Hey guys! Welcome to our Barbarian Leveling Guide! If you need to reach max level Barb (without being PL’d) – look no further! The Rend leveling build is one of the strongest in the entire game and you will have no problem ROLLING through to 70.

I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU OPEN our D3 Leveling Process (all classes). It answers the usual leveling questions. “Leoric’s?” “Grinding?” There’s a ton of supplemental info there.

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Barbarian Leveling: FULL BUILD per Level

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Lvl LR1234
1Passive 1-Passive 2-Passive 3-
2SkillBashHammer of the A.----
2Passive 1-Passive 2-Passive 3-
3SkillBashHammer of the A.----
3Passive 1-Passive 2-Passive 3-
4SkillBashHammer of the A.Ground Stomp---
4Passive 1-Passive 2-Passive 3-
5SkillBashRendGround Stomp---
5Passive 1-Passive 2-Passive 3-
6SkillBashRendGround Stomp---
6Passive 1-Passive 2-Passive 3-
7SkillBashRendGround Stomp---
7Passive 1-Passive 2-Passive 3-
8SkillBashRendGround Stomp---
8Passive 1-Passive 2-Passive 3-
9SkillCleaveRendGround StompOverpower--
9Passive 1-Passive 2-Passive 3-
10SkillCleaveRendGround StompOverpower--
10Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2-Passive 3-
11SkillCleaveRendGround StompOverpower--
11Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2-Passive 3-
12SkillCleaveRendGround StompOverpower--
12RuneRuptureRavageDeaf. Crash---
12Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2-Passive 3-
13Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2-Passive 3-
14SkillCleaveRendRevengeOverpowerThreat. Shout-
14Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2-Passive 3-
15SkillCleaveRendRevengeOverpowerThreat. Shout-
15RuneRuptureRavage-Storm of Steel--
15Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2-Passive 3-
16SkillCleaveRendRevengeOverpowerThreat. Shout-
16RuneRuptureRavage-Storm of Steel--
16Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2-Passive 3-
17SkillFrenzyRendRevengeOverpowerThreat. Shout-
17RuneSidearmRavage-Storm of Steel--
17Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2-Passive 3-
18SkillFrenzyRendRevengeOverpowerThreat. Shout-
18RuneSidearmRavage-Storm of Steel--
18Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2-Passive 3-
19SkillFrenzyRendRevengeOverpowerThreat. ShoutEarthquake
19RuneSidearmRavageBlood LawStorm of Steel-
19Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2-Passive 3-
20SkillFrenzyRendRevengeOverpowerThreat. ShoutEarthquake
20RuneSidearmRavageBlood LawStorm of Steel--
20Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3-
21SkillFrenzyRendRevengeOverpowerThreat. ShoutEarthquake
21RuneSidearmRavageBlood LawStorm of Steel--
21Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3-
22SkillFrenzyRendRevengeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
22RuneSidearmRavageBlood Law---
22Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3-
23SkillFrenzyRendRevengeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
23RuneSidearmRavageBlood Law-Intimidate-
23Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3-
24SkillFrenzyRendRevengeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
24RuneSidearmRavageBlood Law-IntimidateGiant's Stride
24Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3-
25SkillFrenzyRendRevengeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
25RuneSidearmRavageBlood Law-IntimidateGiant's Stride
25Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3-
26SkillFrenzyRendRevengeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
26RuneSidearmRavageBlood LawMarauder's R.IntimidateGiant's Stride
26Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3-
27SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
27RuneSidearmRavageBattering RamMarauder's R.IntimidateGiant's Stride
27Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3-
28SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
28RuneSidearmRavageBattering RamMarauder's R.FalterGiant's Stride
28Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3-
29SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
29RuneSidearmRavageBattering RamMarauder's R.FalterGiant's Stride
29Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3-
30SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
30RuneSidearmRavageBattering RamMarauder's R.FalterGiant's Stride
30Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
31SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
31RuneSidearmRavageBattering RamFerocityFalterGiant's Stride
31Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
32SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
32RuneSidearmRavageBattering RamFerocityFalterGiant's Stride
32Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
33SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
33RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant's Stride
33Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
34SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
34RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant's Stride
34Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
35SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
35RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant's Stride
35Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
36SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
36RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant's Stride
36Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
37SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
37RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant's Stride
37Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
38SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
38RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant's Stride
38Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
39SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
39RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
39Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
40SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
40RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
40Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
41SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
41RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
41Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
42SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
42RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
42Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
43SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
43RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
43Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
44SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
44RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
44Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
45SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
45RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
45Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
46SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
46RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
46Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
47SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
47RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
47Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
48SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
48RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
48Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
49SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
49RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
49Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
50SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
50RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
50Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
51SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
51RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
51Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
52SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
52RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
52Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
53SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
53RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
53Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
54SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
54RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
54Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
55SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
55RuneSidearmRavageMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
55Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
56SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
56RuneSidearmBloodbathMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
56Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
57SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
57RuneSidearmBloodbathMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
57Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
58SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
58RuneSidearmBloodbathMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
58Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
59SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
59RuneSidearmBloodbathMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
59Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
60SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
60RuneSidearmBloodbathMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
60Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
61SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
61RuneSidearmBloodbathMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
61Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
62SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
62RuneSidearmBloodbathMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
62Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
63SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
63RuneSidearmBloodbathMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
63Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
64SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
64RuneSidearmBloodbathMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
64Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
65SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
65RuneSidearmBloodbathMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
65Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
66SkillFrenzyRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
66RuneSidearmBloodbathMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
66Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
67SkillRuthlessRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
67RuneFrenzyBloodbathMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
67Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
68SkillRuthlessRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
68RuneFrenzyBloodbathMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
68Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
69SkillRuthlessRendFurious ChargeBattle RageThreat. ShoutEarthquake
69RuneFrenzyBloodbathMerciless A.FerocityFalterGiant / Mount.
69Passive 1RuthlessPassive 2Weap. MasterPassive 3Inspiring Pres.
70Done!!!See >>>F70 Barbarian
Help! I can't use those skills because they're from the same category! Turn On Elective Mode

