The very first Incursion is just around the corner but is your group ready? With the increased difficulty of the Incursions, TeamBRG has decided to prepare our gear by choosing a specific role. We have determined these roles to be, Tank, Crowd Control, Healer and Damage(DPS). We all started from the same build, which was high firepower, around 70k+ HP and very little skill power. With these builds, we aim to skew ourselves into a more specialized role.

UPDATE: See our video and guide for tips on how to beat Falcon Lost


We are aware that our builds and/or gear may not be exactly optimal or if the roles are even necessary to complete Incursions. Our decision to take on these roles is based on the comments the developers made with the difficulty of Incursions and our experience in MMORPG’s. These are our current builds as it is.

We will not be detailing the build in its entirety, instead we will highlight the ones we think are the most important in relation to the role. The rest you can fill out with personal preference.

These builds are purely for PvE purposes, specifically Incursions. This is not recommended for PvP. (Trust us, we tried)


The Incursion Prep:
Builds: Tank | Crowd Control | Healer | Glass cannon
Conclusion: Pre-Incursion

Tank Man

teambrg-thedivision-incursionteamprep-tank1. Goal of the build

The tank has two main functions, survivability and threat control. When the tank has the threat of enemy mobs, it means that the party can deal damage without worrying about getting shot at. Because of all the attention the tank will be getting, having high HP and armor is important.

2. Stat priority

Go for all stamina in your gear rolls and fill out the mod slots with electronics/skill power.

Stamina – for a high HP pool, very important for your suitability. Try to reach around 100k HP

Skill Power – increases the strength of your skills. This is more important than electronics itself because it is easier to increase skill power than electronics. You only need to reach the electronic requirements of your weapon talents. There is a soft cap of around 45k skill power, where the strength of the skills start to max out.

3. Skills

Ballistic Shield (Kinetic Barrier) – Your go-to skill. You will always be whipping this out while you are trying to draw fire from enemies. Skill power increases the HP of your shield, so having high skill power is important.

First Aid (Overdose) – The overheal on first aid is great for your survivability. It gives you an additional 50% HP. Very useful since the tank is always in the front line and may not always be within range of the healer.

Alternative – Sticky Bomb (BFB) – If you are confident in your healer, you can go for a more offensive focused skill. Your high overall skill power makes Sticky Bomb very powerful.

teambrg-thedivision-incursionteamprep-screenshot074. Important Character Talents

  • On the Move – If you kill an enemy while moving, reduce damage taken by 30% for 10 seconds
  • Most important talent for the tank. Since he will be moving around a lot with the Ballistic Shield, if he does get a kill, it benefits him greatly.
  • One is None – Headshots have a 50% chance of not consuming the bullet.
  • Great source of free DPS. Combined with a shotgun side arm, almost always guarantees you will never have to reload if you keep getting headshots.

5. Gear Talents

  • Specialized (Backpack) – 13% of Firepower and Stamina stat is added to Skill Power.
  • Great for this build with the high overall stamina.
  • Decisive (Gloves) – Increase headshot damage of side arms.
  • Since this build will be mostly be using Ballistic shield, the main source of damage will come from the side arm.


6. Weapons

Your main priority should be to find a really good side arm. It can be anything, pistol, magnum or shotgun.

  • Magnum
  • Vector SMG
  • M1A

7. Wish list

  • Better Side arm – with Cool-headed, preferably High end sawed off Shotgun (side arm)
  • Caduceus – Great for getting cooldowns fast just in case.
  • M1A – with Cool-headed


Crowd Control Girl


1. Goal of the Build

Secondary tank, secondary damage source and prime source of crowd control. Prevents mobs who get past the tank from getting clo se to the back line.

Emergency reviver, for both tank and healer. Since the healer is closer to the back, he may not be able to reach the tank in time. Will also revive the healer if needed.

2. Stat Priority

Craft mostly firearms gear with some stamina gear. Mods should be mostly stamina.

Firearms – with somewhat high damage output, makes taking secondary threat easy

Stamina – needs the survivability to be the emergency revive and is also quite close to the front line. Is located just behind the tank most of the time.

3. Skills

Since the priority of this build is crowd control, skill power is not that important.

Sticky bomb (Flashbang) – great direct disable which has both blind and EMP effects(disables skill use and deployed object)

Seeker Mine (Gas Charge) – has the best disable in our opinion, disorient. Has the longest duration, the affected enemies don’t flail around wildly, and the smoke effect lingers in the area, sometimes disabling enemies who wander into the area.

Alternative – Turret (Dragonbreath) – great disable for any situation that enables you to funnel enemies down a tight corridor. Very prone to being hacked by enemy agents however.


4. Important Character Talents

  • Battle Buddies – reviving an ally reduces incoming damage by 50% for 10 seconds for both players.
  • As the emergency reviver, it’s great for getting in, reviving and running out.
  • Critical Save – Using medkits on critical health, increases damage resistance by 40% for 10 seconds.
  • With the positioning and weapon choices of this build, LMG, incoming damage can be high and medkit usage is quite often.
  • Shock and Awe –  Suppressing an enemy increases your movement speed by 25% for 10 seconds.
  • With the use of an LMG, can be great for moving around getting to the front and back line fast.

