Leveled your Wizard to 70 already? It is time to go and get your free set for this season! We will be talking about some Wizard builds that will ensure that you get Haedrig’s gift the soonest, and lead to your endgame as a fresh 70 Wizard.

Season 10 free set is Delsere’s Magnum Opus.

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Fresh 70 Wizard: Free set available! | No free set!
Getting the Free Set | Free Set 70 | Gaining Power | Bridging to the End-game

Fresh 70 Wizard: Getting the Free Set!

Delsere’s 2 and 4 SUCK, and have no offensive implications. As such
you need to take extra care filtering and fixing your yellows –
OR YOU WILL GET ROADBLOCKED pretty bad early on.

Click below to reveal the instructions you need for each step:

IMPORTANT: Setting up!
Help! I can't use those skills! (Turn On Elective Mode)
Seasonal Journey Chapter 2: Getting 2 piece
Seasonal Journey Chapter 3: Getting 4 piece
Seasonal Journey Chapter 4: Getting 6 piece
Wizard GR 20: 4pc Delsere's Magnum Opus

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Fresh 70 Wizard: 6pc Free Set Build

Lots of nuance to the skill choices – feel free to experiment and edit. Read on.

S10 Wizard Fresh 70 Delsere’s 6pc
Skill Rune
Spectral Blade Thrown Blade
Arcane Orb Frozen Orb (Arcane Orbit)
Teleport Wormhole
Slow Time Exhaustion (Any)
Magic Weapon (Familiar) Force Weapon (Arcanot)
Energy Armor (Ice Armor) Prismatic Armor (Crystallize)
Prodigy (TEMP!) (Open) Audacity
Unwavering Will Galvanizing Ward

Delsere’s is a very open set with many skills tied into it.
so be aware and EXPERIMENT.

That being said, I’m going to list down items for BOTH Spectral Blade and Arcane Orb setups, since I feel they’re the friendliest to speedfarm with. 

You’ll learn more in the coming chunks of this guide. But for now, it’s time to power up. Legendary Gems and Key Items are discussed in the next sections. But you have quite a good summary via the table just up there.

A quick review before proceeding…

Keep these important things in mind as you progress!

Item Review


Gaining Power!

Now we have to gain as much power, as quickly as possible.

Legendary Gems

This is the easiest way to gain power simply because acquiring them has little to no RNG. Getting 3 of your best gems will increase your power dramatically in a short time span.

Click on the tabs to see Delsere’s “Big 3” gems, and “others”.

Wizard Delsere's 6 Fresh 70: Big 3 GemsOther gems?

Get these three to L25 ASAP:

Bane of the Powerful is pure value. For 25 levels, you already reach the maximum damage potential of the gem! It plays nicely into our style of elite genocide.

Bane of the Trapped fits right in. Dump as many points as you can into this. I hope I don’t have to answer “How do I trigger the slow?”.

===== The first 2 gems are set in stone, but the third is a toss up ====

Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard helps you out early on with brainless speedfarming. It’s a fantastic early game option especially for newer players.

Simplicity’s Strength is an absurdly powerful gem that you can downright ABUSE with Spectral Blade (and only gets so much better with supporting items). It boosts your DPS and provides you with a sick source of self healing.

Any other gems worth it?

Bane of the Stricken is mandatory once you’re at the “limits”. Only for high GR’s, dump points into it if there’s nothing else.

Esoteric Alteration is “THE” defensive gem.

Boon of the Hoarder: You need this for speedfarming.
(See: Speedfarming General | Wizard Speedfarming Primer)

Do nephs and GRs until you get your gems and leveled them up to 25. Be efficient in leveling them up. GR34 is enough to get a gem to 25.

With 3 of your best gems at L25 – try much higher Torment levels. Now, the farming begins….

Playing the Build & Adjustments

Now that you have the base “power level” of your 6 set and gems, let’s take a short time to review How to Play the Build. Here’s some really basic tips for playing Delsere’s Magnum Opus to help you as you progress into higher difficulties. It’s by no means comprehensive, but still helpful.

You might need to tweak your build to make up for some weak points as you get your items. Below are the possible options for said changes.

Here we discuss Playstyle Notes and build Build Adjustments.

(Note: Delsere’s doesn’t really suffer from offense or defense in the early game – it suffers from a lack of easily identifiable build paths and usability issues)

Playing Delsere's 6 - BasicsOffense & ResourceDefense & HealingSpeed & Mobility

SLOW TIME. It’s all about SLOW TIME.