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Barbarian Leveling: Skills & Reminders Summary

This build is for REND / Furious Charge: If you’re a less experienced barb you might wanna sub out Rend for Seismic Slam – will be putting a separate table for that soon!

LvlSlotSkill & Notes
0!!!*SEE: D3 Leveling Process if you're confused.
*Start Adventure mode in HARD.
*Follower: Hire Templar, then steal his weapon!
1(L)Bash (auto)
2(R)Hammer of the Ancients (auto)
4(1)Ground Stomp (auto)
6(L)Bash - Frostbite
8!!!Craft a 2-handed axe and check back often!
9(L)Cleave - Rupture
11(R)Rend - Ravage
12(1)Ground Stomp - Deafening Crash
14(3)Threatening Shout
15(2)Overpower - Storm of Steel
16!!!Craft a 2-handed axe and check back often!
17(L)Frenzy - Sidearm
19(1)Revenge - Blood Law
20(P2)Weapons Master
22(2)Battle Rage
23(3)Threatening Shout - Intimidate
24(4)Earthquake - Giant's Stride
26(2)Battle Rage - Marauders Rage
27(1)Furious Charge - Battering Ram
28(3)Threatening Shout - Falter
30(P3)Inspiring Presence
31(2)Battle Rage - Ferocity
33(1)Furious Charge - Merciless Assault
33!!!Build is "final" at this point!
(L): Frenzy - Sidearm
(R): Rend - Ravage
(1): Furious Charge - Merciless Assault
(2): Battle Rage - Ferocity
(3): Threatening Shout - Falter
(4): Earthquake - Giant's Stride
(P1): Ruthless
{P2): Weapons Master
(P3): Inspiring Presence
56(R)Rend - Bloodbath
61!!!*craft level 61 items! 2H AXE is most impt! L61 items are FAR better!

Help! I can't use those skills! (Turn On Elective Mode)



Barbarian Leveling & Leoric’s Crown – When, and is it worth it?

