MHW Walkthrough Pt. 2 – High Rank (6*+)

Continuing on from the low rank! Congrats on getting here!  If you somehow got lost and ended up here:

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Reminders from the previous page

We stopped in the previous page at “Invader in the Waste“, the intro high rank quest to kill an HR Pukei-Pukei.

As I stated previously, take this time to complete key low rank sidequests and keep in mind the “basic step 1 high rank armor set

High Rank basic armor set:
Helm: Bone B | Body: Bone a | Glove: Alloy a
Legs: Jagras B | Boots: Alloy a | Charm: Attack

Slot the free Attack Decoration you get as well!

Search for ??? Rathian Tracks

This is the first time you’ll encounter this kind of quest. It basically involves search maps (in this case, all maps can have ’em) for tracks and clues of the “??? Rathian“. Filling up the bar to certain levels progress your quest.

The armor skill: SCHOLAR
Actually speeds up how much the bar fills!
(Cheapest: Hunters Helm a/B)

Search for ??? Rathian Tracks

So this is an “open” quest which gives you some free time to do “whatever you want” until you fill up the bar. Here’s what I suggest.

  • FARM YOUR BASIC HIGH RANK ARMOR SET: Just like in low-rank, you need a reliable, cheap, powerful workhorse of an armor set to carry you with minimal investment. For me, it’s this –

Basic of the basic High Rank starter armor set

  • Complete high rank side-quests is the next. You’ll unlocks quite a few 6*+ sidequests – knock ’em out.
  • Go on high rank expeditions and try to kill every type of monster so you “unlock” their armor at the workshop.

If you’re “satisfied”, you can speed up the progress of “??? Tracks” by equipping armor with the Scholar Skill – most easily found in Hunter’s Helm a or B.

At 75% ish bar completion, return to base and talk to the Ecological Research Team to progress.

Assigned Quest 6* – Tickled Pink

Assigned Quest 6* - Tickled Pink
  • Hunt a High Rank Anjanath

Same old dino, but stronger. Anjanath is notorious for chain CC and the fire laser beam will definitely one-shot you.

Sever tail, break his face, and git gud. Nothing really new.

Assigned Quest 7* Old World Monster in the New World

Assigned Quest 7* Old World Monster in the New World
  • Hunt a Pink Rathian

This one’s a bit weird for me. It’s a little stronger than a high rank Rathian, but correct me if I’m wrong but I didn’t notice any significant changes in attack patterns.

Same old story with normal Rathian then:

  • Sever tail massively reduces tail attack threat.
  • Break face causes fireball misfires.
  • Break wings

7* Quests unlocked, and a new armor upgrade level!

Rath Heart legs give Handicraft, which is a pretty decent skill – it improves overall sharpness and depending on level, may even upgrade it to the next sharpness tier. It’s a viable choice since my current recommendation is Jagras which gives Fortify – an arguably optional skill.

Expedition: Head to the Everstream

Expedition: Head to the Everstream

After zoning in and a few story events – You discover the name of the place: The Elder’s Recess.

Do not bother tryhard gathering during your first visit here.
The drop rate seem oddly nerfed in this quest. I got zero Fucium Ore and 1 Brutal Bone.

  • Sight all monsters in the Elder’s Recess

The quest then requires you to discover each of the creatures here. (This is a little untrue since there’s quite a few more) Namely Dodogama, Lavasioth, and Uragaan. They all have a set spawn point in this quest.

  • Dodogama (the cutest!) : Head left and down from camp – Area 8.
  • Lavasioth : Lava area further down from Dodogama – Area 11.
  • Uragaan : just keep going N of camp at Area 2.
  • Your other objective is “Search for traces of Nergigante in the Elder’s Recess”.

DO NOT TRY TO COMPLETE THIS RIGHT NOW – it’s no value. Simply go back to base after discovering these guys and take on Elder’s Recess sidequests.

There are a couple Elder Recess Sidequests that unlock which involves killing “non-threatening animals” – you can easily search for clues with those quests. You can also take the sidequest to kill Dodogama as he’s the chumpiest of the monsters here. 

Along the line, you want to farm a bit of ore and bone from here.

I’ll type this out in full as this is the first “real challenge” for many players.

Assigned Quest 8* A Wound and a Thirst

Objective: “Defeat Nergigante

FIRST OF ALL – TAKE YOUR TIME. There are a few things you can do before fighting Nergigante. By all means, try to fight him right now to “gauge” where you’re at.

Check the section below In-between activities to
see what you can do to progress in other ways.

