Hello there! Here, we discuss the Passive Skill Tree System in Wolcen. It’s definitely a welcome level of depth for customization, but not woo overwhelming (looking at you, PoE). And, lemme assuage your fears as early as now – respeccing your tree IS NOT backbreaking in Wolcen.

If you’re looking to learn about the “Active Skills System”, it’s discussed in another guide. Also, specific builds are something we will be writing about soon.

Wolcen Passive Skill Tree Basics & FAQ

Well, let’s start the party with some FAQ’s which address the basics!

How do I earn new passive skills? Each level up – one passive skill point is earned. This is the primary way to obtain them, with two additional skill points that can be unlocked later on through the Champion of Stormfall game mode.

Can you respec / reset / reallocate passive skills? Yes. The passive skill tree can be reset using Primordial Affinity. The reset cost is 25 primordial affinity x character level. Don’t worry, the respec process is not brutal at ALL.

Are there classes in Wolcen? No, but when you hear people talk about classes in Wolcen – they’re refering to the “class” where the passive skill belongs to, I suppose for the sake of ease of use, each segment comes with a “class name”.

What are the large nodes? These “Keystone” nodes are unique passives that have more of an impact in your overall build, and are usually vastly more powerful than a small node. Maximizing synergies on these keystone nodes are the hallmark of a great build.

What are the rings on the passive skill tree? Wolcen’s passive skill system is unique – It’s split into three parts: The Inner, Middle and Outer ring. Each of these parts can be rotated individually, greatly increasing the potential for build customization.

Do isolated passive skills work? For a passive skill to work, it has to be connected to other enabled passive skills in the inner ring. So no, your dreams of allocating on the outer ring then rotating won’t work if it isn’t connected to the “heart” – yeah, we tried it….

Other notes and things you should know…

Since you can’t really “mess up” your build permanently, it’s pretty easy to experiment or even transition your build. Transitioning is something a lot of newer players should do, or even experienced players should consider. For example going with a “Easy to level, general build” then transitioning into a more specific “Endgame unique centric” build…

Primordial Affinity, the currency used to respec, is obtained via duplicate skill learning. I suppose you can buy dupes on purpose from the merchant if you’re desparate.

Hopefully this tiny guide help answer your questions regarding the Passive Skill Tree in Wolcen – As we learn more we will be adding to this guide so stay tuned!

Good luck with your “rotations”, and don’t stay up too late theorycrafting!


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