Review our D3 Leveling Process (all classes) for more notes on this. Summary:

Still worth it || You must be minimum L16 (to be safe)
You must beat him in Campaign Mode || You must not have beaten him previously

Barb is a pretty intense leveling class. I’d say there’s no loss going for Leoric’s. But the more experienced you are, and fast – it’s hard to get massive gains from it. Either way, I do it as a change of pace and to relax a bit.

I would try it at around level 21 – Unlocking Furious Charge. Make a funny speed build utilizing Furious Charge, Leap, and Sprint (Rend guys you pass through). Haha. Pure Value. Prioritize moving forward, don’t get sidetracked by far-off dudes!

I really dislike opening your season by going Campaign and switching right before Leoric. Imagine going through all of that without mobility skills!

Barbarian: Leveling Notes

Playing the Build

Rend is unbelievably powerful!!!! REND AND MOVE ON” Should be your mantra! The only downside is you may or may not be there for the loot drops, haha.

Frenzy is a powerful filler – most builds eschew Rend but I find that choice STUPID. Rend trivializes the weak point of the build – killing Elites. Rend is slow vs elites and Frenzy basically doubles or triples your DPS to them instead of “waiting”.

Inspiring Presence is the defensive cornerstone of the build. It provides a godlike amount of self-healing that more than makes up for any defensive needs you have – allowing the rest of your build to be allocated for pure DAMAGE.

Furious Charge while not the best dashing skill in the game – Merciless Assault is downright abusive. Use often against larger packs of enemies for infinite fury and damage. Learn this now, chances are you’ll be using this sometime in your Barb career.

Earthquake is a powerful cooldown that you should be saving for elite packs (much more noticeable for YELLOWS). While many of the runes increase its firepower, Giant’s Stride is the recommended rune but many of them are viableThe Mountain’s Call is halves its CD so you can burst more often.

Berserker Rage cheap, free passive damage. A staple skill for end-game or leveling. It’s basic advice but take it to heart – DON’T LET IT FALL OFF!


Basically change up Seismic Slam in for Rend, and Frenzy to Weapon Throw!

“Spam War Cry, Quake elites, Furious Charge clumps – profit”

Quite different from the usual Rend/FC leveling builds, huh? Still, this build doesn’t slack off. While the kit looks strange upfront – it makes up for it using PURE POWER and relative safety. Also, it plays a lot more relaxed to the usual Rend/FC builds.

Seismic Slam: “Big AoE & Big Damage”. The only downside being the large Fury cost. This skill is so basic I’m having a hard time describing it. That’s a good thing.

Weapon Throw-Ricochet is too good to pass up while leveling. Brainless, XXX guys get hit and you’re safe at range… seriously.

Fighting Bosses? The bounty super bosses are kinda chunky and time-consuming. Use Hammer of the Ancients (Smash) over Seismic Slam.


Followers – Hire them!

Hire your Templar while you level up! Templar does most of the healing for you while you trash enemies. Choose all the left skills to fully maximize Templar’s support power.

Crafted Weapons

Craft a blue 2H axe at level 8 and once you get to level 16, craft the best 2H yellow axe you can. The damage boost from this is huge. Occasionally check Blacksmith if there’s a new craftable weapon available. Don’t forget to upgrade him as soon as you can.

At level 61 it is IMPORTANT you craft a new weapon since the stat difference is gigantic compared to pre-60 weapons. Do this for your armor, too.

Barbarian: Gems while Leveling up

Ruby (red) gems FOR ALL SLOTS. Try to combine them as much as possible as it’s the best gem to put in BOTH your Helmet and Weapon during the leveling up phase. Any other slot (body, legs, accessories) should still have rubies since it gives +STR.

Fresh 70 Barbarian, now what?

Grats on Level 70 Barbarian! Get hyped since the end-game is just beginning! Just a quick reminder though, craft a level 70 2-handed Mighty Weapon and gear before anything!

>>> Fresh Level 70 Barbarian Guide <<<

We recommend you check that out so you won’t have a hard time at L70+!

Click on our D3 Directory Guide for more Barb resources.

Barbarian Leveling – Quick Navigation:
Leveling BuildSummary | Leoric’s Crown?Notes | Fresh Level 70!

We hope our Barbarian Leveling Guide has guided your hand.  

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