Hey guys! Welcome to our Demon Hunter Speedfarming Guide – which basically details the various build changes to your Demon Hunter to better facilitate speedfarming.

Why not discuss the best build? Well, the best build doesn’t just fall into your lap, doesn’t it? This guide covers the CONVERSION OF ANY SETUP to be AS SPEEDFARMY AS POSSIBLE. So you can have more efficient farming at any point in the game. However, we do also have the “best” speedfarmy build(s) per class as a separate guide.

Please see: D3 General Speedfarming Demon Hunter Fastest Speedfarm Build.

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D3 Speedfarming for any class

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Demon Hunter Speedfarming Skills

Vault-Tumble: is likely the most generic mobility DH skill around. And for good reason, not only does it cover ground fast, it’s relatively cheap. Most builds include it anyway (Speed or regular). Cindercoat + Trail of Cinders rune is a notable combo here.

Smoke ScreenDisplacement: Is actually not bad either, it feels a little more fluid. To be honest it’s a preference between these two. It feels like you travel quite a bit further than 2 Vaults, but the cost increase is significant.

Preparation: and its various runes can help you maintain Discipline – this directly helps you out with mobility! Restoring Discipline is an oft-forgotten aspect of DH speed builds. If your build can fit this in – it would be wise to do so.

Vengeance-Seethe: Is a must have for speedfarming, while I avoid mentioning DPS options in these guides it is notable due to this being the highest Hatred gain per second skill DH can use. This directly affects clear speed. Of course, used in tandem with Dawn.


Demon Hunter Speedfarming Passives

Tactical Advantage: The best single change any DH build can make to increase speed of clears. 60% is massive, and we will be Vaulting or Smokescreening as much as we can, anyway.

Blood Vengeance: DH’s struggle with resource generation and this pseudo Reaper’s Wraps addresses that quite easily. Kill a pack -> Heal (Resource -> Repeat. It really does wonders to reducing downtime. It’s significantly better than Reaper’s Wraps since it restores Discipline, too.

Hot Pursuit: is the worst of the bunch here. 20% is okay, but doesn’t pull it’s weight for the slot. Only put this if you have some pretty strong gear, as I feel slotting this to remove one or two of the DPS passives might hamper your clear time.

No other passives are directly related to speedfarming – you should, of course, choose the best DPS passives for your build after these. Typically these would be:

Cull the Weak – often paired up with Thrill of the Hunt. Large damage boost with no thought whatsoever. If you have a highly leveled Bane of the Trapped, might consider dropping Cull and keeping Thrill to make space.

Ambush and Steady Aim are probably the next best, respectively.


Demon Hunter Speedfarming Items

Danetta’s Revenge – this set is really good since it’s quite a bit easier to get Hatred rather than Discipline. Use it with the previously mentioned Cindercoat + Trail of Cinders rune on Vault. You can pretty much Vault forever.

In-geom for Demon Hunters? Is only so-so. You can there’s only a few value moves here…


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DH Speedfarming Builds for each Set

Here, I’m gonna list down a quick build recommendation for each set to convert to a speed farm setup. By no means is this exhaustive but it will give you a pretty good idea!

Embodiment of the Marauder
Natalya's Vengeance
Shadow's Mantle
Unhallowed Essence
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This guide assumes you’ve read:
D3 Speedfarming for any class

Overall, Demon Hunters are quite good at speedfarming. Any set is viable so you won’t be that sad regardless of what set you choose.

DH Speed farming: Navigation
Skills | Passives | Items | Set Builds

Demon Hunter Fastest Speedfarm Build: is the guide we keep updated with (in our opinion) the fastest speed farming build for DH’s. So if you’re at the point wherein you have a lot of the key equipment pieces, you might want to check that out.

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Good luck farming with your Demon Hunter!

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