Hello and thanks for checking out our Witch Doctor Speedfarming Guide – here we talk about the various build adjustments to your WD to better speedfarm (using any, or no set).

Why not discuss the best build? We do, in another page, but every time a new season starts, or for newer players, the best item setup isn’t exactly available ASAP. This guide offers advice on how to TWEAK ANY BUILD to be as SPEED FARM CAPABLE as possible.

Please see: D3 General Speedfarming | Witch Doctor Fastest Speedfarm Build.

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D3 Speedfarming for any class

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Witch Doctor Speedfarming Skills

Spirit Walk-Severance is probably the key skill here, providing the highest mobility of all the runes, and quite impressive even when compared to other classes.

Soul Harvest-Soul to Waste is a mindbogglingly huge boost to Movement Speed. It’s easy to keep up and doubles up as a boost to damage.

Horrify-Stalker while not the most impressive, 20% is something a lot of classes would beg for – WD can easily live without this. I wonder if this can be used efficiently?

Summon Zombie Dogs, Gargantuan, and to a lesser extent Fetish Army are the next best things, being “Passive DPS auras”.

Locust Swarm and Haunt with varying runes are also a semi passive source of damage.

Hmm, anything after this is too far off to be related to speedfarming, but you get the idea.

WD Speedfarming Passives

Fierce Loyalty is a simple passive that fits into most builds, or at the very least easy to fit. 30% MS is pretty huge.

Grave Injustice doubles up as both an indirect buff to Mobility (primarily reducing the CD of Spirit Walk) and a buff to offense by lowering CD’s between bigger spells.

No other passives directly support speedfarming or Mobility. The next ones you should take are key passives to your build! There are of course some “general use” offensive passives when you want to drop utility and defense for more killing power:

Fetish Sycophants is a great passive for lower power WD’s that serve as an offensive and defensive boost, providing passively pewpewing minions + mini meat shields.

Gruesome Feast is a titanic boost in power especially in speedfarm type content. It’s easy to keep up in those scenarios too.

Pierce the Veil and Confidence Ritual are your generic “fits all” DPS passives. Midnight Feast, of course, is best when your build allows it.


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WD Speedfarming Items

Whoa.. there’s actually quite a bit going on here…

Manajuma’s Way Set (Manajuma’s Carving Knife + Manajuma’s Gory Fetch) is your basic WD speedy set. This set is actually stupidly fast, and you can succeed with a speedy build using just this. The best Hex runes to use with this would probably be Unstable Form or Toad of Hugeness.

In-geom with Witch Doctors? Yeah there’s a lot of potential abuse here…

With just Spirit Walk, In-geom enables most ANY build to be speedy…

Belt of Transcendence – another Fetish generator that suits some builds. But any build can use this, really, for additional passive DPS and meat shields. Better for lower powered WD’s. While it’s not for everybody, it’s one of the more impactful SINGLE items out there. (Similarly: The Gidbinn)

Wormwood “BRAINLESSNESS” is an aspect of any speedbuild that many of us enjoy. Used in builds that benefit off of this such as Jade and Arachyr.

Soul Harvester for increased stacks will likely mean increased Movement Speed for our purposes. A powerful legendary by any right.

Short Man’s Finger along with the popular Humongoid rune or Big Stinker basically triples Gargs passive DPS. The DPS increase, brainlessness, CC and meatshieldy nature makes this item notable enough to be included in a speedfarmy list.

Shukrani’s Triumph is the usual “buff your mobility skill” legendary. WD’s are so mobile this is absolutely unnecessary… just throwin’ that out there.

Legacy of Nightmares? Is a viable speed set as long as you put the bare minimum effort in theorizing your build.

Alas, while I usually list down legendaries that support the speedy skills, there’s just way to many setups and way too many possibilities to list here. The above are mentionable, but by no means “COMPLETE”. If it’s not on this list, it’s very likely you’re referring to a ‘build-specific legendary’.



WD Speedfarming Builds for each Set

Make no mistake, in terms of set usability and speed farming – Witch Doctors are the king of speedfarming, with viability among ALL sets. Each tab below pertains to a generic speedfarm setup for each set. It’s by no means comprehensive but you’ll get a pretty good idea.

Spirit of Arachyr
Helltooth Harness
Raiment of the Jade Harvester
Zunimassa's Haunt

Legacy of Nightmares? Again, LoN is so inherently powerful and you can make a speed build out of it 100 ways. You’re likely gonna want to use Short Man’s Finger in there somewhere for a “1 item speed build”.

This guide assumes you’ve read:
D3 Speedfarming for any class

Witch Doctors are lucky in the sense its very HARD NOT TO SPEEDFARM. As long as you’re playing correctly, tiny adjustments to your build can help you speedfarm with ANY set, a luxury most classes cannot sympathize with.

WD Speed farming: Navigation
Skills | Passives | Items | Set Builds

Witch Doctor Fastest Speedfarm Build: is our seasonally updated guide regarding the “best” general purpose speedfarm build. If you have a lot of the WD key items – check that out!

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