Here’s an introduction to Gems and Sockets in Wolcen – an important part of character customization and itemization! We also have a gem effects list, which is useful to come back to so we have it upfront.

Wolcen Gem Effects List

Here’s a sortable and filterable gem list and their effects so you can easily check. Not all gems and effects will be visible  by default – use the search and filter to help you out!

Use the box! Try: “Support III”, “Lightning”, “Amber”, “Sapphire Offensive”. 

GemSlot TypeEffect
CopperstoneOffensive IPhysical Damage # on attacks with this weapon.
CopperstoneOffensive IIPhysical Damage # on Spells.
CopperstoneOffensive IIIStun Duration %
CopperstoneDefensive IPhysical Resistance %
CopperstoneDefensive IIMaterial Resistance %
CopperstoneDefensive IIIMaximum Health #
CopperstoneSupport IPhysical Leech %
CopperstoneSupport IIPhysical Damage %
CopperstoneSupport IIIStuna Duration % (LIKELY a typo should give stun chance)
RubyOffensive IRend Damage # on attacks with this weapon.
RubyOffensive IIRend Damage # on Spells.
RubyOffensive IIIBleed Ailment Damage %
RubyDefensive IRend Resistance %
RubyDefensive IIMaterial Resistance %
RubyDefensive IIIDodge Chance %.
RubySupport IRend Leech %
RubySupport IIRend Damage %
RubySupport IIIBleed Chance %
SapphireOffensive IShadow Damage # on attacks with this weapon.
SapphireOffensive IIShadow Damage # on Spells.
SapphireOffensive IIICursed Duration %
SapphireDefensive IShadow Resistance %
SapphireDefensive IIOccult Resistance %
SapphireDefensive IIIDodge Chance %
SapphireSupport IShadow Leech %
SapphireSupport IIShadow Damage %
SapphireSupport IIICurse Chance %
DiamondOffensive IFrost Damage # on attacks with this weapon.
DiamondOffensive IIFrost Damage # on Spells.
DiamondOffensive IIIFreeze Duration %
DiamondDefensive IFrost Resistance %
DiamondDefensive IIElemental Resistance %
DiamondDefensive IIIDodge Chance %
DiamondSupport IFrost Leech %
DiamondSupport IIFrost Damage %
DiamondSupport IIIFreeze Chance %
AmethystOffensive IAttack Speed %
AmethystOffensive IICast Speed %
AmethystOffensive IIIAttack and Cast Speed % increase
AmethystDefensive IHealth Regeneration #
AmethystDefensive IIForce Shield Regeneration %
AmethystDefensive IIIGlobal LIfe Leech %
AmethystSupport IResource Generation %
AmethystSupport IIWillpower Regeneration #
AmethystSupport IIITransfer TIme % Reduction between Willpower and Rage
AmberOffensive IAether Damage # on Attacks with this Weapon
AmberOffensive IIAether Damage # added to Spells
AmberOffensive IIIStasis Duration %
AmberDefensive IAether Resistance %
AmberDefensive IIOccult Resistance %
AmberDefensive IIIForce Shield Maximum #
AmberSupport IAether Leech %
AmberSupport IIAether Damage %
AmberSupport IIIStasis Chance %
TopazOffensive IFire Damage # on Attacks with this Weapon
TopazOffensive IIFire Damage # added to Spells
TopazOffensive IIIBurn Ailment Damage %
TopazDefensive IFire Resistance %
TopazDefensive IIElemental Resistance %
TopazDefensive IIIBurn Resistance %
TopazSupport IFire Leech %
TopazSupport IIFire Damage %
TopazSupport IIIBurn Chance %
SilverstoneOffensive ISacred Damage # on Attacks with this Weapon
SilverstoneOffensive IISacred Damage # added to Spells
SilverstoneOffensive IIIWeakness Duration %
SilverstoneDefensive ISacred Resistance %
SilverstoneDefensive IIOccult Resistance %
SilverstoneDefensive IIIMaximum Health #
SilverstoneSupport ISacred Leech %
SilverstoneSupport IISacred Damage %
SilverstoneSupport IIIWeakness Chance %
Lapis LazuliOffensive ILightning Damage # on Attacks with this Weapon
Lapis LazuliOffensive IILightning Damage # added to Spells
Lapis LazuliOffensive IIIShock Duration %
Lapis LazuliDefensive ILightning Resistance %
Lapis LazuliDefensive IIElemental Resistance %
Lapis LazuliDefensive IIIForce Shield #
Lapis LazuliSupport ILightning Leech %
Lapis LazuliSupport IILightning Damage %
Lapis LazuliSupport IIIShock Chance %
AlexandriteOffensive IAttack Critical %
AlexandriteOffensive IISpell Critical %
AlexandriteOffensive IIICritical Hit %
AlexandriteDefensive IBlock Chance %
AlexandriteDefensive IIBlock Efficiency %
AlexandriteDefensive IIIAll Resistance %
AlexandriteSupport IAttack Critical Hit Chance %
AlexandriteSupport IISpell Critical Hit Chance %
AlexandriteSupport IIICritical Hit Chance %
EmeraldOffensive IToxic Damage # on Attacks with this Weapon
EmeraldOffensive IIToxic Damage # added to Spells
EmeraldOffensive IIIPoison Duration %
EmeraldDefensive IMaterial Resistance %
EmeraldDefensive IIToxic Resistance %
EmeraldDefensive IIIForce Shield Maximum #
EmeraldSupport IToxic Leech %
EmeraldSupport IIToxic Damage %
EmeraldSupport IIIPoison Chance %