Yeah, I know it sucks that I have to put two different offensive skills in the base build. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO USE BOTH IF YOU DON’T WANT TO. Feel free to use one or both.

It’s quite simple really. Slow Time and kill. The main problem with Delsere 6? People getting lazy to Slow Time.

Delsere has an annoying setup time compared to most other builds. So, especially if you’re a newer player, get rid of the habit of killing non-clumped loose white mobs.

Ditch problematic Elites, when I was newer I loved to bang my head versus terrible elites thinking “I should always kill them!”. You’ll find out when you reach higher GR that this simply shouldn’t be the case. If there’s a set out there capable of ditching bad elites – it’s Delsere’s.

There’s really not much to say regarding the technicality of this build this early on in the game. It’s fairly simple and straightforward.

More offense or Arcane Power needed?

Offense is usually categorized in Damage or, indirectly, Resource Gain.

For resource gain, there’s a ton of ways to get more AP. For our setup, though, you shouldn’t look further than Familiar-Arcanot or the Prodigy passive. (I don’t think you need both).

Aside from these, I mean, there are many ways to gain AP but they aren’t too practical. Arcane Power on Critical Hit is a stat that shows up on Sources and Wizard Hats so keep an eye out for that – if you ever need it.

Increasing Damage?

Delsere’s doesn’t struggle early game with damage, and unlocking the potential of Delsere’s damage capabilities are NOT tied to minor skill changes. Delsere’s usability issue and unclear build path are what holds its damage back early on. That being said here’s a few suggestions if you ever find the need…

Let’s talk about what we already recommend in the build…

Audacity is the best DPS passive, followed by the well-rounded Unwavering Will. This pair is oft used side by side in the later game iterations of many Wizard builds. Long story short, between Audacity and Unwavering Will, that’s a 40% damage increase. Other sources aren’t very practical in the early game.


Magic WeaponForce Weapon ( or any rune) gives a percent damage boost. Same goes for Familiar-Sparkflint, but far more unexciting.

Slow TimeStretch Time is THE BEST offensive choice for Slow Time runes. +ASPD is NOT PART OF THE WIZARD KIT AT ALL – and this BEATS Time Warp! Why? +ASPD buffs ALL of your other damage boosts (to put it simply…). It increases your DPS in a whole new vector compared to the now diluted “+DMG”.

More defense needed?

Defense is seen as self-healing and damage reduction.

Wizards have no innate self-heal – they rely on shields. Which is why Life per Hit is valuable in the early game – going shield heavy isn’t a luxury we can go for right now! Simplicity’s Strength is a unique option here.

Shielding comes in many forms, but Galvanizing Ward is arguably the best – it allows you to have 1.6x your toughness before engaging, and very easy to reset mid-fight via Teleport-WormholeDominance is a lesser used passive but pretty okay.

Blood Bracer of Ashnagarr says “Hello!”

Frost Armor-Crystallize is one of our best defensive skills. But it will only shine
once you have good armor rolls and gear in general. It’s our late-game armor of choice.
Check out Halo of Arlyse.

There’s a ton of small gains here and there… Magic Weapon-Deflection. BlurTeleport-Safe Passage… these aren’t super powerful but keep them in mind when you’re getting mauled.

Ultimately Delsere’s doesn’t struggle with this. Slow Time is a GODLIKE defensive skill that does so much more than what’s written on our 4pc bonus. 

More mobility needed?

If you need to speed bounties early on, or just clear weak nephs faster.

Wizard mobility is MOSTLY locked behind items (Aether Walker, In-geom). The class isn’t known for its built in mobility aside from Teleport-Wormhole.

Any other changes for speed at this point is too greedy, and I can’t recommend it. And honestly, that may nearly be the entire list of in-built Wiz speed skills.
(See: Speedfarming General, Wizard Speedfarming)

NOTE – SUCTION SKILLS: Abilities like Black Hole – Supermassive (any rune) or Ranslor’s Folly + Energy Twister work great with Slow Time! It also allows us to safely gather then drop a Slow Time on them. Why? Try “gathering density” on a group of Slow Time’d mobs… lol.

Items to look for

Our build currently uses both Spectral Blade AND Arcane Orb to deal with different situations and help us round out our build.

