifiers increases magic find, item quality, and productivity. An expedition can have up to five modifiers, providing 100% magic find, 40% item quality, and 80% productivity bonuses.

What are maps? Maps enable you to further modify an expedition. Examples of map modifiers include more omens of wealth (gold roaches) and more chests.

What does Lure Untainteds do? When you have at least four modifiers in the expedition, you can pay 1000 Primordial Affinity to lure untainteds and activate Sarisel’s challenge. This significantly increases the difficulty of the expedition. Normal enemies also won’t drop any loot, but the rewards you receive after defeating the boss is VASTLY increased.

How do I unlock the higher level expeditions? Clear all three areas of the highest difficulty expedition available without using maps or luring untainteds.

That’s about it regarding Expeditions in Wolcen. They take up a bulk of your endgame core gameplay loop. We will be adding a segment on how to efficiently go about them soon!



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