Hello pet masters! In this guide, we talk all about the Witch Doctor Set: Helltooth Harness. Let’s start off by posting the “STANDARD” build of the set.

S7 Note: Helltooth pushes GR like anything, Speedfarms like anything, “play with one hand” like anything… Helltooth gonna Helltooth. It is pure POWER and S7 didn’t change that!

Witch Doctor sets: Helltooth Standard Build

Witch Doctor: Helltooth Build (STANDARD)
Items Skill & Rune
Head Helltooth Piranhas (open~) Piranhado
Shldr Helltooth Wall of Death Comm w/ Spirits
Chest Helltooth Spirit Walk Jaunt
Hands Tasker and Theo Soul Harvest Languish
Legs Helltooth Zombie Dogs Leeching Beasts
Boots Helltooth Gargantuan Humongoid
Belt W.Hour (open~) Passives
Wrist Spirit Guards Midnight Feast Swamp (open~)
Neck Traveler’s Pledge Spirit Vessel (o~)  Pierce the Veil
Ring Compass Rose Kanai’s Cube
Ring Short Man’s Finger The Furnace
Main Sacred Harvester Mask of Jeram
Off Henri’s (MANY) Ring of Royal Grandeur
Legendary Gems
Bane of the Trapped
Bane of the Powerful

Helltooth: commonly asked build variants & options

OFFHAND wot 2 use!
Open Skill? Piranhas?
Legendary Gems?

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Helltooth Rerolls & Stat Priority

Putting these in clicky boxes due to the chunky nature…

Helltooth Harness Rerolls & Stat Priority
Helltooth Reroll Notes?

I’m not sure yet what the final format will be for the Set guides in S7 and onwards. But the above is definitely a good start.
Please chime in if you have any ideas.

That’s it (for now!) – Hopefully the Helltooth Build Guide helped you out. We plan to expand on the new set guides once we decide on a good format, with information relevant to many different types of players. Of course, these guides will always be focused on the “end-game”.

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