You’ll find all sorts of information here regarding the Bounty Hunter Career (for Victor Saltzpyre) in Vermintide 2. The Bounty Hunter is a borderline OP brawler that rewards maximization of its melee / ranged hybrid style. Sure-shot critical strikes is about as good as it sounds.

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Bounty Hunter Passive Abilities:

  • Blessed Shots: Guaranteed ranged critical hit every 10 seconds or on melee kill.
  • Ammo Pouches: Double ammunition capacity.
  • Quick Release: Increased reload speed.

Bounty Hunter Career Skill – Locked and Loaded: Victor fires a powerful shot that pierces through enemies.

Bounty Hunter Talent Tree Summary

I placed the whole Bounty Hunter talent tree in “one chunk” so it’s easy for you to VISUALLY spot/theorize synergies versus highlighting them in-game…

Bounty Hunter L5 Talents
Swift Reload Increases reload speed by 20%
Make Them Count Reduces ranged weapon spread by 25%
Vicious Virtue Increases attack speed by 5%
Bounty Hunter L10 Talents
Leave None Behind Increases revive speed by 30%
Necessary Means Gain 10% Increased Power when out of ammunition
Crippling Strike Increases the power boost of critical hits by 25%
Bounty Hunter L15 Talents
Pious Fervour Critical hits restore 2 health
Cruel Fortune Reduces cooldown on Blessed Shots to 7 seconds
Prize Bounty Shots affected by Blessed Shots consumes no ammunition
Bounty Hunter L20 Talents
Holy Cause Critical hits grant temporary health
Righteous Zeal Kills grant temporary health
Purifier When bosses die, gain health
Bounty Hunter L25 Talents
Encore Reduces cooldown of Locked and Loaded by 30%
Double-shotted Modifies Victor sidearm to fire two powerful bullets in a straight line
Buckshot Modifies Victors sidearm to fire two blasts of pellets devastating cone


Bounty Hunter Generic Build Template

This is meant to be a General purpose” build for the Bounty Hunter which focuses on the early to midgame. I will be adding more specialized builds which require more heavy item support soon.

Bounty Hunter Early Game / Starter Build – Talent Summary

Level “Best” Optional
5 Swift Reload Charmed Life
10 Crippling Strike Necessary Means
15 Prize Bounty Pious Fervour
20 Righteous Zeal Holy Cause
25 Encore Buckshot

Bounty Hunter Early Game / Starter Build – Talent Choice Discussion

L5 Talent - Swift Reload

Swift Reload (+reload speed) is the best “General purpose” talent here. It STACKS with your base passive so it gets kinda ridiculous. Again, keep in mind this ranges from GREAT to USELESS depending on your ranged weapon type.

Vicious Virtue (5% ASPD) while decent is merely overwhelmed by the power of the other two choices.

Make Them Count (-bullet spread) is GODLY when paired with the right weapon. It can cause your autocrit-cluster to smash into bosses and elites. While a bit niche – keep an eye out.

Best be aware to switch around between Swift Reload and Make Them Count.

L10 Talent - Crippling Strike

Crippling Strike (+Crit power) modifies your “all to often” critical strikes. This one is a no-brainer. Remember, your surecrits work on ALL BULLETS so you can imagine with some weapon types this is ridiculous. It also applies to melee, so why not?

Necessary Means (+power when no ammo) is just odd for this build. It’s not bad, but I would wanna stay away from “not having ammo”.

Leave None Behind (+ res speed) is simply too narrow.

L15 Talent - Pious Fervour

Prize Bounty (No ammo used on surecrit) is probably best choice in the long run. Having no ammo with this build is the WORST and having more ammo for your team is great.

Pious Fervour (Crits heal for) Man… I’m on the fence about this. It doesn’t work “as well as it should”. I need to test more…

Cruel Fortune (surecrit cooldown to 7s) is OK, but simply not strong enough to justify taking it over any of the above.

L20 Talent - Either except last

For GENERAL PURPOSES, Righteous Zeal (THP on kill) is correct.

Holy Cause (THP on crit) however, becomes GODLIKE when paired with the right “combos”. This works on multiple bullet strikes AFAIK and can also be very, very effective. Try it out with various setups.

Purifier (Heal on boss kill) just plain sucks IMO.

L25 Talent - Encore

Encore (+ability recharge) Locked and Loaded kinda sucks – but it’s not bad at taking out specials point blank. This is one of the few abilities I don’t mind using more often as it’s not very core to the build.

Buckshot (+AoE cone on ult) is my next choice since I feel Bounty Hunter needs a little help clearing mobs when you get “out of rhythm”. Though Encore is much much higher in terms of power, personally.

Double-shotted (effects not totally clear) honestly, I tried it, I don’t like it – care to chime in? I can’t even determine the effects that well since lining up the “dream shot” is kinda stupid.

Remember the above recommendations are primarily suited to be good for “most people”, specifically for “early to midgame” when gear drops can’t easily be tailor fit to your needs.


Well that’s about it (FOR NOW) regarding Victor Saltzpyre’s Bounty Hunter Career path in Vermintide 2. One of my personal favorite careers – has some unbelievably OP synergies that can carry you hard at any point of the game. Bounty Hunter, while takes a while to getting used to, and requires some more specific weapon choices – rewards you greatly by allowing you to impersonate a hurricane.

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  1. One thing to keep in mind is that Necessary Means works on both your Rapier’s pistol shot alternate fire and Locked and Loaded as well.

    Running Brace of Pistols (which run dry fairly easily) with the Rapier with the Necessary Means talent allows Saltzpyre to have a semi decent ammoless ranged option. The Rapier shot also benefits from his guaranteed crit

    • I love using BH with axe and repeater pistol, 8 shoot critical with repeater pistol is so damn good. With talent Prize bounty(no ammo use) it becomes so fun to play. Kill one with axe then shoot your pistol and for bosses repeater pistol(from near) deals most damage, even more than our ability. For talents %5 a.s, %25 power on crits, no ammo consume, kill grants thp, encore becomes like bullshit. U wont die unless they surround you. OverPowered character but its fun to use.


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