Maybe I should write a mini-guide on beating Nergigante, but for now here are some tips:

  • Nergigante is unbelievably aggressive – but his HP isn’t that high.
  • The spikes that grow from his body are all WEAKPOINTS. His tail is severable and horns are breakable too.
  • If you ignore the spikes – they become black. Once they are black, they are no longer weak points and instead DEFLECT your attacks. His attacks also become more powerful the more hardened he is.
  • At a certain hardened spike threshold, he will do a superdive and it will 100% kill you if you don’t dodge it. I’m not kidding – you will die.

Nergigante’s mechanic PUNISHES cowardly play.
You have to find a balance between breaking spikes and avoiding his non-stop attacks.
Use every tool in your disposal.

Beating Nergigante for the first time somehow gives you this feeling that you’ve advanced as a hunter. Good luck.

After beating Nergigante – you can now also craft the Dragonking Eyepatch which is one of the best pieces of gear in the game, as every hunter should own one (for the sake of mix and matching).

Investigate Three Elder Dragon Tracks

Investigate Three Elder Dragon Tracks

Basically another “long form” quest – feel free to do “catching up” WHILE trying to complete this. If you wanna rush this, simply go on an expedition and wander around to get clues.

  • Ancient ForestKushala Daora
  • Wildspire WasteTeostra
  • Rotten ValeVaal Hazak

In-between activities

During the Nergigante Quest, or the Elder Dragon quests , there’s alot you can do in the meantime.

Gear UpgradesWeakness ExploitOther GearBuffsSidequests

It’s all about the gear, ey?

Weapons: Having a great NON-ELEMENTAL-CENTRIC WEAPON is really important. Why? Having one strong weapon to beat anything is a great place to start, rather than having to struggle trying to upgrade different elemental weapons – of which you might not have even unlocked the “best” ones per element! You’ll never go wrong with an Elementless setup FIRST then mess around with heavy elemental builds after.

Armor: Upgrading them is a must – DON’T FEEL BAD UPGRADING (but not maxing out) items that will ultimately be temporary. Armor stones get more powerful and plentiful the more you play.

Looking for gear you can potentially use “forever”? check the next tabs.

Any and all gear with Weakness Exploit + other good skills or slots are immediately placed in the pool for “VIABLE ENDGAME GEAR” for mix and matching. Why? Weakness Exploit is THAT GOOD.

I will only list gear that you can realistically get “in the near future” given you’re reading this in the walkthrough.

 Armor  Type  Skill 1  #  Skill 2  #  Slots
 Rathalos B  Body  Weakness Exploit 2 S
 Teostra a  Hands  Weakness Exploit 2 S
 Teostra B  Hands  Weakness Exploit 1 B
 Dragonking a  Helm  Weakness Exploit 2 B
 Exploiter  Charm  Weakness Exploit 1 to 3

I would not mind owning any and all of these, for the sake of “freedom” while trying to reach Weakness Exploit III.

To add to the list of “great generic gear” you can get up to this point – while this may not be comprehensive, it’ll give you a good idea where to start.

Ingot B Hands (Health Boost II) is VALUE
if you’re getting 1 shot or dying often.

Here’s gear off the top of my head that I’d never be sad to own:

Armor Type Skill 1 # Skill 2 # Slots
 Death’s Stench B  Boots  Handicraft 2 SS
 Kushala B  Body  Handicraft 2 M
 Kushala B  Boots  Evade Extender 2 B
 Nergigante B  Gloves  Agitator 2 S
 Dober B  Body  Attack Boost 2 B
 Dober B  Boots  Attack Boost 2 S
 Ingot B  Gloves  Health Boost 2 S
 Damascus  Gloves  Handicraft 1 S
 Uragaan B  Legs  Partbreaker 1 MS

Again, not an absolute list, but if you ask “What makes great universal gear?” – it’s good all-around skills, and slot(s), with non-weapon specific skills. The list obviously expands when you have specific weapon must-haves.

Some of these you may not be using FOREVER, but you’ll never be sad to have options. A lot of people hate making “bridge gear” but there is a balance between crafting EVERYTHING and crafting some key value pieces. It’s all up to you.

Legiana 2 piece set bonus? (Good chance of increased quest rewards) IS NOT BAD IF you have a decent enough setup that equipping any 2 Legiana pieces will NOT affect your clear speed by a large margin. Personally, I crafted the entire Legiana B set. May not be a legitimate use of time NOW, but you’ll want to have it in the near future…


Finishing all the sidequests up to this point isn’t bad, as you don’t wanna lag on them. You may feel lazy but they’re totally worth it.

Elder Dragons: Quick info

Here’s a little rundown of each elder you’ll eventually run into:



Get ready yer Cool Drinks to prevent heat damage! Teostra loves hangin’ out in the lava area. They come from Chillshrooms.

