You’ll find all sorts of information here regarding the Foot Knight Career (for Markus Kruber) in Vermintide 2. The Foot Knight is a tanky support career who mitigates damage heavily for himself and his team.

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Foot Knight Passive Abilities

  • Protective PresenceDamage resistance aura.
  • Taal’s Fortitude: Increased Stamina.
  • No Guts, No Glory: Reduced damage taken.

Foot Knight Career Skill: Valiant Charge – Markus charges forward, slamming enemies and knocking them back.

Foot Knight Talent Tree Summary

I placed the whole Foot Knight talent tree in “one chunk” so it’s easy for you to VISUALLY spot/theorize synergies versus highlighting them in-game…

Foot Knight L5 Talents
Bulwark Increases effective block and push angle by 30%
Bastion of the Reik Increases maximum Health by 25%
Onslaught Increases attack speed by 5%
Foot Knight L10 Talents
Regroup Reviving party members grant them 50% damage reduction for 10 seconds
Counter-Attack Gain uninterruptible attacks for 5 seconds after block is broken
Build Momentum Successful charged attacks grant 40% increased stamina regeneration for 2 sec
Foot Knight L15 Talents
Battle Drill Protective Presence also grants one stamina shield
Defensive Formation Increases damage reduction from Protective Presence to 5%
Drillmaster Protective Presence also increases movement speed by 5%
Foot Knight L20 Talents
For the Empire! Critical hits grant temporary health
Soldier’s Spirit Kills grant temporary health
The Harder They Fall When bosses die, gain health
Foot Knight L25 Talents
A Life of Battle Reduces the cooldown of Valiant Charge by 30%
Glory Hound Valiant Charge also grants 25% Power for 10 seconds
Hold Ground Valiant Charge grants a 100% reduction to stamina block cost for 10 sec

Foot Knight Generic Build Template

This is meant to be a General purpose” build for the Foot Knight which focuses on the early to midgame. I will be adding more specialized builds which require more heavy item support soon.

Foot Knight Starter / Early Game Build – Talent Summary

AGAIN (especially for Foot Knight) this is a GENERIC early build. The more you’re into teamplay you will have different choices.

Level “Best” Optional
5 Onslaught
Bastion of the Reik
10 Build Momentum Counter-Attack
15 Drillmaster
Defensive Formation
20 Soldier’s Spirit For the Empire!
25 Glory Hound Hold Ground

Foot Knight Starter / Early Game Build – Talent Choice Discussion

L5 Talent - Onslaught

ALL OF THESE ARE WORTH “1 ITEM ROLL” so their value is roughly equal.

Onslaught (+ASPD) is considered a great offensive and defensive stat… more swings per time spent means a greater chance to stagger / kill a guy before they strike back.

Bastion of the Reik (+HP) %hp scales really well with Foot Knight as it has the highest (?) base HP in the game.

Bulwark (+Push block angle) It’s not a bad stat, if you’re into this kinda thing – a little redundant on some weapon types.

L10 Talent - Build Momentum

Build Momentum (charged attack grants stamina regen) Honestly, I like counter attack better, but this is a decent defensive choice.

Counter-Attack (After block broken gain uninterruptible attacks) I don’t know EXACTLY how many ways this procs, but the effect is great. I just need to know what the various methods are of getting this to on.

Regroup (revived allies gain damage reduction) this is too niche.

L15 Talent - Drillmaster

Drillmaster (Aura also gives movespeed) MS is AMAZING in this game. With most careers capped at 5% from items – this is a welcome boost. Pushing some class / weapon combos to 10 or 15 movespeed is insanity.

Defensive Formation (increase aura mitigation) a boring but ultimately effective choice.

Battle Drill (aura gives stamina too) Stamina is great but the above effects are too good.

L20 Talent - Soldier's Spirit

Soldier’s Spirit (THP on Kill) is the default L20 selection. You kill stuff, you get a “shield” – pretty self explanatory on how good that is.

For the Empire! (THP on crit) is better IF YOU HAVE A HIGH CRIT CHANCE. Better taken when your items are more progressed.

The Harder They Fall (Heal on Boss kill) is a trash tier talent type.

L25 Talent - Glory Hound

Glory Hound (+Power on ult) Power is power, and with this on a relatively short cooldown you won’t have problems rushing and wiping the floor with ’em. Generic but effective.

Hold Ground (Blocking is free on ult) a supportive choice. Basically allowing you to SURELY RAISE your teammate. Not a bad choice for group play if your DPS friends are on point.

A Life of Battle (Reduced CD on ult) Best for the speedrun builds! In fact, probably the only viable choice for speedrunning…

Remember the above recommendations are primarily suited to be good for “most people”, specifically for “early to midgame” when gear drops can’t easily be tailor fit to your needs.


Well that’s about it (FOR NOW) regarding Markus Kruber’s Foot Knight Career path in Vermintide 2. Foot Knight does what he does as advertised… “tanky support”. The aura is a godlike addition to a team, but I am heavily biased to using Mercenary for a vast majority of tryhard runs.

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