Hey guys! In this guide, we will be seasonally updating whatever is the fastest general purpose speed farming build for Witch Doctor! Currently – it’s Helltooth Harness!

NOTE: any decently built LoN (Gargantuans) set will perform equally or sometimes greater than this (for Nephs and GR’s, less efficient on bounties). Given how difficult it is to farm up LoN, naturally we won’t be discussing that here.

We suggest you read these resources on speedfarming:
D3 General Speedfarming, WD Speedfarming Primer.

Fastest Witch Doctor Speedfarming Build

Check out our Helltooth Mantle Guide for more info on this set.

***LoN variants (LoN Gargauntuans) will be better than this at speed GR’s or Nephs. But you’ll likely come across Helltooth 6 piece much earlier than full LoN.

Helltooth Harness Speedfarming Setup
Items Skills & Rune
Helm Set Item Hex Angry Chicken
Shoulder Set Item Soul Harvest Soul to Waste
Chest Set Item Spirit Walk Severance
Hands Set Item Wall of Death Comm w/ Spirits (Any)
Legs Set Item Summon Zombie Dogs Leeching Beasts (Any)
Feet Set Item Gargantuan Humongoid
Bracer Nemesis Bracer Passives
Amulet T.Pledge (Any) Pierce the Veil Midnight Feast
Ring Avarice Band Fierce Loyalty Gruesome Feast
Ring C.Rose (Any) Kanai’s Cube
Belt Goldwrap Furnace (Any) (In-geom)
Weapon Manajuma’s CK Mask of JeramTasker and Theo
Off-hand Manjuma Mojo Short Man’s Finger
Legendary Gems
Boon of the Hoarder
Bane of the Trapped

Rings & Amulet? You only NEED Short Man’s Finger – and for this build, we’re going to use the Avarice+Goldwrap+Hoarder combo. So that’s TWO mandatory ring slots, it doesn’t matter if you wear or kanai either. That leaves Amulet and Ring open which can really be anything – Endless Walk would likely be the most generic choice.

Hex-Angry Chicken, the sample set above assumes you’ll be using the Manajuma set for added Mobility (likely for bounties) and speed in general. Don’t wanna use it?

Kanai’s Armor? Tasker and Theo or Mark of Jeram, it doesn’t really matter. TnT is better for Leeching Beasts, but honestly this is a low impact choice.

Legendary Gems? Well, the only speedier change you can make is using Wreath of Lightning. I’d drop Enforcer for this, but I don’t think it’s necessary with such a speedy build.

Speedfarm Rerolls?

Well, it depends if you use this as your progression set. As long as the OFFENSIVE ROLLS are ok, then you don’t have to worry so much. If you choose to build a speed only build, it’s very easy to get “the best rolls”. Why?

Ignore defensive rolls since our toughness is taken care of solely by the “trio”. So for example, your ancient Helltooth Harness came with INT, Life Regen and Life%. This is pretty terrible, and an auto salvage in most cases. But for speedfarming? Simply remove the Life Regen or Life% to Gargantuan Damage%!

You can also fit some absolutely greedy rerolls here such as

  • Crit AND Skill% in Helmet (no Vit)
  • INT > CDR > Area Damage Shoulders (no Vit)
  • INT > CHC > CHD > Area Damage or CDR Gloves (no Vit)
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Bounties? Build Changes?

Bounties require much more mobility than usual, the sample set above uses the Manajuma Set, which is the highest mobility change any WD can make. Since there is no truly offensive weapon for this set, we put Manajuma as the default.

In-geom is the only way you’re going to make this faster. If you are strong enough, The Furnace doesn’t even matter anymore!

Grave Injustice (+Thing of the Deep?) can reduce CD’s on Hex or Spirit Walk! A more stable choice compared to In-geom.

That being said there isn’t many ways aside from this to improve mobility.

I need more power!

Again, not much we can do to improve killing power here, either.

Ring of Royal Grandeur (With Short Man’s Finger, Avarice Band) means you can equip a Mask of Jeram or Tasker and Theo – cubing the other. It will increase DPS quite a bit. This DROPS the Compass Rose set whose offensive bonus isn’t very consistent in speedfarming.

Summon Zombie Dogs –  Chilled to the Bone is a small increase. Leeching Beasts is the default rune above so you can be a bit lazier and heal without thinking.

Sacred Harvester surprisingly increases your DPS by quite a bit. The extra 5 stacks, while inconsistent in uptime, provides quite a boost. Any WD worth his salt will own a decent one.

(not so recommended) Wrath of the Bone King  equipped improves the general strength of your Gargs by quite a bit. Azurewrath, with a Mojo with + Garg damage is probably the “strongest” according to calculations.

Other Witch Doctor Resources

We suggest you read these resources on speedfarming:
D3 General Speedfarming, WD Speedfarming Primer

Learn more about the WD sets!

Well, good luck AFK Farming – I mean speedfarming with the fastest WD speed build out there! “#Gargs4Lyf”! For more updates – D3 or otherwise, Like us on Facebook!


  1. You’ve listed DH bracers on a WD build. What’s the recommended item for that slot?

    Also further down the stat priority mentions DEX. I assume you mean INT?

  2. Curious if Rechels Ring of Larceny has been considered for speed running. “45-60% speed bonus for 4 seconds after fearing an enemy.”

    Not gonna help much when no mobs are around but I could see it being a good speed boost for jumping from pack to pack, and it seems like jewelry might be a good slot to go for speed.

    Don’t yet have the gear to really test and compare.


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