Teostra protips:

  • Teostra does heavy fire damage and often applies the blast status.
  • Has the infamous “supernova” – use the “superman dive” or Flash Pod to avoid it – it WILL KILL YOU. (Superman Dive by sprinting AWAY from the monster and pressing dodge).

A lot of people hate fighting Teostra and you’ll soon see why. He has many attacks which simply fire off too fast and can be wildly unpredictable.

The upside? Its PHYSICAL ATTACKS aren’t that powerful and Teostra always leaves itself open to attacks. STAY BESIDE ITS HEAD – it’s the best place that’s worked for me so far.

The downside? Its FIRE ATTACKS ARE PURE BS. Any and all fire based damage Teostra will do to you will massively chunk you out or hassle you. You will burn A LOT.

Precision and patience is what beats Teostra. Don’t blindly walk into his “belly lava” or “ash traps”, and safe consistent DPS will win it out in the end.

While you can easily mitigate the challenges of this fight with high-tier gear choices and decorations – you have none of that right now.


Kushala Daora

Kushala protips:

  • I’m a bit unsure of Kushala’s elemental damage – Ice? Dragon? I’m leaning on Ice.
  • You can cheese Kushala by having Windproof 5 – as you’ll soon come to learn and HATE them.
  • Bring FLASH PODS and craft them mid combat with inventory FLASHBUGS. This is your single greatest tool against Kushala.

Kushala is downright MISERABLE with some weapon types. But no matter what you’re packing – FLASH PODS are the ultra counter to Kushala. Have a healthy supply of these guys PLUS bring along Flashbugs to craft them mid-fight. You can further this cheese by equipping the “Blindsider” skill from Tzitzi Headgear B (optional, but funny).

Flash Pods do so much against Kushala it’s funny. First of all, you ground it. Second of all, you NEGATE ALL ACTIVE WIND EFFECTS.

Blue Sharpness helps as Kushala is extremely hardened almost everywhere. Popular weakpoints are “where her body connects to her tail” and “face”.

Curiously, I tried to see if you can get Windproof 5 CHEAPLY – You can! If Kushala is really getting you down, here’s a cheapo anti Kushala set.

Vaal Hazak

Vaal Hazak

Vaal Hazak protips:

  • Vaal Hazak’s main mechanics are centered around two things.
    •  A constant DoT around him for most of the fight.
      • I haven’t tried it, but I’m wondering if Effluvia Expert skill does anything to mitigate this…
    • A debuff that builds up and finally reduces your HP by 50%.
      • The Effluvia Resistance skill STOPS this buildup completely.
  • As for its attacks, avoid ALL of his BREATH attacks – they will likely ONE SHOT YOU.
  • One of its moves, when it stands up and breaths downwards – it seems slow and weak but it actually kills. Focus on its tail during this point since you won’t have time to run if you’re doing body shots.
  • Thankfully, Vaal Hazak’s other moves aren’t that deadly.

Vaal Hazak is one of the most EASILY COUNTERED elders LATER ON when you have a lot of armor and decorations to choose from. But now?

Every person hates each elder dragon in their own way. I suppose it depends on the weapon you main. I can’t really advise you on what order to take them on first, but reading the above tips will help you.

Again, during your downtime read the In-between Activities section above to help you along your way and progress.

Assigned Quest 9* – Land of Convergence

Assigned Quest 9* - Land of Convergence
  • Hunt “???” (Xeno’Jiiva)

Xeno’Jiiva is a long and tedious fight – but thankfully, it’s a little less threatening than the average Elder Dragon.

His weakpoints are Tail, Forelegs, and Head. Breaking all these parts give you the best spread of loot so you might wanna get used to it. For some weapon types, directly attacking the head is not an option – so for most people the basic strat is focus on front legs > gets downed > head.

Xeno’Jiiva’s only deadly attacks are dragon element based. Any laser beam or explosion may outright kill you. The rest of his moves are plain fluff – he’s a bit of a punching bag.

Many of Xeno’Jiiva’s move are easily COUNTERED.

Dragon Breaths – bring his head low for easy head shots.

Standing Laser – SHOULD BE PUNISHED, destroy him while he does this for an instant “down state”!

Flying Xeno’Jiiva – fire off any basic slinger ammo and Xeno’Jiiva will fall! It’s kinda funny. YOU CANNOT FLASH POD IT.

99% of Xeno’Jiiva deaths are from “ground explosions”.

When it burrows into the ground – it will explode. I can’t really explain it but after a few attempts the tell is SUPER OBVIOUS. GTFO of this as this will KILL YOU. It also spreads random pockets of dragon energy that you should avoid.

It’s seriously

Completing Land of Convergence brings us to the first step into the “endgame”. I’ll add a page three to help you in that transition. But for now,


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