You’ll find all sorts of information here regarding the Pyromancer Career (for Sienna) in Vermintide 2. The Pyromancer, of all of Siennas careers, is the undoubted champion of RANGED DPS. With a highly synergistic kit, and great synergy with some item traits – Pyromancer can do some SERIOUS WORK.

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Pyromancer Passive Ability

  • Critical Mass: Increased critical strike chance based on Overcharge level.
  • Searing Focus: Increased ranged damage.

Pyromancer Career Skill: The Burning Head – Sienna unleashes a fiery projectile that seeks out foes.

Pyromancer Talent Tree Summary

I placed the whole Pyromancer talent tree in “one chunk” so it’s easy for you to VISUALLY spot/theorize synergies versus highlighting them in-game…

Pyromancer L5 Talents
Focusing Lens Reduced ranged attack spread by 25%
Martial Study Increases attack speed by 5%
Natural Talent Reduces overcharge generated by 10%
Pyromancer L10 Talents
Ashen Form Reduces damage taken when disabled by 50%
Dissipate Increases overcharge decay speed when affected by a Grimoire by 100%
Quickening Increases spell charge speed by 25% while below 50% health
Pyromancer L15 Talents
Shield of Tarnus Critical Mass also reduces the stamina cost of blocking attacks by 10% per 8 overcharge and stacks up to 5x
Blazing Equilibrium Critical Mass also reduces overcharge generated by 5% per 8 overcharge and stacks up to 5x
One with the Flame Critical Mass also increases attack speed by 2% per 8 overcharge and stacks up to 5x
Pyromancer L20 Talents
Seething Embers Critical hits grant temporary health
Soul Snare Kills grant temporary health
Blazing Harvest When bosses die, gain health
Pyromancer L25 Talents
Exhaust The Burning Head also removes all overcharge
Bonded Flame The Burning Head restores 10 health when used
Fiery Heart Reduces the cooldown of The Burning Head by 30%

Pyromancer Early Game / Starter Build Template

This is meant to be a General purpose” build for the Pyromancer which focuses on the early to midgame. I will be adding more specialized builds which require more heavy item support soon.

Pyromancer Early Game / Starter Build – Talent Summary

Level “Best” Optional
5 Natural Talent Martial Study
10 Dissipate Ashen Form
15 Blazing Equilibrium Shield of Tarnus
20 Soul Snare Seething Embers
25 Fiery Heart Exhaust

Pyromancer Early Game / Starter Talent Choice Discussion

L5 Talent - Natural Talent
L10 Talent - Dissipate
L15 Talent - Blazing Equilibrium
L20 Talent - Soul Snare
L25 Talent - Fiery Heart or Exhaust

Remember the above recommendations are primarily suited to be good for “most people”, specifically for “early to midgame” when gear drops can’t easily be tailor fit to your needs.


Well that’s about it (FOR NOW) regarding Sienna’s Pyromancer Career path in Vermintide 2. Strong and consistent ranged damage + with various ways to actively manage overcharge + a great ultimate = I would say Pyromancer is one of the best careers right now, IMO.

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