Season 15 | 2.6.1 Roland’s Legacy Set Dungeon (Build, Mastery)

Beating Roland's Legacy Set Dungeon: info on Build, Map and Tips to clear and MASTER the Roland's Legacy set dungeon!

Season 15 | 2.6.1 Thorns of the Invoker Set Dungeon (Build, Mastery)

Beating Thorns of the Invoker Set Dungeon: info on Build, Map and Tips to clear and MASTER the Invoker set dungeon!

Diablo 3 Speed Farming General Guide & Protips (ANY CLASS & BUILD)

D3 Speedfarming made easy - tips and tricks for any class to speedfarm like a pro! Doesn't need a fancy full-set of ancients!

S15 | 2.6.1 Crusader Speed Farming Builds (Best, Fastest)

Hello! In this guide we discuss (seasonally updated) what's the best or fastest speed farming build and for Crusader! The only truly viable builds are Thorns Based (Akkhan+Norvald Thorns,...

D3 Crusader Fresh Level 70 Guide S16 | 2.6.4

Fresh Level 70 Crusader Skills, Build, Items - all you need to know to bridge the gap to godliness!

Season 12 | 2.6.1 Seeker of the Light Builds Guide

All you need to know about the Crusader set Seeker of the Light! Build, Skills, Items, Rerolls and more!

ZDPS Support Crusader Build & FAQ

All you need to know about Support Crusaders in Diablo 3. Builds, Rerolls, Stat Priority and more!

Season 11 | 2.6 Akkhan’s Build Guide

Hello and welcome to our Armor of Akkhan Build Guide! We show you the "Standard" build, along with options, evolution and variations to help you smooth your builds out. Crusader: Armor of Akkhan Standard...

Season 15 | 2.6.1 Crusader’s Roland’s Legacy Builds Guide

Here's our Roland's Legacy Set Builds Guide. As you may have noticed, Roland's has two main build paths - Shield Bash and Sweep Attack. Each build has a few slots not...

D3 Crusader Leveling Guide S16 | 2.6.4

Hey guys, thanks for checking out our Crusader Leveling Guide! Crusaders have a bad reputation for slow leveling - but this isn't the case! Crusaders have an extremely good leveling speed...
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