5. Gear Talents

  • Steadfast(Chest): While in cover, health regeneration kicks in twice as fast.
  • Sturdy(Holster): Your armor is increased by 12.5% when you stay more than 10 seconds in the same cover.
  • Tenacious(Mask): Using a Medkit increases your damage for a few seconds. – pairs well with such high Medkit usage.

6. Weapons

  • LMG M60

7. Wish List

Destructive talent on both SMG and LMG, preferably an AUG and an M60.


The Healer Buddy


1. Goal of the Build

Healer support with many sources of cooldown reduction both for yourself and the group. You are the main source of healing and revives of the team, stays close to the back line due to the semi low health and armor. With a long-range revive and nearly zero cooldowns, this build is great for team survivability.

2. Stat Priority

Overall is fairly balanced stat wise. You can sacrifice more firepower(DPS) for even more skill power, but is not all that necessary since all skills are healing skills. The extra firepower also helps with overall party DPS.

Skill Power – Main focus, you can try to reach the soft cap at around 45,000 skill power but we find the difference negligible with the heal skills

Firearms – since you will be near the back line, having some damage is good. If all goes well, no enemies should target you.

3. Skills

First Aid (Defibrillator) – Ranged revive, great for supporting the front line and reaching the squishy back line.

Support Station (Ammo Cache) – has the largest AOE heal but not the strongest. Also gives cooldown reduction for both skills and signature skills to anyone within the heal area.

With the low cooldown of the build, Support Station (Life Support) is not really necessary.

teambrg-thedivision-incursionteamprep-screenshot064. Important Character Talents

  • Battle buddy –  reviving an ally reduces incoming damage by 50% for 10 seconds for both players.
  • Since you are the main sources of revives, this is a must
  • Triage – Healing an ally reduces skill cooldowns by 15%
  • As the main healing source, this will reduce cooldowns significantly. Works with support station but only once per healed ally.

5. Gear Talents

  • Vigorous (Chest) – All healing skills can now Overheal.
  • Turns First Aid (Defibrillator) into an even more amazing skill. Does not work with Support Station heal.
  • Specialized (Backpack) – 13% of Firepower and Stamina stat is added to Skill Power.
  • With the nice overall balance with the build, can add quite a bit of skill power.

6. Weapons

  • Caduceus – a named assault rifle with Cool-headed, is the only assault rifle with Cool-headed
  • M1A – Cool-headed and toxic
  • AUG – alternate weapon for more damage if needed.
  • Toxic – chance to blind enemies. Nice alternate source of a disable. Fully rounds out the support nature of the build.
  • Cool-headed – Headshots reduce cooldowns. Both weapons help with cooldowns greatly and nearly keeps all skills off cooldown most of the time

7. Wishlist

M1A with balanced. – the bread and butter talent for all M1A’s. Removes reticle growth with successive shots.


The Glass-Cannon Guy


  1. Goal of the Build

Main damage dealer of the group. Has extremely high firepower but low survivability. Goal is to melt face. Has reduced threat skills and reduced threat weapon mods(suppressors).

2. Stat Priority

Firearms all the way, but has stamina mods in case survivability becomes an issue.

3. Skills

  • With the low skill power, these skills are the most beneficial to the build. It not only reduces threat, but also marks enemies.
  • Smart cover (Concealment) – allies inside cover has reduced threat and their shots pulses the enemies (usually only applies to the back line).
  • Pulse (Tactical Scanner) – enemies pulsed receives more damage.


4. Important Character Talents

  • All damage increasing talents.
  • Steady Hands – Entering cover reduces recoil by 25% for 10 seconds,
  • One is None – Headshots has a 50% chance to not consume ammo,
  • Tech Support – Killing a hostile while a skill is active extends the duration by 10%,
  • Tactical Advance – moving cover to cover increases weapon damage for 10 seconds.

5. Gear Talents

  • Again are all damage increasing gear talents. These two are the most important ones
  • Reckless(Chest) – Increase damage dealt, but also increases damage taken
  • Savage(Gloves) – increases critical hit chance to targets out of cover
  • Our main damage dealer also focused on Health On Kill on all of his gear wherever possible.

6. Weapons

  • M1A (with balanced)
  • AUG
  • All weapons NEED to have suppressors/muzzle break with reduced threat (VERY IMPORTANT). With your reduced survivability, you need to have as little threat as possible.
  • Having suppressors and having a tank drawing threat in the team, this build almost never gets shot at.

7. Wish list

  • SMG with Brutal + Deadly + Destructive/Ferocious
  • M1A with Balanced + Deadly+ Brutal.


Conclusion: Pre-Incursions

After running a week through challenge mode with this setup, we have noticed a few things.

  1. Party DPS is slightly lower due to the stat distribution.
  2. Survivability is much higher. With a tank drawing threat, the back line does not take as much damage.
  3. Overall much more stable than having 4 players with similar builds.

With the first Incursion coming very soon, we will be updating this guide with our thoughts on how this team composition plays like within an Incursion. Stay Tuned!

The Division Incursion Prep:
Builds: Tank | Crowd Control | Healer | Glass cannon
Conclusion: Pre-Incursions

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