Hello guys! In this little guide we talk about how to go about finding and beating all the character sidequests in I am Setsuna to obtain each character’s ultimate skill!

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Endir | Setsuna | Aeterna | Nidr | Kir | Julienne | Fides | Summary

Pre-requisites: EVERY character side-quest has two pre-requisites. 1) You must have reached (Defeat is optional) the final boss. 2)That character MUST BE IN THE PARTY to START the quest. Since these are pretty chunk, I’ll add some show/hide boxes.

Endir Sidequest


Nive Harbor (Nive is E of the mainland[?])
Serendale (Directly SW of Nive Harbor).
>Cross the first bridge, 
Save Point, up, right.
Morbrise (From Serendale, N ‘til you see Floneia Citadel, then NW!)
     > Frst map, just keep going, can’t miss it. It’s near entrance.
Hymncott Island (SE most island in world map).
Craigholm Island (From Hymncott, W until you see a small house on an island)

SAVE GAME ONCE YOU LAND ON CRAIGHOLM! Be prepared, there’s a boss coming up. 1v1 with Ender. Here’s a few tips to beating this guy:

===== Beating Endir’s Side-quest Boss! =====

Hapsper, the boss for Enders sidequest is PRETTY STRONG. If there is a key to winning this fight – it’s setting up the proper DEFENSES before you can even think of hitting him!

Healing: Aura is a must in this fight as it’s a cheap source of heals. Spark is also a great hybrid move, dealing damage and healing when used in momentum. Use them both!

Mana: You NEED MP for this really long fight. You need 2 reliable sources of mana-gain.

  • Returner: (Support) Mana gain when hit! You need another source, though.
  • Mid-Ether: should be more than enough for our backup.
  • Alchemia + Elixir: is probably unnecessary. Helps with healing but wastes Momentum.
  • Magen: is probably the poorest option. Only use it if you don’t have Returner.

Support Spritnites (Defense, Utility): Greatly increase your chances with these…

  • All-Seeing Eye: Dodge+
  • Iron Vow: PDEF+
  • Commanding Wave: ATB Boost. Getting hit twice in a row may be deadly.
  • Lifeforce Logic: To SURELY survive his big attack, and attack longer before healing.

Support Spritnites (Damage): Eternal Recurrence helps you gain power over time, and eventually kill him faster. Otherwise the fight may take way too long. Avenger is another great source of free damage. I suggest using both of these.

Eat PDEF or Evasion food. Temper your weapon, etc – then you should be good! You can also use Windrider (sword) (fully tempered) to increase your evasion!

Other skills? Attack Skills? Advice for the fight? You only need 2 offensive skills and basic attacks. Here was my priority of actions when fighting him.

  • Spark when you’re damaged, and you have momentum.
  • Aura when you’re damaged, and do not have momentum.
  • (Optional) Backslash when you TWO momentum.
  • Mid-Ether or Elixir when you’re dangerously low on MP.
  • Basic Attacks as filler.

With that setup above – you can’t lose!


Setsuna Sidequest


Nive Village (East off the “mainland” coast).
First house on the left. Long cutscene.
Dazzshire Forest (right of town). Go left once you enter (where the locked chest is).

That fatty penguin is optional, it’s just for the shiny there.

Aeterna Sidequest


Tenderville: Middle-north house. Talk to the dude (Tenderville’s north~ish of mainland)
Nameless Village: It’s in a remote island. (SW most part of the world)
Leftmost “Chiefs” house: then follow the chain of events.

If you’re unbelievable lazy to read…

  • N watch tower
  • back to the Chief
  • Village entrance
  • Back to chief
  • Tenderville, middle north house.

Nidr Sdequest


Purikka: Talk to Freyjas in the upper right most house. (Purikka is Eish of last lands)
Forgotten Shore: (is directly south and a little west from town)
     >Upon entering, go down and left after the first pack of enemies.

===== BOSS =====

In true Nidr style – lets abuse Counter to beat him up! If you wanna man-mode it, check out Endirs section in the guide to see how to man on man a boss without Counter.

We can beat this boss while AFK’ing and not getting hit even once…

The CORE to this OP STRAT:

  • All-Seing Eye (Dodge+ Support Spritnite)
  • Deep-Fried Crystal Lettuce (Dodge+ Food)
  • Defender Blade (Dodge+ Weapon)

Counter triggers on dodge. That’s it!

With this strat – I WASN’T HIT EVEN ONCE, But I had Stone Shield, so I don’t know if you can get stoned if you dodge. Either way, equipping STONE SHIELD and PARALYSIS SHIELD can help in the unlikely event you do get hit – since Stone is a one-hit KO.

Okay, first of all, you NEED STONE SHIELD (Support Spritnite) that prevents you getting the Stone status. The boss has a skill which may stone you, and if it tags you, it’s over. So before considering anything else – this is an absolute necessity.

Interestingly enough, I used Paries for fun. I ended up with 5 support Fluxations after! Could be on to something here, aren’t we!?

Increasing offense is hard in a strategy like this (and completely OPTIONAL, too) since you’re gonna be making coffee anyway. (Physical Pride, Sap Bit etc)


Kir Sidequest


Hiddbury: chiefs house (Middle North). Hiddbury is N/W of Floneia Citadel
Spritnite Pillar: Take the NE exit of town.
     > Return to chief’s house.
     > (SAVE BEFORE GOING IN) Return to Spirtnite Pillar 

===== Boss =====

You don’t need to have Kir in the party for this, but it seems anticlimactic to do so, haha. Lot’s of small damage here that happens often, so try to at least kill one sister first. Ultimately their damage is easy to heal through – have one of your guys do an AoE heal every turn.

