Ever wondered how a mortal battle between man and fish takes place? This guide is all about how to complete the FFXV sidequest, and catch the namesake fish, “Liege of the Lake“, or its real name – the Noble Arapaima. Also, don’t worry, you can re-do the event.

First off, let’s list down the basics:

Fish: Noble Arapaima (Liege of the Lake)
Locale: The Vesperpools – East Bank
Time: Dawn
Lure: Giant Needle 10,000 – Gold Gigantuar
Prize: Arapaima Scales
Mini map: Blue – Circled
Appearance: Long slender body, small head.

After Liege of the Lake, you can catch Noble Arapaima using the same hole & methods.

Where to buy Giant Needle 10,000? This fishing hole has a shop right beside it… Yep, right there. Convenient ain’t it?

Can Liege of the Lake only be caught at Dawn!? Yes, but again, if you’re on this quest TIME STOPS TO BE FOREVER AT DAWN until you quit fishing.

What does Noble Arapaima look like? In the mini map, it’s Blue, Circled and Shiny. To make sure you’re reeling in the right fish – it’s a long fish with a small head. It DOES NOT have a long snout like the Vesper Gar, which you can also catch here. (Got a vid down there).

Liege of the Lake rewards worth it? Big Blaze Bahamut is a lure you get for your troubles. It’s pretty good, and according to the in-game description it works well against many, if not all, fish. Actual effectiveness? I can’t really tell. Comes back when eaten!

Any tips on how to catch a Noble Arapaima? Unless you wanna hassle yourself, use the best lines, lures and reels – the ones you buy in the nearby shop are good enough. It’s mostly a tiring fish to catch. It has a ton of stamina, but doesn’t threaten to break your line with random movements so much. Check the video out.

It also goes without saying, higher fishing level = better chances.


Basic questions: Unlocking the sidequest, etc

Triggering the event: If for some reason the event doesn’t trigger, your fishing level probably isn’t high enough. There’s no way for me to turn back time and verify this…

Is Vesperpools – East Bank the only (or best?) place to catch Liege of the Lake? Yes. If you’re in this quest then this is the only way you will encounter Liege of the Lake. It is only after this quest that you can catch Noble Arapaima freely.

Where is Vesperpools – East Bank? No need to worry about the location… it’s just north of where you triggered the event. If you get lost, I have some bad news for you…

If it’s not loading – use the link on YouTube – Noble Arapaima Catch.

Purposes of completing / catching Liege of the Lake?

  • Big Blaze Bahamut lure, which should be pretty good. It comes back if you lose it!
  • Fishing (and Sidequest) Completion.
  • Unlocks Noble Arapaima in the same hole.
  • Gets rid of the damn cutscene each time you sleep in the camp.

Well, good luck bagging the Liege of the Lake!

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  1. This quest is utter bullshit.. it’s switches back-and-forth so damn much and fast that you can’t reel AT ALL and when you do start reeling IMMEDIATELY it switches directions and goes immediately to red tension


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