In this short but sweet guide (at least for now) we talk all about Stats and Attributes in Wolcen. “How to spend stat points!”, well, hopefully we can help you with that after you read through this.

Can I respec / reset / reallocate stat points in Wolcen? Yes, you can. It isn’t that troublesome to do it either. Is that a sigh of relief?

How stats work in Wolcen

 No matter what stats you choose, you get a % damage bonus for each stat point INVESTED (or found on gear), depending on how much you have, in order.

Here’s a practical example, let’s say you have these stat points.

  • 7 Toughness – gives 2.5% bonus (5 points invested, 0.5% per point)
  • 6 Agility – gives 1.6% bonus (4 points invested, 0.4% per point)
  • 5 Ferocity – gives 0.9% bonus (3 points invested, 0.3% per point)
  • 4 Wisdom – gives 0.4% bonus (2 point invested, 0.2% per point)

Since base stats are excluded from this calculation – you gain 0.5%/0.4%/0.3%/0.2% bonus damage from your primary / secondary / tertiary / quaternary stats per point invested.

Now before you ask wether you should spread or dump into one stat – that one depends on the build you choose, we can get into the detail in the future… But having toughness in the mix is never bad.


How to spend stat points in Wolcen

Disclaimer: the optimal way to spend stat point purely depends on the build you’re going for. I can imagine many builds which use a combination of 1/2/3 stats. But if you’re here for advice…

Pick a stat where you’ll invest most in. You’ll almost always want a primary stat that’s a little higher than the rest. Most builds need to deal damage to progress so you’ll either want to focus on Ferocity, Agility or Wisdom. Needless to say there ARE Toughness focused builds.

Have toughness as a secondary stat if you’re not sure. You can never go wrong with it. It still gives you damage, and it may be better than another DPS stat if your build isn’t mature enough to maximize it.

You’ll need to be damn sure before you focus on more than TWO dps stats.
Most builds will have a very specific pair of stats they scale with. 

While it’s hard to recommend what stats you should go for exactly, I can surely tell you what NOT to do. Do not invest in all 4, that’s suboptimal no matter what…

This sounds crazy, but if you’re absolutely confused and are a newbie…
You can freely dump stats into toughness
and not even feel bad It still gives damage!
Just respec it later one you learn a little more! 

Wolcens Stats & Effects

Thankfully the character sheet is very intuitive… Each stat details how they affect your character. You can preview the changes as you allocate them, on the right.


affects both Attack and Spell Critical Chance Score. A great DPS stat. Value highly if you’re reliant on Crit synergies.


affects both Health and Force Shield. While most elitists will tell you, “Toughness is useless”! Most people would benefit from at least a tertiary toughness investment – as I see no point in investing in all three DPS stats.


affects both Attack and Spell Speed Score. Great stat for builds that stack effects or have on-hit proc effects. Never a bad stat to have as shortening animations on some skills is pretty good.


affects both Attack and Spell Status Ailment Score. The most “niche” of the DPS stats, I suppose. While I’m not an expert on Wolcens systems as a whole yet… take this stat if you have a lot of Ailment synergies.

Generally speaking most offensive builds can thrive from two stats. Either Ferocity+Agility, Agility+Wisdom, or Wisdom+Agility. Anyone can use a bit of toughness.


Well, that’s it for now regarding the Wolcen stat system. As we learn more we’ll put it up here. Specific builds won’t be part of this page but we will get into that sometime in the future!


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