However, as you progress, you will want to completely tune your build into ONE skill (not necessarily one of the above, it depends on your drops after all…).

I chose those two skills as a baseline since they’re the easiest to build up to, and gain a base power level strong enough to SPEED FARM.


Blood ShardsDeath's BreathClassics
Using Blood Shards:

(There are a grand total of 0 body items that modify Arcane Orb, and most other Wizard Skills)

Belt – Shame of Delsere: +50% ASPD… that’s huge. Really. Oh you now generate AP too? Goodbye to all “arcane power” management options in your build! This not only buffs up one of our main attacks, it absolutely streamlines our build to add more defense and utility. Other good belts include Goldwrap or Hergbrash’s Bindings (Arcane Torrent works with D6)

Legs – Depth Diggers: Hoho, now we’re talking. Keep in mind THIS ONLY WORKS WITH SHAME OF DELSERE and it’s why I recommend it second. It doubles Spectral Blade’s damage. Double. Seriously.

Bracers – Nemesis BracersAshnagarr’s Blood Bracer: Both good to have!

ChestAquila Cuirass Isn’t a bad “filler”. It’s very easy to trigger this especially when we want to “play safe” with Spectral Blade.

MANALD HEAL – is a ring, I know. It costs 50 bucks with Kadala, but if you’re “done” finding what you want – this isn’t a bad investment. It’s not too hot with Delsere (D6 only modifies our skills directly – not procs…). Any Self-respecting Wizard will want this in S10.

Using Death’s Breath – Rare to legendary:

1h Wands for Fragment of Destiny, Unstable Scepter, Aether Walker. You have lots of chances to hit a jackpot here! Wand of Woh works with Delsere’s 6 too! Hands down, wands have the highest chance to give you something super high impact.

The only other weapon I would want “earlier on” is 2H Mace for The Furnace. Feel free to have fun with 1h DaggersWizardspike.

The Classics: Good for any type of newer character, and even the most battle-hardened of builds.

Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac: A unique form of cooldown reduction. It works extremely well with channeling skills which proc it more than once a second!

Ring of Royal Grandeur: “Break” your 6-piece to make space for a good filler item!Act I bounties, to fit all our greed.

Oculus Ring on Follower gives a potential mega-boost to us FOR “FREE”.

Accessory Sets: FocusRestraint or Traveler’s Pledge. Completing any of these 2-sets is a vast power jump. +100%++ is substantial for only 2 slots.

Convention of Elements: Good ‘ol CoE. Wear it, Kanai it, as a filler or till the end of time. Learning to maximize CoE in any build you choose is a turning point for higher GR’s.

Unity: Straight 50% damage reduction in the cube. Too bad you need two of ’em.

Goldwrap + Avarice + Boon of The Hoarder: I don’t care how many times I have to remind you about this combo. Be on the lookout. Avarice drops from ACT III bounties.

Bridging to the End-game

So you skipped a whole chunk of the powering up phase with the free set. Now what? Like I always say, “Speedfarming first before pushing GR’s”. So, convert what you have NOW to be as speedfarmy as possible, first.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I’ve been following this guide for about a week now and compared to “competitors” builds, I find this one the most enjoyable. But I’ve seen to hit a rough spot, and I’m stuck hovering between T5-T7. Unfortunately I didn’t come accross this guide until I already progressed a little bit so my rolls aren’t perfect. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    • Well that would first depend on your personal goals. If you’re “stuck”, you should first find out where you’re progressing. What do you envision it is your goal this season would be? The free set is meant to be a free set, and you don’t need to STICK with it to the end – the build entailed in the fresh 70 guide will help you along to reach to “point of freedom”. Let me know what exactly is keeping you down? Survivability? Speed in clearing? What’s your goals this season?

  2. which fire skills do you recommend for a 6p firebird set and etched sigil+death wish pair? hydra as damaging skill or another big damaging fire based skill? my deathwish does +fire damage.

    thank you for this great guide!

  3. Is there a suggestion for paragon points?
    Like for example:
    Basis: Movement > INT
    Off: Crit Ch > Crit DMG > Att Speed
    Def: Life Reg > AllRes > Life
    Adventure: LpH > Area DMG > Resource ?

    • we really need to put that in our guides, right? anyway here it is: MS > INT > Resource optional > VIT as needed; CHC CHD CDR AS; Armor Life% Allres Regen; LpH AD RCR GF (LpH is lower if you have good sustain)


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