Hello again guys and welcome to Season 6 Wizard Free set guide: Delsere’s Magnum Opus. Our goal is to complete the free set as soon as we can, therefore, we have to complete the conquests to get the other set items.

The Delsere’s Free set will be based on the Wizard Fresh 70 set build, making a couple of skill changes to accommodate the set bonuses we can along the way.

This Fresh Free set was played without using any kind of legendary items, no gems of any kind, and no Paragon.

Fresh 70 Wizard: No free set! | Free set available!
Build | PlaystyleSetting up | Gaining Power! | Bridging to the End-game

Basic Fresh 70
2 Set
4 Set GR20

Since the video won’t fit in the boxes above…

Fresh 70 Wizard: 6pc Free Set Build

Delsere’s 6 piece Free Set Build
Skill Rune
Spectral Blade Thrown Blade
Energy Twister Arcane Orb Wicked Wind Arcane Orbit
Slow Time Time Warp
Magic Weapon Force Weapon
Teleport Safe Passage
Ice Armor Crystallize
Unwavering Will Blur
Arcane Dynamo (Any / Evocation) Audacity

Now, we let go of Disintegrate since it’s not part of the 6 piece. You can choose from any of these three spenders for the bulk of your damage:

Arcane Orb  Arcane Orbit

 SparkFrozen Orb….

    •  Try ’em all out.

Energy Twister – Wicked Wind

Explosive Blast – Chain Reaction

My personal preferences are Arcane Orb-Arcane OrbitEnergy Twister-Wicked Wind. But please keep in mind EXPERIMENTING is very much part of the fun of early game Delsere’s.

Playing The Build

Slow Time is the key skill for Delsere’s – it’s the core of both OFFENSE and DEFENSE in the build. Slow Time not only gives us damage reduction from the 4 piece bonus – but as a skill itself, Slow Time makes survival much easier!

Spectral Blade-Thrown Blade and any ‘Delsere spender’ you choose REDUCE the cooldown of your Slow Time. You can have MANY up at the same time creating massive areas of slowed time! Remember that only enemies affected by Slow Time will take bonus damage!

There’s nothing that special about Delsere’s, it’s easy to play since it’s pretty clear what your goals are. “Slow time = win”, “No time = lose”.

Teleport-Safe Passage is the basic choice for Wizard Mobility. Great for traveling, great for getting to safety. Always good to have it.

The rest is utility: Ice Armor-Crystallize and Magic Weapon. Just “passives” to boost your stats and whatnot. Feel free to experiment with different runes/armors.

You can experiment with the other skills (or change them up if you get a good legendary for it). Delsere is a rather open set and quite flexible! There are a ton of signature skills and spenders (+rune choices!) so you won’t be so constricted.

Offense & ResourceDefense & HealingSpeed & Mobility
 More offense or Arcane needed?

Spectral Blade-Thrown Blade is recommended in the base build since it does the best damage of all the primary skills. It also has a large AoE!

>Resource Gain: Here’s a few of the better changes we can make to gain more Arcane Power

Spectral Blade-Siphoning Blade

    – is amazing early game.

Damage Increase: Most of the best DPS increases are already listed in the build above

Magic Weapon-Force Weapon

    • : Is already recommended above.


    • Passives already recommended:


    • ,

Unwavering Will

    • ,

Arcane Dynamo

    • .

Slow Time

    • has 2 DPS runes you can try:

Time Warp

    • and

Stretch Time

 More defense needed?

Luckily, Delsere’s is quite a defensive set on its own. Here’s some more defensive changes:

Magic Weapon – Deflection is likely the first change you’ll make in your build. It’s almost mandatory. I put force weapon in the recommendation as a general speed boost to clears, but if you’re looking for defense this is where you should look first.

Slow Time-Exhaustion – Always nice to have at least 1 “reduce enemy damage” effect.

Teleport – Safe PassageWormhole is hard to pass up on, but there you have it.

