Hey, guys! This is just a really quick guide about Delivery Quests in Monster Hunter World. While you’re likely here due to “Getting Yolked in the Forest” – I can summarize this page by saying “Pro Transporter” and “Ghillie Mantle”.

MHW Delivery Quests: FAQ & Protips

  • Pro Transporter (Armor Skill): Is the single best thing you can do for yourself when taking on a delivery quest in MHW. It allows you to be quicker while carrying these heavy items. The cheapest way to get this is crafting the LOW RANK KULU YA KU GLOVES
  • Ghillie Mantle: Cheesy, I know. Equipping the Ghillie Mantle basically negates any “challenge” these quests pose. The monsters that chase you SIMPLY WON’T.

The above two items are the “must haves”.
They apply to all delivery quests!

  • How does it work? Pick up the item, go to camp, and put it in the supply box. 
  • “Running out of stamina” can occur even without a bar… I dropped the payload once and the resting animation triggered. Since then, I try to rest every so often by not sprinting. Eat any food buff for stamina.
  • You can climb vines and slide – the only thing I’m unclear of is long downward jumps…

Getting Yolked in the Forest

It’s likely you ended up here due to this quest. Here’s the rundown.

  • Start at the Ancient Forest Camp (17). Unlock it if you haven’t.
  • The Wyvern Egg is at the “dragon roost” nearby, Area 16.
  • Other people oddly try to submit at other camps. The shortest route is simply a “U-TURN” back to Ancient Forest Camp – BUT NOT THE SAME WAY YOU CAME FROM as you cannot crawl. 
  • Before picking up the Wyvern Egg, set your navigation scoutflies to track the Ancient Forest Camp (17), then equip the Ghillie Mantle.
  • Pick up the egg and do the long slide down on the west.
  • Continue forward and your scoutflies will readjust soon enough. Go through the “vine wall” and you’re home free!
  • Submit the egg, wait for Ghillie Mantle cooldown then repeat.

Other Delivery quests?

I suppose I could make a short write up about the others in the near future, but I’m going to go out on a limb and assume most questions were answered with this short post. None the less, I’ll complete this soon enough.

That’s about it for protips on Delivery Quests in Monster Hunter World! Pro Transporter and Ghillie Mantle are, literally, all you need.

Good luck finishing those deliveries – check out our other MHW Guides!

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