Only BASIC GEM TYPES, we will be inputting the advanced gems soon.

Wolcen Gems & Sockets Basic Guide & FAQ

Here’s a basic FAQ on the gems and sockets that might alleviate your concerns, before you go forward…

Can I freely unsocket Gems? Yes, at a small cost. Neither the item or gem are destroyed. So feel free to just socket them for small boosts – it’s only a small gold cost to pop ‘em out.

Can I add sockets to an item without any? Yes, although it isn’t obvious… Simply “rerolling” the sockets on an unsocketed item gives it slots.

How does rerolling sockets work? You reroll both the NUMBER and TYPE of sockets.

Can all Items get sockets and all socket types? No – a table on what items get what are  in the “All about Sockets” segment below.

Basically gems are randomly dropped, or bought off the merchant. They add bonuses depending on the socket they’re attached into. An item can have zero, one, or two sockets depending on the item type. You can freely reroll these until you find the desired socket type and number.

Generally speaking any stat that you might want is within the basic gem pile. The basic gem pile has one gem that focuses on each element, and one general non-elemental gem (Amethyst). Also, there are unique and powerful gems that aren’t part of the basic pile.

Gems are deceptively powerful, especially in the late game. Each socket is probably on par with a non-keystone passive point!

All about Sockets!

Sockets in Wolcen come with a main socket type and subtype. “Offensive”, “Defensive”, and “Support”, ranging from I to III for 9 possible socket types.

As mentioned earlier – don’t worry. You can ADD sockets to an item without any, you can REROLL THE NUMBER AND TYPE of sockets too.

Keep in mind, however not every type of item can get every type of socket! And some items cannot have sockets at all!

What item types have sockets – and what kind of sockets do they have?

Item Type Sockets Type Max Sockets
Helmet Defensive 2
Chest Armor Defensive 3
Leg Armor Defensive 2
Rings Support 1
Amulet Support 1
Belt Support 1
Weapon Offensive 3
Shield Support / Defensive 3
Catalyst Support / Defensive 3
Boots None 0
Gloves None 0
Shoulders None 0

We’ll be adding more to this in the coming days, but that’s the gist of Gems and Sockets in Wolcen. It’s a flexible and powerful customization tool that you should maximize!


  1. I would be interested in knowing is there any correlation with the gear color/ rarity/ quality with the number of slots that will show on rerolls? As I have had 3 slots pop in an orange chest but no matter the rerolls only 1 on my red.


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