If you’re here, I’m gonna go ahead and assume you wanna learn a little more about the Gargoyles Maze in Divinity: Original Sin 2. First, a summary!

Dos2 Gargoyles Maze Guide: Summary | Interactive Map | Guide & Strategy

Gargoyle’s Maze Quick Summary:

  • Gargoyle Head is in the main gate, you can’t “mess it up”. Don’t worry.
  • You need to get 6 Crumbling Skulls.
  • Fulfilling that gives the “best” reward upon entering Tower of Braccus Rex.
  • Note: The pressure plate “reveals” the skulls.
Discplaimer: This definitely ain't the only way!

Our goal is to fulfill the maximum requirements (Skulls and Plates), while also unlocking all the doors in such a way that it isn’t ever a hassle coming in again.

Gargoyles Maze Map – Interactive

I numbered the rooms “chronologically” but, in summary we’re going:
Room 1 > 2 > 3A >3B > Freedom > 4 > 5

I advise having another copy of this guide open in a new tab so you can easily switch to this map when you need it as you read.


Gargoyles Maze Guide & Strategy

In short, 1 Skull unlocks 1 Gate. You can’t “horrifically” mess up, but here is, personally, the best possible outcome you can ask for.

Gargoyle Head at the Entrance
Room 1
Room 1
Room 3A
Room 3B
Room 4
Room 5

With this you have unlocked a STRAIGHT NO TRAP NO PORTAL PATH from the entrance all the way to the Tower of Braccus Rex. If you use the skulls in a weird order, you may be left with the “hassle paths”. It’s the little things that count!

Speaking to the Gargoyle Head above the entrance to the Tower of Braccus Rex rewards you in accordance to how many skulls you got. Luckily you read this, and you were rewarded handsomely.

And with that, that’s it! Hopefully our Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Gargoyles Maze Guide helped you out, because I hated going to and fro from this place in my first run due to having to pass by the “hassle room”.

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