Spectral Blade-Barrier Blade is a noteworthy thing to try out.

Galvanizing Ward and Dominance are always good defensive passive changes.

Wizard doesn’t really have self-healing skills – they rely on shields.

 More mobility needed?

Teleport-Wormhole will give you one more dash. It’s the basic movement rune.

Storm Armor-Scramble is the next best thing. You’ll miss Ice Armor dearly, though.

Aside from this there’s not much else you can do to improve mobility, it’s too greedy.

(See Speedfarming General, Wizard Speedfarming)

Setting up!

Wizard with Level 70 items! Crafted or picked up, gear up Wizzie with level 70 armor and weapon. Intelligence and Vitality are must have stats.

Spectral Blade% is found on LEGS and BELT. DO NOT ignore how good this is early on!

Energy Twister% (or other spenders) are found in HELM and BOOTS. Since you would usually want Crit on helms, try getting it on boots!

Element%? With the base build, only Arcane% or Lightning% are used. I’m guessing you’ll be changing your skills quite a bit as you get certain legendaries so you may not want to go all-in to get these bonuses.

Other re-rolls: Crit and Crit Damage can be found in a lot of slots. These are welcome bonuses early on. (Usual suspects being accessories)

Gems: Yellow Gems (Topaz) on all your sockets for +INT. (Helm : Diamond, Weapon : Green)

Remember that re-rolling your gear to remove junk stats gives insane value early on! Even if they’re yellows, TRY TO MAKE GOOD ONES!

Templar: Use good ‘ol Templar for healing, CC and Arcane Power regeneration.


Gaining Power!

Be on the lookout for the legendaries below to increase Delsere’s powers! Be diligent in your farming in bounties, Nephs and GRs.

Unlocking Kanai’s Cube

This should be one of your top priorities once you get to level 70. Unlocking the cube would give you 3 more legendary powers!

Getting your legendary gems

Summary: Bane of the Trapped, Powerful, Stricken

“The three banes” (Powerful, Trapped, Stricken) are always a solid combo. Powerful doesn’t have to be leveled up too much (half the level of your other gems is fine). While Stricken is better in the late-game, there’s not much else you can dump points on keeping Delsere’s in mind.

Wreath of Lightning – upgrade this to level 25, at most. Everyone’s happy to have this. Better to use it when speedfarming.

Boon of the Hoarder – level this one up to 50 and keep this as part of your speedfarming set. (See: D3 Speedfarming General, Wizard Speedfarming).

There’s nothing else I’d consider for now. Other gems will only matter in the late-game.

Items to look for

Halo of Arlyse – this is one ring that no Wizard should be without. Getting this is purely by luck so be on the lookout for this.

Ancient Parthan Defenders – maximize this power with Halo of Arlyse. While it says “Stunned”, Frozen also works, oddly…

Blood ShardsDeath's BreathClassics
Using Blood Shards:

It’s a good idea to hunt for legendaries that aren’t tied to spenders yet, as they’re likely a part of a “combo”.

The Shame of Delsere – for Spectral Blade mainly. The DPS increase this gives (and Arcane regen) is extremely strong. You might not even use a spender when you first get this. It should be the first thing you should go after.

Depth Diggers – ONLY WORKS with SHAME OF DELSERE equipped. It’s a large DPS increase for ONE SLOT – definitely worth chasing for early.

Bracers are pretty good to gamble for. Ashnagarr’s Blood Bracer is sickeningly good, Ranslor’s Folly and Ancient Parthan Defenders come from this pile too so why not?

Aquila Cuirass – Generally good to have…

Orbs and sources are ok to obtain with either Blood Shards or Death’s Breath… I’ll just talk about ’em here.

Orb of Infinite Depth – increases both offensive and defensive power. Value.

Triumvirate – fits in perfectly with your style of Spectral Blade -> Spender (Arcane Orb).

