You’ll find all sorts of information here regarding the Zealot Career (for Victor Saltzpyre) in Vermintide 2. The Zealot is a frontline brawler who thrives on deaths door. A risky but powerful career that’s actually a lot stronger than most give it credit for! I do not recommend using Zealot until you reach L20.

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Zealot Passive Abilities

  • Fiery Faith: Power increases by 5% for every 25 health missing to a maximum bonus of 20%.
  • Unswerving Strikes: Uninterruptible heavy attacks.
  • Heart of Iron: Resist death on taking lethal damage.

Zealot Career Skill – Holy Fervour: Victor charges forward and gains 50% increased attack speed for 5 seconds.


Zealot Talent Tree Summary

I placed the whole Zealot talent tree in “one chunk” so it’s easy for you to VISUALLY spot/theorize synergies versus highlighting them in-game…

Zealot L5 Talents
Holy Endurance Increases stamina regeneration speed by 30%.
Saint of Battle Increases critical hit chance by 5%.
Strong of Will Reduces stun duration by 35%.
Zealot L10 Talents
No Surrender! Increases Power by 3% for every nearby enemy and stacks up to 5x.
Flagellant Damage taken from one attack is reduced to 15 damage or half of its original value whichever is highest.
Suppress Pain Reduces damage taken by 25% while below 50% health.
Zealot L15 Talents
Shield of Faith Fiery Faith also increases block and push angle by 10% per 25 health missing. This effect stacks up to 5x.
Holy Crusader Fiery Faith also increases power boost of critical hits by 10 per 25 health missing. This effect stacks up to 5x.
Undying Fervour Fiery Faith also grants stamina per 25 health missing. This effect stacks up to 5x.
Zealot L20 Talents
Holy Cause Critical hits grant temporary health.
Righteous Zeal Kills grant temporary health.
Purifier When bosses die, gain health.
Zealot L25 Talents
Frother Reduces the cooldown of Holy Fervour by 30%.
Pleasure from Pain Holy Fervour causes Victor to restore 2 health for each successful hit.
Blessed Frenzy Increases the duration of Holy Fervour’s attack speed buff to 8 seconds.

Zealot Early Game / Starter Build Template

This is meant to be a General purpose” build for the Zealot which focuses on the early to midgame. I will be adding more specialized builds which require more heavy item support soon.

Zealot Early Game / Starter Build – Talent Summary

THE ZEALOT TALENT CHOICES ARE VERY HARD TO RECOMMEND for general purposes since a lot of them are good for different scenarios and builds.

Level “Best” Optional
5 Strong of Will Saint of Battle
10 Flagellant / Suppress Pain No Surrender!
20 Righteous Zeal Holy Cause
25 Pleasure from Pain Frother

Zealot “General Purpose” Build – Talent Choice Discussion

L5 Talent - Strong of Will
L10 Talent - Flagellant/Suppress Pain
L15 Talent - READ THIS
L20 Talent - Righteous Zeal
L25 Talent - Pleasure from Pain

Remember the above recommendations are primarily suited to be good for “most people”, specifically for “early to midgame” when gear drops can’t easily be tailor fit to your needs.


Well that’s about it (FOR NOW) regarding Victor’s Zealot Career path in Vermintide 2. Most people get disheartened at the Zealot since they immediately switch to it at L13 – which is wrong! At higher levels and gear, the Zealot becomes a force of nature that rewards a mix of skill and recklessness!

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