Magic Resistance is helpful here but you can easily do without it. Syg did an AoE heal once, I never saw it again so it may be safe to slightly focus on that specific sister.

The only way to lose this is if you get greedy, not heal, then get bursted down next turn.


Julienne Sidequest


Roburg: Talk to white clothes guy, middle of town.
Last Lands “frozen town”: Second road right, second to the last house – inspect.
Archimell Ruins II (2 zones after the entrance room)
> Just keep trying to go “right” and you’ll find a red teleporter.

===== BOSS =====

Of all the sidequest bosses, this guy is a serious CHUMP.

AoE Stop is his only ace in the hole, and the only chance you’re gonna lose. While it’s very unlikely all of you are going to get tagged, this guy is a long walk off – better safe than sorry. Easy ways to counter this are:

  • Setsuna’s Remedy, prevents status for 2 turns (Use every 3rd Setsuna turn).
  • Stop Shield (Support Spritnite) which prevents stop.

Aside from this, the rest of his kit is underwhelming. Medium to heavy damage to 1 or 2 guys, rarely does group-wide AoE.


Fides Sidequest


Gatherington: enter the first house on the right, and speak to the guy in the corner.
Fridging Caves: Just north of town (ZONE IN FROM THE EXIT – it’s faster)
     > Go to Boss room (Left of the Savepoint)

For the fight, Fides isn’t required in your party. However – I find this anticlimactic!!!

===== BOSS =====

Athenian Water (or any Revive) its very likely to happen so be prepared.

“Eat / Spit Out” – His most dangerous move is a 2-hit combo. You can actually heal the guy while he’s in the stomach IF YOU DIDN’T OUTRIGHT DIE by the “eat”. Remember this! Both going in and going out hurt a lot. Lol. (Max HP helps a lot, and PDEF increases). The thrown up guy gets a no-momentum debuff so a cleanse (panacea) is good to have.

AoE – Demi is pretty weak, but every so often, he does Dragonrok which is pretty strong. So don’t get greedy, and keep people topped up. (Have 1 or 2 AoE healing options)

Damage – needs to be decent since he heals himself every so often. While completely optional, it shortens the fight time and makes you look less of a p*ssy. Since I used Fides, Stalker skill (especially momentum) is a great way to ‘passively’ ramp up damage quickly.


Sidequest Rundown: Rewards and how they affect YOU

Since some might not wanna be spoiled – Just click on this if you’re interested!

Setsuna Side-quest Rewards & Impact

Ultimate Skills for Each Character

You basically get the ultimate tech for all characters! These spritnites are especially useful for taking out tougher enemies, as many of them have a stacking damage mechanic. Here’s what they do:

Endir – Genesis: An attack with quite a large AoE! Tags enemies with ALL ELEMENTAL DAMAGE – quite good. Generates crit on momentum. It gains power according to how many Fluxes you have in ALL of your Spritnites, leading to some outrageous damage later on.

Setsuna- Holy Light: AoE Light damage that increases the more you’ve healed in that fight. It resets when you use it. On momentum, it gains a large ATB Boost. Pretty cool.

Aeterna – Gearadia: AoE Null attack that increases in damage with each Action and Type of action you took. This counter does not reset, but I don’t know exactly HOW it goes up or what limit it goes up to… It’s actually quite strong.

Nidr – Rebellion: AoE Null attack that improves the more damage you take. It’s basically the ultimate compressed “counter”! That’s Nidr! Momentum effect is a large ATB boost.

Kir – Doom: DAMAGES BOTH ENEMIES AND ALLIES, but heals in Momentum!!! It gains power based on HOW MANY DEAD FRIENDS YOU HAVE! It’s a strange skill…

Julienne – Eclipse: AoE Null attack that gets stronger with each Critical Hit you’ve scored. This is actually pretty good, and gives Julienne a reliable stacking mechanic without (or compounded by) Support Spritnites! Momentum is ATB Boost. The counter does not reset!

Fides – Dragnarok: AoE Null attack that improves each time you DIDN’T USE MOMENTUM. Once used, this counter resets. It’s a little strange, but it’s very situational…

“Improved” Triple Tech Combos…

So you basically get an improved version of every (?) Triple Combo. But sadly (I don’t get why), a vast majority of “upgrades” are actually weaker when not used in Momentum. Using them in Momentum seems to have a huge effect, and sometimes, they REPEAT the tech for free. Not so bad I guess.

Thankfully, some evolutions are DIRECT UPGRADES. Adding straight up more damage, or more beneficial effects, or just adds value overall to the combo.

Others simply change some of the core effects, not really getting suckier or better…


(Navigation) I am Setsuna: Character Sidequest for…
Endir | Setsuna | Aeterna | Nidr | Kir | Julienne | Fides | Summary

More I am Setsuna Guides?

Well, that’s about it for the character side-quests in I am Setsuna! The setup for some of the bosses was pretty fun! If you’re having a hard time, trust me, all the strat info you need is in those boxes. For more updates Like us on Facebook!


  1. Nidir Quest:
    Was able to beat this with counter. Used once first turn, never did anything else the rest of the fight. Counter only resets if you do another action. All the attacks missed and i countered back with ~110 damage each turn


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