Mirrorball – Not bad with the Shame + Diggers combo.

Cosmic Strand – Eh, not a bad early game garbage item that can help you out.

Using Death’s Breath – Rare to legendary:

If you’re going to choose a weapon type to gamble on with Death’s Breaths

    • 1H Wands first (


    • ,


    • ,


    • ,


    • )


    • 1H Swords next (


    • ,


    • )


    • Then get the loose ends you may need (


    • ,



Fragment of Destiny – don’t be fooled. There’s enough ways to increase Spectral Blade damage to make it a serious contender. This is the pinnacle of those.

Twisted Sword – is another one of those “one item combos” that carries a build all by itself.

Unstable Scepter – more than doubles Arcane Orbs power. Value.

Wand of Woh – 3 more Blasts = more casualties. (Use the Chain Reaction rune)

Wizardspike – the Frozen Orb actually benefits from Delsere’s 6 – not kidding. It’s a free DPS boost that’s brainless and doesn’t require other supporting legendaries, or commit to a spender. This is actually a Dagger, so it can be annoying to chase after.

The Furnace – Another one for your cube, one of the “basics”.

Aether Walker – One of those speedfarm items you’d wanna own.

The Classics: These items are staples that should be in everyone’s stash or cube.

Ring of Royal Grandeur: use this when you want to squeeze in another legendary item into your build. This usually drops from Act I bounties.

Accessory Sets:Compass RoseTraveler’s Pledge be on the look out for the best Endless Walk jewelries you can get. You will be using this as you climb up to higher level GRs<

Convention of Elementsgreatly increases your elemental damage. Make sure to time your burst at the appropriate time!

Unity50% Damage reduction is no joke – equip it on an un-killable follower.

Goldwrap + Avarice Band + Boon of The Hoarder: these 3 should be fitted in especially for your speedfarming runs. Avarice Bands drop from Act III bounties (See: D3 Speedfarming, Wizard Speedfarming)

Bridging to the End-game

Congrats on getting your Delsere free set! Now, you can easily farm for legendary items to beef you up and to easily clear higher GRs. Just Adjust your current build to make it speedfarming ready.

Learn more about the Wizard sets! (soon!)

  • Wizard: Firebird’s Finery
  • Wizard: Delsere’s Magnum Opus
  • Wizard: Tal Rasha’s Elements
  • Wizard: Vyr’s Amazing Arcana

Fresh 70 Wizard: No free set! | Free set available!
Build | PlaystyleSetting up | Gaining Power! | Bridging to the End-game

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  1. Hey guys,

    I’ve been following this guide for about a week now and compared to “competitors” builds, I find this one the most enjoyable. But I’ve seen to hit a rough spot, and I’m stuck hovering between T5-T7. Unfortunately I didn’t come accross this guide until I already progressed a little bit so my rolls aren’t perfect. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    • Well that would first depend on your personal goals. If you’re “stuck”, you should first find out where you’re progressing. What do you envision it is your goal this season would be? The free set is meant to be a free set, and you don’t need to STICK with it to the end – the build entailed in the fresh 70 guide will help you along to reach to “point of freedom”. Let me know what exactly is keeping you down? Survivability? Speed in clearing? What’s your goals this season?

  2. which fire skills do you recommend for a 6p firebird set and etched sigil+death wish pair? hydra as damaging skill or another big damaging fire based skill? my deathwish does +fire damage.

    thank you for this great guide!

  3. Is there a suggestion for paragon points?
    Like for example:
    Basis: Movement > INT
    Off: Crit Ch > Crit DMG > Att Speed
    Def: Life Reg > AllRes > Life
    Adventure: LpH > Area DMG > Resource ?

    • we really need to put that in our guides, right? anyway here it is: MS > INT > Resource optional > VIT as needed; CHC CHD CDR AS; Armor Life% Allres Regen; LpH AD RCR GF (LpH is lower if you have good sustain)


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