Aiming for sub 3 minute rifts? Well our Wizard Speed Farming Guide is a place to start! We discuss here skills, items and passives to help with Wiz speed builds.

Why not discuss the best build? It’s always a great skill to know how to convert any setup to be as speedy as possible. All the best Wizard items just don’t materialize in your inventory in the early or mid-game, right? Even later on, when speed leveling gems, knowing how to best edit your build for speeds is a crucial time saver.

Please see: D3 General Speedfarming.

This guide assumes you’ve read:
D3 Speedfarming for any class

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Wizard Speedfarming Skills

Teleport-Wormhole is the basic Mobility skill, and while Wormhole is the most mobile build, no Wizard would leave home without Teleport!

Storm Armor-Scramble is an oft forgotten movement speed increase for Wizards that practically has a 100% uptime. A brainless bonus any speed build can consider.

Diamond Skin-Sleek Shell is one of those niche movement skills that needs a lot of setup to be “consistently usable”, but we’ll list it down here anyway.

Shielding skills (and passives) discussed in next section are somehow related to speed.

Wizards aren’t known for Mobility, and the above list reflects that. THREE Mobility-centric skill/runes is really thin compared to a lot of classes.

Wizard Speedfarming Passives

EvocationReduces all cooldowns by 20% – Teleport comes to mind.

Okay, strangely there’s not a single passive that’s DIRECTLY related to Speed or Mobility. The above mentioned Evocation is the closest thing. There are some “notable” ones.

Shielding Passives (and Skills): allows for some skullduggery like Krelm’s Belt, Pride’s Fall, Shi Mizu’s Haori… So I guess I’ll list down the shields here:

No other passives directly help with with Mobility and speedfarming. Use the best DPS passives for your build, after the above recommendations.

  • Glass Cannon is always on so it’s considerable.
  • Audacity is good if your build permits.
  • Unwavering Will is best overall but might be on for speedrunning.
  • After these, use passives suited to your build (IE Arcane Dynamo, Element passives…)

Other passives would likely fall under “Build Specific”, “Defense” or “Utility”.


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Wizard Speedfarming Items

Aether Walker is the foremost mobility item for Wiz. Great for bounties especially. Keep in mind you can just swap it in and out before fighting if you’re traveling far. Of course, you’re gonna need some AP regen for more spamming.

In-geom for Wizards? Has a lot of good applications (with a little CDR…) Teleport, Explosive Blast, Diamond Skin

Reaper’s Wraps is especially useful for early game Wizards trying to speed up their clears. There are some builds where this is almost mandatory, like making a speedy version of Delsere’s + Energy Twister.

Note on Wizard Speedfarming

Oh man, I really wish I could write more… While Wizard have only a FEW TOOLS to speedfarm, they use them in extremely efficient setups… The downside is these builds are finely tuned, and there’s little you can do as a “weaker” Wizard to make your builds faster.

That said, these clever combinations result in very speedy (albeit unconventional) builds.

You might want to check out our Wizard Fresh 70 guide for the items you should be looking for.



Wizard Speedfarming Builds for each Set

Here, I’ll be adding a quick build for each set. These aren’t extensive but it should give you a good idea how to setup a speedy Wiz for each set.


Tal Rasha

This guide assumes you’ve read:
D3 Speedfarming for any class

Wizard Speed farming: Navigation
Skills | Passives | Items | Set Builds

I know we still need to update the Wizard guides, but just for the heck of it, you can check the Set Dungeon guides we have.

Good luck charging, leaping and ultimately obliterating your enemies with any Wiz speed farming build you choose. The class has always been known for its speed and efficiency in trashing lower level content!

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