I am Setsuna Flux effects, list, combinations, FAQ

All you need to know about I am Setsunas FLUX SYSTEM. List of Flux Bonuses and Effects. FAQs: how, when, farming and support Flux. Combinations and advice.

I am Setsuna: Shiny Spots – Locations & checklist

A simple guide and checklist to all Shiny Spot locations in I am Setsuna!

I am Setsuna: Items, Monster Loot List & Locations

I am Setsuna Loot database! a SEARCHABLE table to find out all item and monster loot, a list with locations!

I am Setsuna – Character Sidequests (No Spoiler, Rewards)

Where to go, and how to beat the bosses in the Character sidequests! If you find yourself "missing a skill", this is the right place to look!

I am Setsuna LOCKED Chests locations

Locations on where all the locked chests are in I am Setsuna! And if you're curious how to Unlock them... ?
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